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Subfamily Adelinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Adeloidea family Adelidae → subfamily Adelinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (3 illustrated). Species.

Nemophora (Hoffmannsegg, 1798) [genus]

Nemophora agalmatella, Nemophora aglaospila, Nemophora ahenea, Nemophora albiantennella, Nemophora albiciliellus, Nemophora algeriensis, Nemophora amatella, Nemophora amphimetalla, Nemophora amurensis, Nemophora annae, Nemophora anonymella, Nemophora antilyca, Nemophora apollonis, Nemophora argyrospila, Nemophora askoldela, Nemophora askoldella, Nemophora associatella, Nemophora asterodoxa, Nemophora athlophora, Nemophora atkinsonii, Nemophora augantha, Nemophora augites, Nemophora auricella, Nemophora aurifera, Nemophora aurisparsella, Nemophora badioumbratella, Nemophora baibarana, Nemophora barbatella, Nemophora barbatellus, Nemophora basella, Nemophora basiradiella, Nemophora bellela, Nemophora bellella, Nemophora bifasciatella, Nemophora bifasciella, Nemophora brachypetala, Nemophora cantharites, Nemophora cassiterites, Nemophora chalcobasa, Nemophora chalcodactyla, Nemophora chalcomis, Nemophora chalcotechna, Nemophora chalybeella, Nemophora chibiana, Nemophora chionella, Nemophora chionites, Nemophora chlorista, Nemophora chlorocosma, Nemophora chrysidias, Nemophora chrysocharis, Nemophora chrysochraon, Nemophora chrysocrossa, Nemophora chrysodonta, Nemophora chrysogona, Nemophora chrysoprasias, Nemophora chrysorrhabda, Nemophora cleodoxa, Nemophora cleuteriella, Nemophora congruella, Nemophora constantinella, Nemophora cupriacella, Nemophora cyanochrysa, Nemophora cyphozona, Nemophora decisella, Nemophora degeerella, Nemophora diplophragma, Nemophora divina, Nemophora dumerilella, Nemophora dumeriliella, Nemophora engraptes, Nemophora esmarkella, Nemophora eurycitra, Nemophora fasciella, Nemophora fioriella, Nemophora fluorites, Nemophora gemmella, Nemophora glabrata, Nemophora griseella, Nemophora gymnota, Nemophora hedemanni, Nemophora heliochalca, Nemophora hemidesma, Nemophora heteroxantha, Nemophora hippophylax, Nemophora homoeotropa, Nemophora honeella, Nemophora honei, Nemophora humilis, Nemophora indica, Nemophora insulariella, Nemophora ischnodesma, Nemophora istrianellus, Nemophora janineae, Nemophora japanalpina, Nemophora japonica, Nemophora kalshoveni, Nemophora karafutonis, Nemophora kaukasiellus, Nemophora kukunorensis, Nemophora lamprodes, Nemophora lapikella, Nemophora lapikiella, Nemophora laticlavia, Nemophora latifasciella, Nemophora latreillella, Nemophora lenella, Nemophora lieftincki, Nemophora limenites, Nemophora liongi, Nemophora maxinae, Nemophora melichlorias, Nemophora metallica, Nemophora micrometalla, Nemophora minimella, Nemophora mollella, Nemophora montana, Nemophora moriokensis, Nemophora neurias, Nemophora niphites, Nemophora nobilis, Nemophora ochrocephala, Nemophora ochsenheimerella, Nemophora ommatella, Nemophora opalina, Nemophora optima, Nemophora orichalcias, Nemophora panaeola, Nemophora paradisea, Nemophora parvella, Nemophora pecuniosa, Nemophora pfeifferella, Nemophora phoenicites, Nemophora photodoxa, Nemophora plutodotis, Nemophora pollinaris, Nemophora polychorda, Nemophora polydaedala, Nemophora porphyraspis, Nemophora prodigella, Nemophora prodigellus, Nemophora profusella, Nemophora purpurea, Nemophora pyrites, Nemophora pyrotechna, Nemophora raddaella, Nemophora raddei, Nemophora rebelellus, Nemophora rhodochrysa, Nemophora rubrofascia, Nemophora sakaii, Nemophora sapporensis, Nemophora satrapodes, Nemophora scabiosella, Nemophora schrencki, Nemophora scitulella, Nemophora selasphora, Nemophora seraphias, Nemophora servata, Nemophora sinevi, Nemophora sinicella, Nemophora smaragdaspis, Nemophora solstitiella, Nemophora sparsella, Nemophora sporodesma, Nemophora staudingerella, Nemophora stellata, Nemophora sylvatica, Nemophora takamukuella, Nemophora tancrei, Nemophora thermochalca, Nemophora topazias, Nemophora tricrates, Nemophora trimetrella, Nemophora tristrigella, Nemophora tsartanana, Nemophora tyriochrysa, Nemophora umbripennis, Nemophora violaria, Nemophora violellus, Nemophora wakayamensis, Nemophora xanthargyra, Nemophora xanthobasella, Nemophora xanthophracta, Nemophora zonoreas

Adelinae photos with superspecies identification

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Adelinae sp. Adelinae sp. Adelinae sp. Adelinae sp. Adelinae sp. Adelinae sp. Adelinae sp. Adelinae sp.


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