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Subtribe Rutelina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Rutelinae tribe Rutelini → subtribe Rutelina MacLeay, 1819

Daughter taxa

Genera: 8 (1 illustrated). Species.

Chrysina Kirby 1828 [genus]

Chrysina adelaida, Chrysina adolphi, Chrysina aenigmatica, Chrysina alfredolaui, Chrysina alphabarrerai, Chrysina arellanoi, Chrysina argenteola, Chrysina aurigans, Chrysina auripes, Chrysina aurofoveata, Chrysina auropunctata, Chrysina aurora, Chrysina badeni, Chrysina baileyana, Chrysina batesi, Chrysina beckeri, Chrysina beraudi, Chrysina beyeri, Chrysina blackalleri, Chrysina boucardi, Chrysina brevis, Chrysina bruyeai, Chrysina cavei, Chrysina centralis, Chrysina chalcothea, Chrysina chloreis, Chrysina chrysargyrea, Chrysina chrysopedila, Chrysina citlaltepetlamayatli, Chrysina clypealis, Chrysina colima, Chrysina confusa, Chrysina costata, Chrysina crassimargo, Chrysina cunninghami, Chrysina cupreomarginata, Chrysina curoei, Chrysina cusuquensis, Chrysina dianae, Chrysina difficilis, Chrysina diversa, Chrysina donthomasi, Chrysina dzidorhum, Chrysina ericsmithi, Chrysina erubescens, Chrysina expansa, Chrysina flohri, Chrysina gieberti, Chrysina gloriosa, Chrysina gorda, Chrysina guatemalensis, Chrysina guaymi, Chrysina halffteri, Chrysina hawksi, Chrysina howdenorum, Chrysina intermedia, Chrysina karschi, Chrysina lacordairei, Chrysina laniventris, Chrysina lecontei, Chrysina limbata, Chrysina luteomarginata, Chrysina macropus, Chrysina magnifica, Chrysina magnistriata, Chrysina marginata, Chrysina misteca, Chrysina modesta, Chrysina moroni, Chrysina nogueirai, Chrysina ofidiodontophallica, Chrysina optima, Chrysina oreicola, Chrysina orizabae, Chrysina pastori, Chrysina pehlkei, Chrysina peruviana, Chrysina plusiotina, Chrysina prasina, Chrysina protostelica, Chrysina psittacina, Chrysina purpurata, Chrysina purulhensis, Chrysina quetzalcoatli, Chrysina quiche, Chrysina ratcliffei, Chrysina resplendens, Chrysina rodriguezi, Chrysina sallaei, Chrysina schusteri, Chrysina sirenicola, Chrysina spectabilis, Chrysina strasseni, Chrysina tapantina, Chrysina taylori, Chrysina tecunumani, Chrysina terroni, Chrysina tricolor, Chrysina triumphalis, Chrysina turckheimi, Chrysina veraguana, Chrysina victorina, Chrysina wolfi, Chrysina woodii, Chrysina xalixteca, Chrysina zapoteca

Chrysophora Dejean, 1821 [genus]

Chrysophora chrysochlora


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