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Genus Hemileuca

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Bombycoidea family Saturniidae subfamily Hemileucinae tribe Hemileucini → genus Hemileuca Walker, 1855


Daughter taxa

Hemileuca artemis Packard, 1893 [species]

Hemileuca burnsi Watson, 1910 [species]

Hemileuca chinatiensis (Tinkham, 1943) [species]

Hemileuca diana Packard, 1874 [species]

Hemileuca dyari (Draudt, 1930) [species]

Hemileuca eglanterina (Boisduval, 1852) [species]

H. e. annulata, H. e. eglanterina, H. e. shastaensis, H. e. shataensis

Hemileuca electra Wright, 1884 [species]

H. e. clio, H. e. electra, H. e. mojavensis, H. e. rubra

Hemileuca griffini Tuskes, 1978 [species]

Hemileuca grotei Grote & Robinson, 1868 [species]

H. g. grotei

Hemileuca hera (Harris, 1841) [species]

H. h. hera, H. h. marcata

Hemileuca hualapai (Neumoegen, 1883) [species]

Hemileuca juno Packard, 1872 [species]

Hemileuca lares (Druce, 1897) [species]

Hemileuca lex (Druce, 1897) [species]

Hemileuca lucina H. Edwards, 1887 [species]

Hemileuca magnifica (Rotger, 1948) [species]

Hemileuca maia (Drury, 1773) [species]

H. m. maia

Hemileuca mania (Druce, 1897) [species]

Hemileuca marillia Dyar, 1911 [species]

Hemileuca mexicana (Druce, 1887) [species]

Hemileuca neumoegeni (Edwards, 1881) [species]

Hemileuca nevadensis Stretch, 1872 [species]

Hemileuca numa (Druce, 1897) [species]

Hemileuca nutalli Strecker 1875 [species]

H. n. uniformis

Hemileuca nuttalli (Strecker, 1875) [species]

H. n. uniformis

Hemileuca oliviae Cockerell, 1898 [species]

Hemileuca peigleri Lemaire, 1979 [species]

Hemileuca peninsularis Lemaire, 1993 [species]

Hemileuca rubridorsa Felder, 1874 [species]

H. r. norba

Hemileuca slosseri Peigler & Stone, 1989 [species]

Hemileuca sororia (Edwards, 1881) [species]

Hemileuca sororius H.Edwards. 1881 [species]

Hemileuca stonei Lemaire, 1993 [species]

Hemileuca tricolor (Packard, 1872) [species]


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