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Subfamily Antequerinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Cosmopterigidae → subfamily Antequerinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 6 (3 illustrated). Species.

Limnaecia (Stainton, 1851) [genus]

Limnaecia acontiphora, Limnaecia adiacrita, Limnaecia amblopa, Limnaecia ancilla, Limnaecia anthophaga, Limnaecia argophylla, Limnaecia arsitricha, Limnaecia astathopis, Limnaecia asterodes, Limnaecia atopa, Limnaecia audax, Limnaecia auximena, Limnaecia balanochrysa, Limnaecia bicolorella, Limnaecia bilineata, Limnaecia bisignis, Limnaecia callicosma, Limnaecia callimitris, Limnaecia camptosema, Limnaecia capsigera, Limnaecia cassandra, Limnaecia charactis, Limnaecia chionospila, Limnaecia chlorodeta, Limnaecia chloronephes, Limnaecia chromaturga, Limnaecia chrysidota, Limnaecia chrysonesa, Limnaecia chrysothorax, Limnaecia cirrhochrosta, Limnaecia cirrhosema, Limnaecia cirrhozona, Limnaecia clinodesma, Limnaecia colometra, Limnaecia combota, Limnaecia compsasis, Limnaecia conjuncta, Limnaecia conspersa, Limnaecia crocodelta, Limnaecia crossomela, Limnaecia cuprella, Limnaecia cybophora, Limnaecia dasytricha, Limnaecia effulgens, Limnaecia elaphropa, Limnaecia enclista, Limnaecia ensigera, Limnaecia epimictis, Limnaecia eretmota, Limnaecia eristica, Limnaecia eugramma, Limnaecia eumeristis, Limnaecia explanata, Limnaecia fuscipalpis, Limnaecia hemimitra, Limnaecia heterozona, Limnaecia hololampra, Limnaecia ichnographa, Limnaecia ida, Limnaecia imogena, Limnaecia inconcinna, Limnaecia iriastis, Limnaecia isodesma, Limnaecia isozona, Limnaecia leptomeris, Limnaecia leucomita, Limnaecia loxoscia, Limnaecia lubricata, Limnaecia magica, Limnaecia magnifica, Limnaecia megalochlamys, Limnaecia melanosoma, Limnaecia melileuca, Limnaecia melliplanta, Limnaecia mercuriella, Limnaecia metacypha, Limnaecia metallifera, Limnaecia microglypta, Limnaecia nephelochalca, Limnaecia neurogramma, Limnaecia nigrispersa, Limnaecia novalis, Limnaecia ochrozona, Limnaecia orbigera, Limnaecia orthocentra, Limnaecia orthochroa, Limnaecia pallidula, Limnaecia pamphaea, Limnaecia parallelograpta, Limnaecia peronodes, Limnaecia perpusilla, Limnaecia phaeopleura, Limnaecia phragmitella, Limnaecia piperatella, Limnaecia platychlora, Limnaecia platyochra, Limnaecia platyscia, Limnaecia polyactis, Limnaecia polycydista, Limnaecia proclina, Limnaecia psalidota, Limnaecia pterolopha, Limnaecia pycnogramma, Limnaecia pycnosaris, Limnaecia recidiva, Limnaecia sarcanthes, Limnaecia scaeosema, Limnaecia scoliosema, Limnaecia semisecta, Limnaecia simplex, Limnaecia stabilita, Limnaecia stenotricha, Limnaecia subharpalea, Limnaecia superharpalea, Limnaecia symplecta, Limnaecia syntaracta, Limnaecia tetramitra, Limnaecia tetraplanetis, Limnaecia thiosima, Limnaecia triplaneta, Limnaecia tripunctata, Limnaecia trisema, Limnaecia trissodelta, Limnaecia trissodesma, Limnaecia trixantha, Limnaecia tyriarcha, Limnaecia xanthopelta, Limnaecia xanthopis, Limnaecia xanthotyla, Limnaecia xylinella, Limnaecia zonomacula, Limnaecia zotica

Macrobathra Meyrick, 1883 [genus]

Macrobathra allocrana, Macrobathra alternatella, Macrobathra anacampta, Macrobathra anemarcha, Macrobathra anemodes, Macrobathra aneurae, Macrobathra anisodora, Macrobathra antimeloda, Macrobathra aphristis, Macrobathra argonota, Macrobathra arneutis, Macrobathra arrectella, Macrobathra asemanta, Macrobathra astrota, Macrobathra auratella, Macrobathra baliomitra, Macrobathra bigerella, Macrobathra brontodes, Macrobathra callipetala, Macrobathra callispila, Macrobathra centrophena, Macrobathra ceraunobola, Macrobathra chlorosoma, Macrobathra chryseostola, Macrobathra chrysospila, Macrobathra chrysotoxa, Macrobathra cineralella, Macrobathra constrictella, Macrobathra crococephala, Macrobathra crococosma, Macrobathra dasyplaca, Macrobathra decataea, Macrobathra definitiva, Macrobathra deltozona, Macrobathra desmotoma, Macrobathra diplochrysa, Macrobathra dispila, Macrobathra distincta, Macrobathra drosera, Macrobathra embroneta, Macrobathra epimela, Macrobathra equestris, Macrobathra euryleuca, Macrobathra euryxantha, Macrobathra euspila, Macrobathra exaeta, Macrobathra fasciata, Macrobathra galenaea, Macrobathra gastroleuca, Macrobathra genitrix, Macrobathra gentilis, Macrobathra gonoloma, Macrobathra hamata, Macrobathra hamaxitodes, Macrobathra harmostis, Macrobathra hedrastis, Macrobathra heminephela, Macrobathra hemitropa, Macrobathra heterozona, Macrobathra hexadyas, Macrobathra homocosma, Macrobathra honoratella, Macrobathra hyalistis, Macrobathra isoscelana, Macrobathra lamprotypa, Macrobathra leucopeda, Macrobathra leucozancla, Macrobathra lunacrescens, Macrobathra lychnophora, Macrobathra melanargyra, Macrobathra melanomitra, Macrobathra melanota, Macrobathra mesopora, Macrobathra metallica, Macrobathra micropis, Macrobathra microspora, Macrobathra monoclina, Macrobathra monostadia, Macrobathra monoxantha, Macrobathra myriophthalma, Macrobathra myrocoma, Macrobathra nephelomorpha, Macrobathra neurocoma, Macrobathra nimbifera, Macrobathra niphadobola, Macrobathra nomaea, Macrobathra notomitra, Macrobathra notozyga, Macrobathra obliquata, Macrobathra ochanota, Macrobathra opposita, Macrobathra paracentra, Macrobathra parthenistis, Macrobathra peraeota, Macrobathra petalitis, Macrobathra phernaea, Macrobathra philopsamma, Macrobathra phryganina, Macrobathra platychroa, Macrobathra platyzona, Macrobathra polypasta, Macrobathra pompholyctis, Macrobathra porphyrea, Macrobathra proxena, Macrobathra psatyrodes, Macrobathra puncticulata, Macrobathra pyrodoxa, Macrobathra quercea, Macrobathra recrepans, Macrobathra rhodospila, Macrobathra rubicundella, Macrobathra sarcoleuca, Macrobathra stenosema, Macrobathra synacta, Macrobathra synastra, Macrobathra syncoma, Macrobathra tetraleuca, Macrobathra trimorpha, Macrobathra trithyra, Macrobathra unguinosa, Macrobathra vexillariata, Macrobathra vividella, Macrobathra xanthoplaca, Macrobathra xuthocoma, Macrobathra zonodesma


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