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Genus Hypercompe

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Arctiinae tribe Arctiini → genus Hypercompe Hübner, 1819


Daughter taxa

Hypercompe abdominalis (Walker, [1865]) [species]

Hypercompe albescens (Hampson, 1901) [species]

Hypercompe albicornis (Grote, 1865) [species]

Hypercompe albiscripta (Druce, 1901) [species]

Hypercompe alpha (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe amulaensis (Druce, 1889) [species]

Hypercompe andromela (Dyar, 1909) [species]

Hypercompe anomala (Burmeister, 1883) [species]

Hypercompe atra (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe bari (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe beckeri Watson & Goodger, 1986 [species]

Hypercompe bolivar (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe brasiliensis (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe bricenoi (Rothschild, 1909) [species]

Hypercompe burmeisteri (Rothschild, 1910) [species]

Hypercompe campinasa (Schaus, 1938) [species]

Hypercompe castronis (Strand, 1919) [species]

Hypercompe caudata (Walker, 1855) [species]

Hypercompe cermelii Watson 1977 [species]

Hypercompe cermellii Watson, 1977 [species]

Hypercompe chelifer (Forbes, 1929) [species]

Hypercompe confusa (Druce, 1884) [species]

Hypercompe conspersa (Walker, 1866) [species]

Hypercompe contexta (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe cotyora (Druce, 1884) [species]

Hypercompe cretacea (Dognin, 1912) [species]

Hypercompe cunigunda (Stoll, [1781]) [species]

Hypercompe decora (Walker, 1855) [species]

Hypercompe deflorata (Fabricius, 1775) [species]

H. d. deflorata, H. d. quitensis

Hypercompe detecta (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

H. d. detecta, H. d. dorsata

Hypercompe dissimilis (Schaus, 1896) [species]

Hypercompe dognini (Rothschild, 1910) [species]

Hypercompe dubia (Rothschild, 1922) [species]

Hypercompe ecpantherioides (Rothschild, 1935) [species]

Hypercompe eridanus (Cramer, [1775]) [species]

Hypercompe euripides (Dyar, 1912) [species]

Hypercompe extrema (Walker, 1855) [species]

Hypercompe flavopunctata (Schaus, 1921) [species]

Hypercompe fuscescens (Rothschild, 1917) [species]

Hypercompe gaujoni (Dognin, 1889) [species]

Hypercompe hambletoni (Schaus, 1938) [species]

Hypercompe heterogena (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe icasia (Cramer, [1777]) [species]

Hypercompe indecisa (Walker, 1855) [species]

Hypercompe jaguarina (Schaus, 1921) [species]

Hypercompe kennedyi (Rothschild, 1910) [species]

Hypercompe kinkelini (Burmeister, 1880) [species]

Hypercompe laeta (Walker, 1855) [species]

Hypercompe lemairei Watson & Goodger, 1986 [species]

Hypercompe leucarctioides (Grote & Robinson, 1867) [species]

Hypercompe magdalenae (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe marcescens (Felder, 1874) [species]

Hypercompe melanoleuca (Rothschild, 1910) [species]

Hypercompe mielkei Watson & Goodger, 1986 [species]

Hypercompe mus (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe muzina (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe nemophila (Herrich-Schäffer, [1853]) [species]

Hypercompe neurophylla (Walker, 1856) [species]

Hypercompe nigriloba (Hulstaert, 1924) [species]

Hypercompe nigriplaga (Walker, 1855) [species]

Hypercompe obscura (Schaus, 1901) [species]

Hypercompe obsolescens (Hampson, 1916) [species]

Hypercompe obtecta (Dognin, 1907) [species]

Hypercompe ochreator (Felder, 1874) [species]

Hypercompe ockendeni (Rothschild, 1909) [species]

Hypercompe ocularia (Fabricius, 1775) [species]

Hypercompe orbiculata (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe orsa (Cramer, [1777]) [species]

Hypercompe oslari (Rothschild, 1910) [species]

Hypercompe permaculata (Packard, 1872) [species]

Hypercompe perplexa Schaus, 1911 [species]

Hypercompe persephone (Tessmann, 1928) [species]

Hypercompe persola (Möschler, 1886) [species]

Hypercompe pertestacea (Rothschild, 1935) [species]

Hypercompe peruvensis (Hampson, 1901) [species]

Hypercompe praeclara (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Hypercompe robusta (Dognin, 1891) [species]

Hypercompe scribonia (Stoll, [1790]) [species]

H. s. denudata, H. s. scribonia

Hypercompe simplex (Walker, 1855) [species]

Hypercompe suffusa (Schaus, 1889) [species]

Hypercompe tenebra (Schaus, 1894) [species]

Hypercompe tessellata (Druce, 1906) [species]

Hypercompe testacea (Rothschild, 1909) [species]

Hypercompe theophila (Dognin, 1902) [species]

Hypercompe trinitatis (Rothschild, 1910) [species]

Hypercompe turruptianoides (Rothschild, 1910) [species]


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