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Genus Polypogon

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Herminiinae → genus Polypogon (Schrank, 1802)


Daughter taxa

Polypogon angulata (Wileman, 1915) [species]

Polypogon angulina (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon annulata (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon atrilineella (Grote, 1873) [species]

Polypogon bicolor (Möschler, 1880) [species]

Polypogon bipunctata (Kaye, 1901) [species]

Polypogon brackenburyi Holloway, 2008 [species]

Polypogon brunneistriga (Bethune-Baker, 1908) [species]

Polypogon caffraria (Möschler, 1883) [species]

Polypogon centralis (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon ciliata (Pagenstecher, 1888) [species]

Polypogon classeyi Holloway, 2008 [species]

Polypogon cristulalis (Staudinger, 1892) [species]

Polypogon cruralis (Guenée, 1854) [species]

Polypogon curvilinea (Wileman & South, 1917) [species]

Polypogon denisi (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1874) [species]

Polypogon extinctalis (Fuchs, 1899) [species]

Polypogon factitia (Swinhoe, 1890) [species]

Polypogon flavipunctatalis (Dogin, 1914) [species]

Polypogon fumosa (Butler, 1879) [species]

Polypogon germana (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon grandis (Alphéraky, 1892) [species]

Polypogon griselda (Butler, 1879) [species]

Polypogon gryphalis (Herrich-Schaffer, 1851) [species]

Polypogon gypsalis (Grote, 1880) [species]

Polypogon helva (Butler, 1879) [species]

Polypogon heureka (Bryk, 1942) [species]

Polypogon histrio (Möschler, 1880) [species]

Polypogon incerta (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon inconspicualis (Grote, 1883) [species]

Polypogon innocens (Butler, 1870) [species]

Polypogon jacchusalis (Walker, [1859]) [species]

P. j. bryanti, P. j. bryanti, P. j. lutalba

Polypogon laevigata (Grote, 1872) [species]

Polypogon leechi (South, 1905) [species]

Polypogon lilacina (Butler, 1879) [species]

Polypogon lituralis (Hübner, 1818) [species]

Polypogon lutalba (Smith, 1906) [species]

Polypogon martha (Barnes, 1928) [species]

Polypogon minoralis (Walker, [1866]) [species]

Polypogon minoraloides Holloway, 2008 [species]

Polypogon monochroa (Pagenstecher, 1886) [species]

Polypogon mundiferalis (Walker, [1866]) [species]

Polypogon nakatomii (Owada, 1977) [species]

Polypogon nigrisigna (Wileman, 1915) [species]

Polypogon nothusalis (Walker, [1859]) [species]

Polypogon obliqua (Staudinger, 1892) [species]

Polypogon obliqualis (Leech, 1889) [species]

Polypogon obscuripennis (Grote, 1872) [species]

Polypogon ochreipennis (Grote, 1872) [species]

P. o. bryanti

Polypogon paupercula (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon pedipilalis (Guenée, 1854) [species]

Polypogon planilinea (Hampson, 1898) [species]

Polypogon protumnusalis (Walker, [1859]) [species]

Polypogon proxima (Christoph, 1893) [species]

Polypogon pulchellescens (Dyar, 1922) [species]

Polypogon radula Holloway, 2008 [species]

Polypogon reticulatis (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon robiginosa (Staudinger, 1888) [species]

Polypogon ryukyuensis (Owada, 1982) [species]

Polypogon saakei (Owada, 1982) [species]

Polypogon sinensis (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon southi (Owada, 1982) [species]

Polypogon subnubila (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon subtriplex (Strand, 1919) [species]

Polypogon sugii (Owada, 1980) [species]

Polypogon tarsicrinata (Bryk, 1949) [species]

Polypogon tentacularia (Linnaeus, 1758) [species]

Polypogon theralis (Walker, 1859) [species]

Polypogon tomarinia (Bryk, 1942) [species]

Polypogon triplex (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon vanica (Möschler, 1880) [species]

Polypogon vermiculata (Leech, 1900) [species]

Polypogon warleyi Holloway, 2008 [species]

Polypogon wordsworthi Holloway, 2008 [species]

Polypogon yaeyamalsi (Owada, 1977) [species]

Polypogon yakushimalis (Sugi, 1959) [species]


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