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Subfamily Choreutinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Choreutoidea family Choreutidae → subfamily Choreutinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (4 illustrated). Species.

Anthophila (Haworth, 1811) [genus]

Anthophila abhasica, Anthophila aegyptiaca, Anthophila albertiana, Anthophila albipes, Anthophila alpinella, Anthophila angulosa, Anthophila anthorma, Anthophila antichlora, Anthophila arcigera, Anthophila argoxantha, Anthophila armata, Anthophila atrosignata, Anthophila bidzilyai, Anthophila brachymorpha, Anthophila chalcotoxa, Anthophila chelaspis, Anthophila chi, Anthophila cinctipes, Anthophila colchica, Anthophila collapsa, Anthophila cothurnata, Anthophila cyanotoxa, Anthophila decolorana, Anthophila dichlora, Anthophila diplogramma, Anthophila dischides, Anthophila dryodora, Anthophila emplecta, Anthophila entechna, Anthophila equatoris, Anthophila euclista, Anthophila eumetra, Anthophila fabriciana, Anthophila felis, Anthophila filipjevi, Anthophila flavimaculata, Anthophila fulminea, Anthophila gradella, Anthophila gratiosa, Anthophila holachryma, Anthophila houttuinalis, Anthophila immarginata, Anthophila inscriptana, Anthophila irimochla, Anthophila irridens, Anthophila itriodes, Anthophila kincaidella, Anthophila kochiensis, Anthophila laciniosella, Anthophila lethaea, Anthophila limonias, Anthophila ludifica, Anthophila lutescens, Anthophila lygaeopa, Anthophila melanopepla, Anthophila melophaga, Anthophila metallica, Anthophila milliaria, Anthophila montana, Anthophila multiferalis, Anthophila musicosema, Anthophila niphocrypta, Anthophila novarae, Anthophila nubicincta, Anthophila obarata, Anthophila ophiodesma, Anthophila optica, Anthophila oreina, Anthophila orinympha, Anthophila ornaticornis, Anthophila orthogona, Anthophila pariana, Anthophila parva, Anthophila pelargodes, Anthophila piepersiana, Anthophila plectodes, Anthophila plumbealis, Anthophila porphyratma, Anthophila psilachyra, Anthophila pyrrhoclista, Anthophila quincyella, Anthophila regularis, Anthophila sandaracina, Anthophila scenophora, Anthophila semicincta, Anthophila stereocrossa, Anthophila strepsidesma, Anthophila streptatma, Anthophila submarginalis, Anthophila sycopola, Anthophila taprobanes, Anthophila threnodes, Anthophila tigroides, Anthophila tomicodes, Anthophila topitis, Anthophila torridula, Anthophila traicmias, Anthophila tricyanitis, Anthophila trogalia, Anthophila turilega, Anthophila ussuriensis, Anthophila vicarialis, Anthophila xutholopa

Choreutis (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Choreutis achyrodes, Choreutis aegyptiaca, Choreutis agalmatopa, Choreutis agelasta, Choreutis alliciens, Choreutis amethystodes, Choreutis antiptila, Choreutis argyrastra, Choreutis argyrota, Choreutis argyroxantha, Choreutis atrosignata, Choreutis augustella, Choreutis balsamorrhizella, Choreutis basalis, Choreutis bathysema, Choreutis betuliperda, Choreutis blandinalis, Choreutis caliginosa, Choreutis caradjai, Choreutis carduiella, Choreutis catapsesta, Choreutis charmonica, Choreutis chrysostacta, Choreutis chrysoterma, Choreutis clemensella, Choreutis coloradella, Choreutis cunuligera, Choreutis cyanogramma, Choreutis cydrota, Choreutis diana, Choreutis dichlora, Choreutis dyarella, Choreutis emplecta, Choreutis enantia, Choreutis extrincicella, Choreutis falsifica, Choreutis fulminatrix, Choreutis gemmalis, Choreutis gnaphaliella, Choreutis holotoxa, Choreutis hyligenes, Choreutis hymenaea, Choreutis hypocroca, Choreutis ialeura, Choreutis immutabilis, Choreutis inflatella, Choreutis inspirata, Choreutis japonica, Choreutis lactibasis, Choreutis lamella, Choreutis lapidaria, Choreutis leptilionella, Choreutis leucobasis, Choreutis limonias, Choreutis loxotenes, Choreutis melanifera, Choreutis melanopepla, Choreutis merzoccai, Choreutis mesolyma, Choreutis metallica, Choreutis minuta, Choreutis moniligera, Choreutis montana, Choreutis montelli, Choreutis multimarginata, Choreutis nemorana, Choreutis occidentella, Choreutis ochrilactea, Choreutis onustana, Choreutis ophiosema, Choreutis pariana, Choreutis pelinobasis, Choreutis pentacyba, Choreutis periploca, Choreutis pernivalis, Choreutis piperella, Choreutis pychnomochla, Choreutis sandaracina, Choreutis schausiella, Choreutis semiclara, Choreutis sexfasciella, Choreutis silphiella, Choreutis simplex, Choreutis sororculella, Choreutis sycopola, Choreutis tacubayella, Choreutis ultimana, Choreutis venusta, Choreutis vinosa, Choreutis xanthogramma, Choreutis yakushimensis

Peotyle Diakonoff, 1978 [genus]

Peotyle atmodesma, Peotyle batangensis

Solaris (Erschoff, 1877) [genus]

Solaris subdelicata, Solaris ussurica

Choreutinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Choreutinae sp. (large size).

Choreutinae sp. Choreutinae sp.


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