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Genus Rhaphuma

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Cerambycinae tribe Clytini → genus Rhaphuma Pascoe, 1858


Daughter taxa

Rhaphuma acrocarpi Gardner, 1940 [species]

Rhaphuma aequalis Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma afflata Holzschuh, 1983 [species]

Rhaphuma albicolon Holzschuh, 2006 [species]

Rhaphuma albonotata Pic, 1915 [species]

Rhaphuma albosignata Pic, 1943 [species]

Rhaphuma amamiensis Hayashi 1983 [species]

Rhaphuma anongi Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma anopla Holzschuh, 1983 [species]

Rhaphuma aperta Gressitt, 1951 [species]

Rhaphuma aranea Holzschuh, 1984 [species]

Rhaphuma argentogrisea Dauber, 2003 [species]

Rhaphuma atrata Fisher, 1935 [species]

Rhaphuma atrosignata Pic, 1925 [species]

Rhaphuma baibarae Matsushita, 1931 [species]

Rhaphuma barbouri Gressitt, 1959 [species]

Rhaphuma barriesi Dauber, 2002 [species]

Rhaphuma bhaktai Holzschuh, 1983 [species]

Rhaphuma bicolor Pic, 1927 [species]

Rhaphuma bicolorifemoralis Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma bimaculata Schwarzer, 1931 [species]

Rhaphuma binhensis Pic, 1922 [species]

Rhaphuma binotata Hua, 1985 [species]

Rhaphuma bivittata Aurivillius, 1916 [species]

Rhaphuma brigittae Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma brodskyi Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma campanulifera Aurivillius, 1922 [species]

Rhaphuma chatterjeei Gardner, 1940 [species]

Rhaphuma chewi Dauber, 2003 [species]

Rhaphuma circumscripta Schwarzer, 1925 [species]

Rhaphuma clarina Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma clermonti Pic, 1927 [species]

Rhaphuma comosella Holzschuh, 2006 [species]

Rhaphuma conformis (Gahan, 1906) [species]

Rhaphuma connexa Aurivillius, 1922 [species]

Rhaphuma consona Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma constricta Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma contiguaria Holzschuh, 2009 [species]

Rhaphuma decora Holzschuh, 1995 [species]

Rhaphuma delicata Kano, 1933 [species]

Rhaphuma desaii Gardner, 1940 [species]

Rhaphuma diana Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma diminuta Bates, 1873 [species]

Rhaphuma disconotata Pic, 1908 [species]

Rhaphuma diversevittata Pic, 1943 [species]

Rhaphuma diversipennis Pic, 1920 [species]

Rhaphuma duplex Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma elegantula Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma eleodes Fairmaire, 1889 [species]

R. e. viridula

Rhaphuma eleodina Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma elongata Gressitt 1940 [species]

Rhaphuma encausta Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma excisa Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma externesignata Pic, 1936 [species]

Rhaphuma falx Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma farinosula Holzschuh, 2003 [species]

Rhaphuma frustrata Holzschuh, 1993 [species]

Rhaphuma fucosa Holzschuh, 2007 [species]

Rhaphuma fulgurata Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma gilvitarsis Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma gracilipes Faldermann, 1835 [species]

Rhaphuma grisescens Pic, 1929 [species]

Rhaphuma herminae Holzschuh, 1984 [species]

Rhaphuma histrio Chevrolat, 1863 [species]

Rhaphuma hooraiana Matsushita, 1943 [species]

Rhaphuma horsfieldii White, 1855 [species]

Rhaphuma illicata Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma ilsae Holzschuh, 1983 [species]

Rhaphuma impressiceps Pic, 1943 [species]

Rhaphuma improba Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma improvisa Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma incarinata Pic, 1925 [species]

Rhaphuma indifferens Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma innotata Pic, 1927 [species]

Rhaphuma insignaticollis Pic, 1937 [species]

Rhaphuma interrupta Pic, 1925 [species]

Rhaphuma inusta Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma joshii Holzschuh, 1984 [species]

Rhaphuma kantiae Holzschuh 1989 [species]

Rhaphuma klapperichi Tippmann, 1955 [species]

Rhaphuma krali Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma lanzhui Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma laosica Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma limaticollis Gressitt, 1939 [species]

Rhaphuma lubricula Holzschuh, 2003 [species]

Rhaphuma lutarella Holzschuh, 2003 [species]

Rhaphuma luteopubens Pic, 1937 [species]

Rhaphuma maceki Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma maculata Schwarzer, 1931 [species]

Rhaphuma manipurensis Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma mekonga Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma minima Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma minuta Pic, 1943 [species]

Rhaphuma moerens Holzschuh, 1983 [species]

Rhaphuma mucosa Holzschuh, 2003 [species]

Rhaphuma mushana Matsushita, 1936 [species]

Rhaphuma nigrocincta Matsushita, 1931 [species]

Rhaphuma nigrolineata Pic, 1915 [species]

Rhaphuma nishidai Hayashi & Makihara, 1981 [species]

Rhaphuma ogatai Mitono, 1942 [species]

Rhaphuma patkaina Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma paucis Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma phiale Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma pictiventris Gressitt, 1939 [species]

Rhaphuma pieli Gressitt, 1940 [species]

Rhaphuma pingana Pic, 1926 [species]

Rhaphuma placida Pascoe, 1858 [species]

Rhaphuma praeusta Lameere, 1890 [species]

Rhaphuma pseudobinhensis Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma pseudominuta Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma puncticollis Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma quadricolor Castelnau & Gory, 1841 [species]

Rhaphuma quadrimaculata Pic, 1923 [species]

R. q. subobliterata

Rhaphuma querciphaga Holzschuh, 1984 [species]

Rhaphuma quercus Gardner, 1940 [species]

Rhaphuma quinquenotata Chevrolat, 1863 [species]

Rhaphuma quintini Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma rassei Dauber, 2002 [species]

Rhaphuma reticulata Jordan, 1894 [species]

Rhaphuma retrofasciata Dauber, 2004 [species]

Rhaphuma rhea Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma rubromaculata Dauber, 2006 [species]

Rhaphuma ruficollis Mitono, 1942 [species]

Rhaphuma rufobasalis Pic, 1924 [species]

Rhaphuma rybniceki Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma sabahensis Dauber, 2006 [species]

Rhaphuma salemensis Gardner, 1940 [species]

Rhaphuma semiclathrata Chevrolat, 1863 [species]

Rhaphuma sexnotata Chevrolat, 1863 [species]

Rhaphuma sharmai Holzschuh, 1990 [species]

Rhaphuma shelfordi Dauber, 2008 [species]

Rhaphuma signata Gahan, 1907 [species]

Rhaphuma steinkae Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma strnadi Holzschuh, 1992 [species]

Rhaphuma subvarimaculata Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma sulphurea Gressitt, 1941 [species]

Rhaphuma superba Dauber, 2002 [species]

Rhaphuma suthra Gardner, 1940 [species]

Rhaphuma suturalis Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma tenerrima Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma tenuigrisea Dauber, 2003 [species]

Rhaphuma teres Holzschuh, 1989 [species]

Rhaphuma tertia Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma testaceiceps Pic, 1915 [species]

Rhaphuma testaceicolor Pic, 1920 [species]

Rhaphuma theryi Pic, 1900 [species]

Rhaphuma torrida Holzschuh, 1991 [species]

Rhaphuma tricolor Gressitt & Rondon, 1970 [species]

Rhaphuma trimaculata Chevrolat, 1863 [species]

Rhaphuma trinalba Gahan, 1906 [species]

Rhaphuma trinotata Pic, 1923 [species]

Rhaphuma unigena Holzschuh, 1993 [species]

Rhaphuma ustulatula Holzschuh, 2006 [species]

Rhaphuma vagesignata Pic, 1937 [species]

Rhaphuma virens Matsushita, 1931 [species]

Rhaphuma vittata Gahan, 1907 [species]

Rhaphuma weigeli Holzschuh, 2003 [species]

Rhaphuma wiedemanni Castelnau & Gory, 1841 [species]

Rhaphuma xenisca Bates, 1884 [species]


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16.01.2016 19:21, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Rhaphuma → Rhaphuma Pascoe, 1858.

17.10.2015 10:40, Vasiliy Feoktistov Parent taxon has been changed.

Cerambycinae → Clytini.

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