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Tribe Amblyoponini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Aculeata superfamily Vespoidea family Formicidae subfamily Amblyoponinae → tribe Amblyoponini Forel, 1893


Daughter taxa

Genera: 12 (1 illustrated). Species.

Apomyrma Brown, Gotwald & Lévieux, 1971 [genus]

Apomyrma stygia

Concoctio Brown, 1974 [genus]

Concoctio concenta

Opamyrma Yamane, Bui & Eguchi, 2008 [genus]

Opamyrma hungvuong

Stigmatomma Roger, 1859 [genus]

Stigmatomma agostii, Stigmatomma amblyops, Stigmatomma armigerum, Stigmatomma awa, Stigmatomma bellii, Stigmatomma besucheti, Stigmatomma bierigi, Stigmatomma boltoni, Stigmatomma bruni, Stigmatomma caliginosum, Stigmatomma celatum, Stigmatomma chilense, Stigmatomma cleae, Stigmatomma crenatum, Stigmatomma degeneratum, Stigmatomma denticulatum, Stigmatomma egregium, Stigmatomma electrinum, Stigmatomma elongatum, Stigmatomma emeryi, Stigmatomma eminia, Stigmatomma exiguum, Stigmatomma falcatum, Stigmatomma feae, Stigmatomma ferrugineum, Stigmatomma fulvidum, Stigmatomma gaetulicum, Stigmatomma glauerti, Stigmatomma gnoma, Stigmatomma gracile, Stigmatomma groehni, Stigmatomma heraldoi, Stigmatomma impressifrons, Stigmatomma kangba, Stigmatomma lucidum, Stigmatomma lurilabes, Stigmatomma luzonicum, Stigmatomma meiliana, Stigmatomma minutum, Stigmatomma monrosi, Stigmatomma mystriops, Stigmatomma noonadan, Stigmatomma normandi, Stigmatomma octodentatum, Stigmatomma ophthalmicum, Stigmatomma oregonense, Stigmatomma orizabanum, Stigmatomma pallipes, Stigmatomma papuanum, Stigmatomma pertinax, Stigmatomma pluto, Stigmatomma punctulatum, Stigmatomma quadratum, Stigmatomma reclinatum, Stigmatomma rothneyi, Stigmatomma rubiginoum, Stigmatomma sakaii, Stigmatomma santschii, Stigmatomma saundersi, Stigmatomma silvestrii, Stigmatomma smithi, Stigmatomma testaceum, Stigmatomma trigonignathum, Stigmatomma trilobum, Stigmatomma wilsoni, Stigmatomma zaojun, Stigmatomma zoma, Stigmatomma zwaluwenburgi

Xymmer Santschi, 1914 [genus]

Xymmer muticus


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