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Genus Horisme

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Larentiinae tribe Melanthiini → genus Horisme (Hubner, 1825)


Daughter taxa

Horisme aemulata (Hubner, 1813) [species]

Horisme aeolotis Prout 1916 [species]

Horisme albicristata Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme albimedia Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme albiplaga Herbulot 1988 [species]

Horisme albostriata Pagenstecher 1907 [species]

Horisme alticameruna Herbulot 1988 [species]

Horisme angustealata Sterneck 1928 [species]

Horisme angustipennis Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme aquata (Hubner, 1813) [species]

H. a. kansuensis, H. a. wanquana

Horisme arenosus Howes 1910 [species]

Horisme bamiana Wiltshire 1966 [species]

Horisme boarmiata Snellen 1881 [species]

H. b. grandescens, H. b. inconstans, H. b. serangica

Horisme brevifasciaria Leech 1897 [species]

Horisme brooksi Prout 1941 [species]

Horisme brunneata Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme caliginosa Warren 1907 [species]

Horisme calligraphata (Herrich-Schaffer, 1838) [species]

H. c. calligraphata, H. c. taeniolata

Horisme chlorodesma Meyrick 1886 [species]

Horisme contaminata Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme corticata (Treitschke, 1835) [species]

H. c. bretschneideri

Horisme cristata Walker 1866 [species]

Horisme cuprea Herbulot 1972 [species]

Horisme dealbata Inoue, 1992 [species]

Horisme disparata Herbulot 1988 [species]

Horisme disrupta Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme dryocyma Meyrick 1928 [species]

Horisme elachista West 1929 [species]

Horisme erythroides Prout 1941 [species]

Horisme eurytera Prout [species]

Horisme exoletata (Herrich-Schaffer, 1838) [species]

Horisme falcata (A.Bang-Haas, 1907) [species]

Horisme filia Prout 1913 [species]

Horisme flavofasciata Moore 1888 [species]

Horisme flavovenata Leech 1897 [species]

Horisme fusconotata Dognin 1901 [species]

Horisme genuflexa Prout 1923 [species]

Horisme gillettei (Hulst, 1898) [species]

Horisme gobiata Felder 1875 [species]

Horisme grisearia Holloway 1979 [species]

Horisme griseata Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme hirtivena Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme hyperythra Hampson 1895 [species]

H. h. catalalia

Horisme illustris Prout 1916 [species]

Horisme impigra Prout 1938 [species]

Horisme incana Swett, 1918 [species]

H. i. columbia

Horisme incurvaria (Erschov, 1877) [species]

Horisme intersecta (Staudinger, 1882) [species]

Horisme intestinata (Guenée, 1857) [species]

Horisme intrepida Prout 1932 [species]

Horisme intricata (Staudinger, 1882) [species]

Horisme invicta Prout 1941 [species]

Horisme jansei Fletcher 1956 [species]

Horisme kawamurai Inoue 1972 [species]

Horisme labeculata Prout 1932 [species]

H. l. deviaria

Horisme laurinata Schawerda 1919 [species]

H. l. carinthiaria, H. l. insularis

Horisme leprosa Hampson 1891 [species]

Horisme leucophanes Meyrick 1891 [species]

Horisme leucotmeta Prout 1923 [species]

Horisme lichenosa Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme longispicata Fletcher 1956 [species]

Horisme lucillata (Guenee, [1858]) [species]

Horisme macularia Leech 1897 [species]

Horisme maerens Holloway 1977 [species]

Horisme marmorata Dognin 1902 [species]

Horisme milvaria (Christoph, 1893) [species]

Horisme minuata Walker 1860 [species]

Horisme mortuata (Guenée, 1857) [species]

Horisme murudensis Prout 1926 [species]

Horisme neocosma Dognin 1910 [species]

Horisme nigrovittata (Warren, 1888) [species]

Horisme notata Rothschild 1915 [species]

Horisme obscurata Prout 1913 [species]

H. o. guadata

Horisme olivata Warren 1901 [species]

Horisme pallidimacula Prout 1925 [species]

Horisme palmeri Prout 1916 [species]

Horisme parcata (Püngeler, 1909) [species]

Horisme plagiographa Turner, 1922 [species]

Horisme plurilineata Moore 1888 [species]

Horisme praemaculata Prout 1929 [species]

Horisme predotai (Bytinski-Salz, 1937) [species]

Horisme punctiscripta Prout 1917 [species]

Horisme radicaria (de La Harpe, 1855) [species]

H. r. insularis, H. r. radicaria

Horisme rectilineata (Taylor, 1907) [species]

Horisme rufilunata Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme rufipicta Hampson 1895 [species]

Horisme scorteata (Staudinger, 1901) [species]

Horisme scotodes Turner 1904 [species]

Horisme scotosiata (Guenee, [1858]) [species]

Horisme semirufata Warren 1906 [species]

H. s. goliathi

Horisme steretica Prout 1941 [species]

Horisme sternecki Prout 1938 [species]

Horisme stratata (Wileman, 1911) [species]

Horisme submontana Holloway 1977 [species]

Horisme subradiata Warren 1907 [species]

Horisme superans Schaus 1913 [species]

Horisme suppressaria Walker 1863 [species]

Horisme symmetrozona Prout 1923 [species]

Horisme teresa Robinson 1975 [species]

Horisme tersata Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775 [species]

H. t. chinensis, H. t. tersata, H. t. tetricata

Horisme ustimaculata Warren 1906 [species]

Horisme ustiplaga Warren 1899 [species]

Horisme vitalbata (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

H. v. detersata, H. v. ponderata, H. v. staudingeri, H. v. vitalbata

Horisme wittei Debauche 1938 [species]

Horisme xerophila Herbulot 1988 [species]

Horisme xylinata (Warren, 1906) [species]

H. x. orientalis


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