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Genus Callopistria

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Eriopinae → genus Callopistria (Hubner, 1821)


Daughter taxa

Callopistria aethiops Butler 1878 [species]

Callopistria aetiohiops Butler, 1878 [species]

Callopistria aetnea Costa 1840 [species]

Callopistria albipunctalis Holloway, 1989 [species]

Callopistria albistella Warren 1913 [species]

Callopistria albistriga (Walker, [1863]) [species]

Callopistria albistrigoides Poole, 1989 [species]

Callopistria albivitta Hampson 1918 [species]

Callopistria albolineola (Graeser, [1889]) [species]

Callopistria albomacula Leech, 1900 [species]

Callopistria alfredi Holloway, 1989 [species]

Callopistria altigutta (Holloway, 1989) [species]

Callopistria aluensis Butler 1891 [species]

Callopistria antithetica Wiltshire 1977 [species]

Callopistria apicalis (Walker, 1855) [species]

Callopistria apicescripta Holland [species]

Callopistria argyrosema Hampson 1914 [species]

Callopistria argyrosemastis Hampson 1918 [species]

Callopistria argyrosticta (Butler, 1881) [species]

Callopistria batanga (Draudt, 1930) [species]

Callopistria benguellae Weymer 1908 [species]

Callopistria bergeri Berio 1976/77 [species]

Callopistria bernei Viette 1985 [species]

Callopistria cariei Joannis 1915 [species]

Callopistria carmioli Schaus 1911 [species]

Callopistria centrimacula Hampson 1918 [species]

Callopistria chera Prout 1927 [species]

Callopistria chloriza (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Callopistria chlorocroa (Hampson, 1908) [species]

Callopistria clava Leech 1900 [species]

Callopistria coelisigna Hampson 1902 [species]

Callopistria complicata Holland 1894 [species]

Callopistria concinna (Prout, 1926) [species]

Callopistria cordata (Ljungh, 1825) [species]

Callopistria cornucopiae Holland 1894 [species]

Callopistria cristata Legrand 1965 [species]

Callopistria cyanopera Hampson 1911 [species]

Callopistria cyclopis Hampson 1908 [species]

Callopistria dapsilis Schaus 1911 [species]

Callopistria dascia Fletcher 1961 [species]

Callopistria deflexusa Chang, 1991 [species]

Callopistria delicata Chang, 1991 [species]

Callopistria dimorpha Holloway 1979 [species]

Callopistria duplicans Walker, 1858 [species]

Callopistria elaeastis Hampson 1908 [species]

Callopistria emiliusalis (Walker, [1859]) [species]

Callopistria equatorialis Berio 1970 [species]

Callopistria exotica (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Callopistria falcata Holloway 1979 [species]

Callopistria ferruginea (Hampson, 1908) [species]

Callopistria fimbripes (Walker, 1858) [species]

Callopistria flabellum Berio 1976/77 [species]

Callopistria flavitincta Galsworthy, 1997 [species]

Callopistria floridensis (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Callopistria fusimacula (Holloway, 1989) [species]

Callopistria ganga Guenée 1852 [species]

Callopistria gilvithorax (Prout, 1928) [species]

Callopistria granitosa (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Callopistria grassei Laporte 1970 [species]

Callopistria guttulalis Hampson, 1896 [species]

Callopistria imparata Walker 1865 [species]

Callopistria indica (Butler, 1891) [species]

Callopistria jamaicensis Möschler, 1886 [species]

Callopistria japonibia Inoue & Sugi, 1958 [species]

Callopistria javentina (Stoll, 1782) [species]

Callopistria juventina (Stoll, 1782) [species]

Callopistria latreillei (Duponchel, 1827) [species]

C. l. rakoto, C. l. rechingeri

Callopistria leucobasis (Hampson, 1908) [species]

Callopistria leucotoma Druce 1908 [species]

Callopistria ludovici (Prout, 1922) [species]

Callopistria maillardi (Guenée, 1862) [species]

C. m. pseudintermissa, C. m. rotumensis

Callopistria malagasy Viette 1965 [species]

Callopistria matilei Viette 1978 [species]

Callopistria mexicana Druce 1889 [species]

Callopistria microptera (Hampson, 1908) [species]

Callopistria minor Hampson 1891 [species]

Callopistria minuata Butler, 1889 [species]

Callopistria minuta Butler 1889 [species]

C. m. angustata

Callopistria miracula Herz 1904 [species]

Callopistria miranda Saalmüller 1880 [species]

Callopistria mollissima (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Callopistria montana Holloway, 1976 [species]

Callopistria nana Hampson 1911 [species]

Callopistria natalensis Hampson 1908 [species]

Callopistria nephrosticta Hampson 1908 [species]

Callopistria nephrostictoides Berio, 1973 [species]

Callopistria nervurata Laporte 1974 [species]

Callopistria nigeriensis Hampson 1918 [species]

C. n. miosticta

Callopistria nigrescens (Wileman, 1915) [species]

Callopistria nigrosticta Prout 1927 [species]

Callopistria niveigutta (Walker, [1863]) [species]

Callopistria nivetacta Warren 1912 [species]

Callopistria orses Schaus 1914 [species]

Callopistria ouria Collenette 1929 [species]

Callopistria pauliani Berio, 1955 [species]

Callopistria phaeogona Hampson 1908 [species]

Callopistria pheogona Hampson, 1908 [species]

Callopistria placodoides (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Callopistria plinthobaps Zerny 1916 [species]

Callopistria pryeri Butler 1892 [species]

Callopistria pulchrilinea (Walker, 1862) [species]

Callopistria pyrocauta Hampson 1914 [species]

Callopistria quadralba (Draudt, 1950) [species]

Callopistria quadrinotata (Walker, [1863]) [species]

Callopistria randimbyi Viette 1965 [species]

Callopistria rectilinea Saalmüller 1891 [species]

Callopistria renivitta Berio 1966 [species]

Callopistria repleta Walker, 1858 [species]

C. r. postpallida

Callopistria rivularis Walker, [1858] [species]

Callopistria rufulus Rothschild 1924 [species]

Callopistria scriptiplena (Walker, 1862) [species]

Callopistria semicircularis Hampson 1918 [species]

Callopistria sogai Viette 1965 [species]

Callopistria strigilineata Hampson 1894 [species]

Callopistria subroseata Berio 1966 [species]

Callopistria tarsipilosa Berio 1959 [species]

Callopistria thermochroa Hampson 1911 [species]

Callopistria trilineata (Walker, 1862) [species]

Callopistria trinitensis Hampson 1908 [species]

Callopistria tytha Wileman & West 1929 [species]

Callopistria unica Laporte 1973 [species]

Callopistria venata Leech, 1900 [species]

Callopistria ventralis Walker, [1863] [species]

Callopistria violascens Rothschild 1924 [species]

Callopistria wallacei (Felder, 1874) [species]

Callopistria xanthopera Hampson 1908 [species]

Callopistria xerysta Viette 1976 [species]

Callopistria yerburii (Butler, 1884) [species]


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