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Subtribe Anticheirina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Rutelinae tribe Rutelini → subtribe Anticheirina Lacordaire, 1856


Daughter taxa

Genera: 12 (2 illustrated). Species.

Chalcentis Burmeister, 1844 [genus]

Chalcentis bonini, Chalcentis victima

Crathoplus Blanchard, 1851 [genus]

Crathoplus squamiferus

Lagochile Hoffmansegg, 1817 [genus]

Lagochile acrana, Lagochile aequatorialis, Lagochile amazona, Lagochile andicola, Lagochile anophrys, Lagochile badia, Lagochile biplagiata, Lagochile bipunctata, Lagochile boliviana, Lagochile brunnea, Lagochile brunnipes, Lagochile brusteli, Lagochile cachectica, Lagochile campbelli, Lagochile castanicolor, Lagochile cetonioides, Lagochile chiriquina, Lagochile ciliata, Lagochile circumdata, Lagochile collaris, Lagochile columbiana, Lagochile cuenoti, Lagochile delassisei, Lagochile dilatata, Lagochile divisa, Lagochile duvergeri, Lagochile ebrardi, Lagochile elinguis, Lagochile emarginata, Lagochile frontalis, Lagochile fuscoviridis, Lagochile giuglarisi, Lagochile glandicolor, Lagochile hardyi, Lagochile jamesonae, Lagochile julientouroulti, Lagochile lateralis, Lagochile laticollis, Lagochile luticolor, Lagochile lydiae, Lagochile macraspidioides, Lagochile mathani, Lagochile monnei, Lagochile obidosensis, Lagochile obscurata, Lagochile orozcoi, Lagochile panamensis, Lagochile paraensis, Lagochile pascualgrossii, Lagochile peruana, Lagochile pottgensi, Lagochile puncticeps, Lagochile rodriguezi, Lagochile romeroi, Lagochile santacruzis, Lagochile simoni, Lagochile solimoensis, Lagochile sparsa, Lagochile steinbachi, Lagochile subandina, Lagochile tabacicolor, Lagochile tibialis, Lagochile trigona, Lagochile vasseli, Lagochile venezolana, Lagochile vergaracobianae, Lagochile villatoroae, Lagochile vitticollis, Lagochile wiengreeni, Lagochile zikani


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