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Tribe Myrmeciini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Aculeata superfamily Vespoidea family Formicidae subfamily Myrmeciinae → tribe Myrmeciini Emery, 1877

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Myrmecia Fabricius, 1804 [genus]

Myrmecia aberrans, Myrmecia acuta, Myrmecia analis, Myrmecia apicalis, Myrmecia arnoldi, Myrmecia athertonensis, Myrmecia auriventris, Myrmecia banksi, Myrmecia borealis, Myrmecia brevinoda, Myrmecia browningi, Myrmecia callima, Myrmecia cardigaster, Myrmecia cephalotes, Myrmecia chasei, Myrmecia chrysogaster, Myrmecia clarki, Myrmecia comata, Myrmecia croslandi, Myrmecia cydista, Myrmecia desertorum, Myrmecia dichospila, Myrmecia dimidiata, Myrmecia dispar, Myrmecia elegans, Myrmecia erecta, Myrmecia esuriens, Myrmecia eungellensis, Myrmecia exigua, Myrmecia fabricii, Myrmecia ferruginea, Myrmecia flammicollis, Myrmecia flavicoma, Myrmecia forceps, Myrmecia forficata, Myrmecia formosa, Myrmecia froggatti, Myrmecia fucosa, Myrmecia fulgida, Myrmecia fulviculis, Myrmecia fulvipes, Myrmecia fuscipes, Myrmecia gilberti, Myrmecia gratiosa, Myrmecia gulosa, Myrmecia harderi, Myrmecia haskinsorum, Myrmecia hilli, Myrmecia hirsuta, Myrmecia imaii, Myrmecia impaternata, Myrmecia infima, Myrmecia inquilina, Myrmecia loweryi, Myrmecia ludlowi, Myrmecia luteiforceps, Myrmecia mandibularis, Myrmecia maura, Myrmecia maxima, Myrmecia michaelseni, Myrmecia midas, Myrmecia minuscula, Myrmecia mjobergi, Myrmecia nigra, Myrmecia nigriceps, Myrmecia nigriscapa, Myrmecia nigrocincta, Myrmecia nobilis, Myrmecia occidentalis, Myrmecia pavida, Myrmecia petiolata, Myrmecia picta, Myrmecia picticeps, Myrmecia piliventris, Myrmecia pilosula, Myrmecia potteri, Myrmecia pulchra, Myrmecia pyriformis, Myrmecia queenslandica, Myrmecia regularis, Myrmecia rowlandi, Myrmecia rubicunda, Myrmecia rubripes, Myrmecia rufinodis, Myrmecia rugosa, Myrmecia simillima, Myrmecia subfasciata, Myrmecia swalei, Myrmecia tarsata, Myrmecia tepperi, Myrmecia testaceipes, Myrmecia tridentata, Myrmecia urens, Myrmecia varians, Myrmecia vindex


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