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Luehdorfia puziloi (Erschoff, 1872)

Имаго  (Luehdorfia puziloi)


class Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Papilionidae subfamily Parnassiinae tribe Luehdorfiini genus Luehdorfia → species Luehdorfia puziloi

Species name(s)

Luehdorfia puziloi (Erschoff, 1872) = Thais puziloi = Lühdorfia puziloi bryki Eisner, 1962 = Luehdorfia puziloi yessoensis Rothschild, 1918 = Luehdorfia puziloi inexpecta Sheljuzhko, 1913.


Zoogeographical regions


Russia regions

#39. Yuzhno-Kurilsky; #40. Primorsky.

Forewing length

22—27 mm.


50—60 mm.

Flight time

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Larva lifespan

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Over-wintering stage


Самец и самка  (Luehdorfia puziloi)

Detailed information with references

Synonyms and combinations

  • Thais puziloi. [0]. Dmitriy Pozhogin.

Habitus and Differences from alike species

  • Length of front wing 22-27 mm. The wingspan of about 50-60mm. Wings of light yellow with transverse rows of black bars of different shapes. The edges of the front fenders straight.Hind wings with a number of red smear along podkraevoy black band at the outer edge of the jagged blue four spots in black rims, in the anal angle two red spots near the small blue. Ends with a short, no more than 5mm, tails. [95]. Irina Nikulina.


  • Regions of the Russian Federation: Seaside, South Kuril. [3]. Peter Khramov.
  • In the southern part of Primorye population of the species is stable and plentiful. It lives in coniferous-deciduous, at least - in the oak-leaved forests of the mountains and small hills, to 400-600 m above sea level, some males are found at high altitude. Butterflies prefer small valley streams in their origins.Outside the Russian Federation: the North and Northeast China, Korea and Japan. [101]. Irina Nikulina.


  • April May [95]. Irina Nikulina.

Additional info about Imago

  • Moths fly very low over the ground, held under the forest canopy, forest glades and small lawns. The first to appear males, females fly for 2-5 days later (depending on the weather conditions of the season). In general, the entire period of emergence of males and females can stretch for 15-20 days and ends in early May. [101]. Irina Nikulina.

Larva lifespan

  • 38-48 days [101]. Irina Nikulina.

Larva food plants

  • Asarum sieboldii Miq. - Asarum Siebold - aristolochiaceae plant family (Aristolochiaceae). [95]. Irina Nikulina.

Additional info about Larva

  • Hatched caterpillars feed and rest on the back of the sheet groups. Sometimes they start to eat, caving in the plate sheet in place of masonry. After eating the leaves of a plant completely, as a group of caterpillar moving on.On one sheet of ungulates can see different age groups where large tracks always occupy a central position and are attached with a small margin. Caterpillars molt four times. As the caterpillars of their desire for the group is weakened, and the fourth, the fifth age, they wander; feed and pupate already alone.Disturbed caterpillars are invariably small group, and large fold and fall into the litter. Covered with hard bristles larva is protected from small predatory insects.Caterpillars, ready for pupation, climb deeper into the leaf litter, and bonding Soie last year's leaves make the likeness cameras cocoon where then line the ground to pupate with support thread, so as to, hanging, pupa does not touch the walls of the cradle. Personal communication. Irina Nikulina.


  • Pupae lyudorfii - dark-brown color, with tightly closed abdominal segment. Personal communication. Irina Nikulina.


  • The eggs are round with a diameter of approximately 1 mm. Fresh eggs are green, with marked pearlescent.
    Oviposition in the second half of April. The female lays at a time from 1 to 4-5 dozen eggs, placing them in serried ranks, often at undisclosed upright growing leaves. Often observed on one sheet 2, and sometimes 3 masonry from different females.Eggs develop 6-7 days. [101]. Irina Nikulina.

Overwintering stage

  • Pupa. It hibernates in forest litter. [95]. Irina Nikulina.

Subspecies Luehdorfia puziloi


Initial species uploading to the site: Peter Khramov.

Photos: Vladimir Mescheryakov, Andrey Proplyetkin.

Text data: Peter Khramov, Dmitriy Pozhogin, Irina Nikulina.

Main characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov, Sergei Kotov.



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26.01.2014 17:45, Sergei Kotov Corrected data.

Forewing length: No formalized data → 22—27 mm. Wingspan: No formalized data → 50—60 mm. Caterpillar lifespan: No formalized data → May, June. Over-wintering stage: No formalized data → Pupa.

19.01.2014 23:28, Peter Khramov Corrected data.

Flight time: No formalized data → April, May.

18.02.2013 0:41, Peter Khramov

Irina, about Siebold - look for the link "Add information about a" top right: -)

18.02.2013 0:26, Irina Nikulina

Fodder plant Asarum sieboldii (Asarum Siebold) family Aristolochiaceae

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