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Genus Elaphria

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae tribe Elaphriini → genus Elaphria (Hubner, 1818)


Daughter taxa

Elaphria acaste (Herrich-Schäffer, [1869]) [species]

Elaphria agrotina (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Elaphria agyra (Druce, 1890) [species]

Elaphria alapallida Pogue & Sullivan, 2003 [species]

Elaphria albiviata (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria algama (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria andersoni Schaus, 1940 [species]

Elaphria antica (Walker, [1857]) [species]

Elaphria aphronistes (Dyar, 1920) [species]

Elaphria apicalis (Schaus, 1898) [species]

Elaphria arnoides (Herrich-Schäffer, [1869]) [species]

Elaphria atrisecta (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria atrisigna (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria barbarossa (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria basistigma (Walker, 1858) [species]

Elaphria bastula (Schaus, 1906) [species]

Elaphria bertha (Schaus, 1898) [species]

Elaphria bogotana (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1874) [species]

Elaphria cadema (Schaus, 1898) [species]

Elaphria callopistrica Hampson 1909 [species]

Elaphria calopistrica (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria castrensis (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria cenicienta (Dognin, 1897) [species]

Elaphria chalcedonia (Hübner, [1808]) [species]

Elaphria chionopis Druce 1908 [species]

Elaphria chionopsis (Druce, 1908) [species]

Elaphria chlorozona (Jones, 1908) [species]

Elaphria chulumaniensis (Köhler, 1968) [species]

Elaphria cognata (Schaus, 1911) [species]

Elaphria cohaerens (Schaus, 1911) [species]

Elaphria commacosta (Dyar, 1914) [species]

Elaphria conjugata (Moore, 1881) [species]

Elaphria convexa (Forbes, 1944) [species]

Elaphria cornutinis Saluke & Pogue, 2000 [species]

Elaphria cornutinus Saluke & Pogue, 2000 [species]

Elaphria costagna (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria costipuncta (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria cuprescens (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria cyanympha Ferguson, 1989 [species]

Elaphria delenifica (Schaus, 1911) [species]

Elaphria deliriosa (Walker, 1857) [species]

Elaphria deltoides (Möschler, 1880) [species]

Elaphria devara (Druce, 1898) [species]

Elaphria discisigma Hampson 1914 [species]

Elaphria discisigna (Hampson, 1914) [species]

Elaphria ditrigona (Jones, 1908) [species]

Elaphria editha (Schaus, 1898) [species]

Elaphria encantada Hayes, 1975 [species]

Elaphria ensina (Barnes, 1907) [species]

Elaphria exesa (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Elaphria festivoides (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Elaphria fissistigma (Hampson, 1898) [species]

Elaphria flaviorbis (Dognin, 1907) [species]

Elaphria fuscimacula (Grote, 1881) [species]

Elaphria georgei (Moore & Rawson, 1939) [species]

Elaphria goyensis (Hampson, 1918) [species]

Elaphria grata Hübner, 1818 [species]

Elaphria haemassa (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria hemileuca (Jones, 1908) [species]

Elaphria hypophaea (Hampson, 1920) [species]

Elaphria hyposcota (Hampson, 1905) [species]

Elaphria insipida (Dognin, 1897) [species]

Elaphria interstriata (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria ipsidomo (Dyar, 1914) [species]

Elaphria isse (Schaus, 1914) [species]

Elaphria ixion (Schaus, 1914) [species]

Elaphria jalapensis (Schaus, 1894) [species]

Elaphria jonea (Schaus, 1906) [species]

Elaphria langia (Druce, 1890) [species]

Elaphria lentilinea (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria leucomela (Dognin, 1907) [species]

Elaphria leucostigma (Druce, 1908) [species]

Elaphria ligata Möschler 1890 [species]

Elaphria lithodia (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria lithotela (Dyar, 1914) [species]

Elaphria lucens (Schaus, 1911) [species]

Elaphria malaca (Schaus, 102) [species]

Elaphria marmorata (Schaus, 1894) [species]

Elaphria mastera (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria medioclara (Schaus, 1911) [species]

Elaphria melanodonta (Dognin, 1914) [species]

Elaphria mesoleuca (Dognin, 1914) [species]

Elaphria mesomela (Dognin, 1907) [species]

Elaphria micromma (Dyar, 1914) [species]

Elaphria miochroa (Jones, 1908) [species]

Elaphria monyma (Druce, 1889) [species]

Elaphria nephrosticta Druce [species]

Elaphria niveiplaga Schaus 1898 [species]

Elaphria niveopis (Dyar, 1912) [species]

Elaphria niveplaga (Schaus, 1898) [species]

Elaphria obliquirena (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria obscura (Schaus, 1906) [species]

Elaphria olivescens (Dogin, 1916) [species]

Elaphria optata (Schaus, 1911) [species]

Elaphria orbiculata (Schaus, 1898) [species]

Elaphria pallescens (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria pectinata Herrich-Schäffer 1868 [species]

Elaphria perigeana (Schaus, 1911) [species]

Elaphria perigiana Schaus 1911 [species]

Elaphria phaeopera (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria phaeoplaga (Jones, 1908) [species]

Elaphria phalega Schaus, 1940 [species]

Elaphria phlegyas (Schaus, 1914) [species]

Elaphria plectilis (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Elaphria polyporia Dyar 1919 [species]

Elaphria polysticta (Jones, 1908) [species]

Elaphria proleuca (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria promiscua (Möschler, 1890) [species]

Elaphria pulchra (Druce, 1889) [species]

Elaphria pulida (Dognin, 1897) [species]

Elaphria punctula (Schaus, 1906) [species]

Elaphria purpusi (Draudt, 1936) [species]

Elaphria regressa Möschler 1880 [species]

Elaphria renipes (Schaus, 1911) [species]

Elaphria repanda (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria rubripicta (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria rubrisecta (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria sanctanna (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Elaphria semirufa (Druce, 1908) [species]

Elaphria statiuncula Möschler 1880 [species]

Elaphria stelligera (Schaus, 1894) [species]

Elaphria stenelea (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria stenonephra (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria streptisema (Hampson, 1914) [species]

Elaphria stygiata (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria subobliqua (Walker, 1858) [species]

Elaphria subrubens (Guenée, 1852) [species]

Elaphria targa (Schaus, 1898) [species]

Elaphria tenebrosa (Dognin, 190) [species]

Elaphria teniufascia Hampson 1918 [species]

Elaphria tenuifascia (Hampson, 1918) [species]

Elaphria thionaris (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria thoracica (Schaus, 1898) [species]

Elaphria trifissa (Hampson, 1909) [species]

Elaphria trolia Dyar 1914 [species]

Elaphria venustula (Hubner, 1790) [species]

Elaphria versicolor (Grote, 1875) [species]

Elaphria villicosta (Walker, 1858) [species]

Elaphria virescens (Schaus, 1904) [species]

Elaphria vittifera (Hampson, 1909) [species]


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