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Genus Callerebia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Satyrinae tribe Satyrini subtribe Satyrina → genus Callerebia Butler, 1867


Daughter taxa

Callerebia annada (Moore, [1858]) [species]

Callerebia asura Wyatt 1961 [species]

C. a. panjshira

Callerebia baileyi South, 1913 [species]

Callerebia caeca Watkins, 1925 [species]

Callerebia daksha Moore, 1874 [species]

Callerebia danorum Clench & Shoumatoff 1956 [species]

Callerebia howarthi Sakai 1978 [species]

Callerebia hyagriva Moore 1857 [species]

Callerebia hybrida Butler, 1880 [species]

C. h. atuntseana, C. h. kuatunensisi

Callerebia kalinda (Moore, 1865) [species]

Callerebia mani de Nicéville 1880 [species]

Callerebia manioides Wyatt & Omoto 1966 [species]

Callerebia nirmala (Moore, 1865) [species]

Callerebia orixa Moore, 1872 [species]

Callerebia pagmanni Bang-Haas 1927 [species]

C. p. mohabbati

Callerebia polyphemus Oberthür, 1877 [species]

C. p. annadina, C. p. confusa, C. p. polyphemus, C. p. ricketti

Callerebia pomena Evans, 1915 [species]

C. p. chiuna, C. p. shuana

Callerebia scanda (Kollar, [1844]) [species]

Callerebia shakti Wyatt 1961 [species]

Callerebia shallada (Lang, 1880) [species]

Callerebia suroia Tytler, 1914 [species]

Callerebia tsirava Evans, 1915 [species]

Callerebia ulfi Huang, 2003 [species]

Callerebia watsoni Watkins, 1925 [species]


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02.12.2018 6:16, Sanej Suwal

Will you please help me with the present validity of Paralasa, whether its under Callerebia?

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