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Family Argyresthiidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Yponomeutoidea → family Argyresthiidae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (1 illustrated). Species.

Argyresthia (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Argyresthia, Blastotere,
Argyresthia abies, Argyresthia achillella, Argyresthia affinis, Argyresthia albicomella, Argyresthia alpha, Argyresthia alternatella, Argyresthia altissimella, Argyresthia andereggiella, Argyresthia angusta, Argyresthia annettella, Argyresthia anthocephala, Argyresthia aphoristis, Argyresthia apicimaculella, Argyresthia arceuthobiella, Argyresthia aureoargentella, Argyresthia austerella, Argyresthia belangerella, Argyresthia beta, Argyresthia biruptella, Argyresthia bolliella, Argyresthia calliphanes, Argyresthia canadensis, Argyresthia carcinomatella, Argyresthia certella, Argyresthia chalcocausta, Argyresthia chalcochrysa, Argyresthia chamaecypariae, Argyresthia chionochrysa, Argyresthia columbia, Argyresthia communana, Argyresthia conspersa, Argyresthia cornella, Argyresthia cyaneimarmorella, Argyresthia deletella, Argyresthia diffractella, Argyresthia dislocata, Argyresthia dulcamarella, Argyresthia eugeniella, Argyresthia festiva, Argyresthia flavicomans, Argyresthia flexilis, Argyresthia franciscella, Argyresthia freyella, Argyresthia fujiyamae, Argyresthia furcatella, Argyresthia fuscilineella, Argyresthia gephyritis, Argyresthia helvetica, Argyresthia icterias, Argyresthia idiograpta, Argyresthia inscriptella, Argyresthia iopleura, Argyresthia juniperivorella, Argyresthia lamiella, Argyresthia laricella, Argyresthia leuconota, Argyresthia leuculias, Argyresthia libocedrella, Argyresthia liparodes, Argyresthia lustralis, Argyresthia magna, Argyresthia mariana, Argyresthia media, Argyresthia melitaula, Argyresthia mendica, Argyresthia mesocausta, Argyresthia metallicolor, Argyresthia mirabiella, Argyresthia monochromella, Argyresthia montana, Argyresthia montella, Argyresthia mutuurai, Argyresthia nemorivaga, Argyresthia niphospora, Argyresthia nivifraga, Argyresthia nymphocoma, Argyresthia ochridorsis, Argyresthia oreadella, Argyresthia ornatipennella, Argyresthia pallidella, Argyresthia pedemontella, Argyresthia pentanoma, Argyresthia perbella, Argyresthia percussella, Argyresthia picea, Argyresthia pilatella, Argyresthia plectrodes, Argyresthia plicipunctella, Argyresthia pretiosa, Argyresthia psamminopa, Argyresthia pseudotsuga, Argyresthia purella, Argyresthia quadristrigella, Argyresthia quercicolella, Argyresthia rara, Argyresthia rileiella, Argyresthia ruidosa, Argyresthia sabinae, Argyresthia saporella, Argyresthia semitrunca, Argyresthia stilpnota, Argyresthia subreticulata, Argyresthia subrimosa, Argyresthia taiwanensis, Argyresthia tallasica, Argyresthia thoracella, Argyresthia trochaula, Argyresthia tsuga, Argyresthia tutuzicolella, Argyresthia undulatella


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