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Genus Drasteria

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Erebinae tribe Melipotini → genus Drasteria (Hubner, 1818)


Daughter taxa

Drasteria aberrans (Staudinger, 1888) [species]

Drasteria adumbrata (Behr, 1870) [species]

D. a. alleni, D. a. saxea

Drasteria antiqua (Staudinger, 1889) [species]

Drasteria austera (John, 1921) [species]

Drasteria axuana (Püngeler, 1906) [species]

D. a. fumiluna

Drasteria biformata (H. Edwards, 1878) [species]

Drasteria cailino (Lefebvre, 1827) [species]

D. c. medialba, D. c. medialba

Drasteria cashmirensis (Hampson, 1894) [species]

Drasteria catocalis (Staudinger, 1882) [species]

Drasteria caucasica (Kolenati, 1846) [species]

D. c. balcanica

Drasteria chinensis (Alphéraky, 1892) [species]

Drasteria christophi (Alphéraky, 1895) [species]

Drasteria convergens Mustelin, 2006 [species]

Drasteria divergens (Behr, 1870) [species]

Drasteria edwardsii (Behr, 1870) [species]

Drasteria eubapta Hampson, 1926 [species]

D. e. fumiluna

Drasteria flexuosa (Menetries, 1848) [species]

Drasteria fumosa (Strecker, 1898) [species]

D. f. brunneifasciata

Drasteria grandirena (Haworth, 1809) [species]

Drasteria graphica Hübner, 1818 [species]

D. g. atlantica

Drasteria habibazel (Dumont, 1922) [species]

Drasteria hastingsii H. Edwards, 1878 [species]

Drasteria herzi (Alpheraky, 1892) [species]

D. h. angustifasciata

Drasteria howlandi (Grote, 1864) [species]

Drasteria howlandii Grote, 1865 [species]

Drasteria hudsonica (Grote & Robinson, 1865) [species]

D. h. heathi, D. h. seposita

Drasteria hyblaeoides (Moore, 1878) [species]

Drasteria indecora (John, 1910) [species]

Drasteria inepta (H. Edwards, 1881) [species]

Drasteria ingeniculata (Morrison, 1875) [species]

Drasteria judaica (Hampson, 1926) [species]

Drasteria kabylaria (Bang-Haas, 1906) [species]

D. k. columbina

Drasteria kusnezovi (John, 1910) [species]

Drasteria langi (Ershov, 1874) [species]

Drasteria maculosa (Behr, 1870) [species]

Drasteria mirifica (H. Edwards, 1878) [species]

D. m. hastingsi, D. m. klotsi

Drasteria mongoliensis Wiltshire, 1969 [species]

Drasteria nephelostola (Hampson, 1926) [species]

Drasteria nichollae (Hampson, 1926) [species]

D. n. garthi

Drasteria nubicola (Behr, 1870) [species]

Drasteria obscurata (Staudinger, 1882) [species]

Drasteria occulta (H. Edwards, 1881) [species]

Drasteria ochracea (Behr, 1870) [species]

Drasteria oranensis Rothschild 1920 [species]

Drasteria pallescens (Grote & Robinson, 1866) [species]

Drasteria pamira (John, 1921) [species]

Drasteria parallela Crabo & Mustelin, 2013 [species]

Drasteria perplexa (H. Edwards, 1884) [species]

Drasteria petricola (Walker, 1858) [species]

D. p. athabasca

Drasteria philippina (Austadt, 1880) [species]

Drasteria picta (Christoph, 1877) [species]

D. p. picta, D. p. radapicta

Drasteria pictoides (Poole, 1989) [species]

Drasteria pulchra (Barnes & McDunnough, 1918) [species]

Drasteria pulverosa Wiltshire, 1969 [species]

Drasteria rada (Boisduval, 1848) [species]

Drasteria sabulosa (H. Edwards, 1881) [species]

D. s. abrupta

Drasteria saisani (Staudinger, 1882) [species]

Drasteria scolopax (Alpheraky, 1892) [species]

Drasteria scrupulosa (H. Edwards, 1878) [species]

Drasteria sculpta (Püngeler, 1904) [species]

Drasteria sesquilina (Staudinger, 1888) [species]

Drasteria sesquistria (Eversmann, 1854) [species]

Drasteria sinuosa (Staudinger, 1884) [species]

Drasteria stretchii (Behr, 1870) [species]

Drasteria stuebeli (Calberla, 1891) [species]

Drasteria tejonica (Behr, 1870) [species]

Drasteria tenera (Staudinger, 1877) [species]

Drasteria walshi Metlevski, 2009 [species]

Drasteria yerburii (Butler, 1892) [species]

Drasteria yerburyi Butler 1892 [species]


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