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Subtribe Parastasiina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Rutelinae tribe Rutelini → subtribe Parastasiina Burmeister, 1844

Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Parastasia Westwood, 1841 [genus]

Parastasia aberrans, Parastasia alternata, Parastasia andamanae, Parastasia andamanica, Parastasia anomala, Parastasia asahi, Parastasia assimilis, Parastasia basalis, Parastasia bicolor, Parastasia bigibbosa, Parastasia bimaculata, Parastasia binotata, Parastasia birmana, Parastasia brevipes, Parastasia burmeisteri, Parastasia canaliculata, Parastasia carsteni, Parastasia christmasensis, Parastasia cingala, Parastasia circumferens, Parastasia confluens, Parastasia coquereli, Parastasia dalatina, Parastasia dempuensis, Parastasia dimidiata, Parastasia discolor, Parastasia diversipennis, Parastasia dolens, Parastasia duchoni, Parastasia ephippium, Parastasia exophthalma, Parastasia fakfakensis, Parastasia femorata, Parastasia ferrieri, Parastasia fujiokai, Parastasia gestroi, Parastasia glottidion, Parastasia hainanensis, Parastasia helleri, Parastasia hitomi, Parastasia incurva, Parastasia indica, Parastasia intermedia, Parastasia isidai, Parastasia jamesonae, Parastasia kangeanensis, Parastasia kinibalensis, Parastasia kolakana, Parastasia kraatzi, Parastasia kuijteni, Parastasia laratina, Parastasia lobata, Parastasia lombokensis, Parastasia maluku, Parastasia marginata, Parastasia marmorata, Parastasia masumotoi, Parastasia melanocephala, Parastasia melanocephaloides, Parastasia mitsumata, Parastasia montrouzieri, Parastasia moseri, Parastasia moultoni, Parastasia negrosensis, Parastasia nigriceps, Parastasia nigripennis, Parastasia nigromaculata, Parastasia nigroscutellata, Parastasia novoguineensis, Parastasia oberthueri, Parastasia ochracea, Parastasia pascoei, Parastasia percheroni, Parastasia peterzorni, Parastasia polita, Parastasia pulupuluensis, Parastasia punctulata, Parastasia quadrimaculata, Parastasia ruficollis, Parastasia rufolimbata, Parastasia rufonigra, Parastasia rufopicta, Parastasia sakaii, Parastasia sawadai, Parastasia selangorica, Parastasia stella, Parastasia sulcata, Parastasia sulcipennis, Parastasia sumbawana, Parastasia takahikoi, Parastasia takeshii, Parastasia tanaensis, Parastasia tenomensis, Parastasia terraereginae, Parastasia vietnamensis, Parastasia vittata, Parastasia wallacea, Parastasia weberi, Parastasia westwoodii, Parastasia xanthopyga, Parastasia yasutoshii


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