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Genus Blepisanis

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Lamiinae tribe Phytoeciini → genus Blepisanis

Daughter taxa

Blepisanis andreaei Breuning, 1960 [species]

Blepisanis angusta Aurivillius, 1914 [species]

Blepisanis anteatra Breuning, 1966 [species]

Blepisanis anterufa Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis apicefuscipennis Breuning, 1967 [species]

Blepisanis argenteosuturalis Breuning, 1955 [species]

Blepisanis atricollis Breuning, 1954 [species]

Blepisanis atrofrontalis Breuning, 1961 [species]

Blepisanis aurivillii Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis basirufipennis Breuning, 1954 [species]

Blepisanis beuni Breuning, 1976 [species]

Blepisanis bohemani Pascoe, 1858 [species]

Blepisanis capensis Péringuey, 1888 [species]

Blepisanis cincticollis Aurivillius, 1925 [species]

Blepisanis collaris Pascoe, 1871 [species]

Blepisanis damarensis Breuning, 1958 [species]

Blepisanis densepuncticeps Breuning, 1958 [species]

Blepisanis disconotaticollis Breuning, 1950 [species]

Blepisanis erythaca Pascoe, 1858 [species]

Blepisanis exilis Pascoe, 1871 [species]

Blepisanis fervida Pascoe, 1871 [species]

Blepisanis flavovittata Breuning, 1950 [species]

Blepisanis forticornis Breuning, 1946 [species]

Blepisanis fossulata Breuning, 1961 [species]

Blepisanis freyi Breuning, 1953 [species]

Blepisanis glabra Aurivillius, 1914 [species]

Blepisanis grossepunctata Breuning, 1961 [species]

Blepisanis holonigra Breuning, 1955 [species]

Blepisanis hovorkai Teocchi & Sudre, 2009 [species]

Blepisanis incallosa Breuning, 1950 [species]

Blepisanis incensa Pascoe, 1871 [species]

Blepisanis incensoides Breuning, 1978 [species]

Blepisanis indica Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis infranigra Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis infrapunctata Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis insignis Aurivillius, 1914 [species]

Blepisanis larvata Pascoe, 1871 [species]

Blepisanis lateralis Aurivillius, 1907 [species]

Blepisanis latesuturalis Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis leleupi Breuning, 1961 [species]

Blepisanis lineata Aurivillius, 1913 [species]

Blepisanis longicollis Breuning, 1961 [species]

Blepisanis maculicollis Péringuey, 1888 [species]

Blepisanis magnanii Sama, Rapuzzi & Rejzek, 2007 [species]

Blepisanis melanocephala Fabricius, 1787 [species]

Blepisanis metallescens Aurivillius, 1923 [species]

Blepisanis neavei Aurivillius, 1914 [species]

B. n. guineana

Blepisanis nigra Breuning, 1954 [species]

Blepisanis nigroapicaloides Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis nigrofemorata Breuning, 1946 [species]

Blepisanis nigrovittata Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis nivea Kraatz, 1882 [species]

Blepisanis ochraceipennis Kraatz, 1882 [species]

Blepisanis orientis Aurivillius, 1908 [species]

Blepisanis ornata Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis pallidipennis Plavilstshikov, 1926 [species]

Blepisanis parteruficollis Breuning, 1954 [species]

Blepisanis porosa Pascoe, 1871 [species]

Blepisanis povolnyi Heyrovský, 1971 [species]

Blepisanis pseudocallosa Breuning, 1962 [species]

Blepisanis pseudofervida Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis pseudolatesuturalis Breuning, 1961 [species]

Blepisanis pseudoneavei Breuning, 1954 [species]

Blepisanis pseudorientis Breuning, 1962 [species]

Blepisanis pseudoruficeps Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis punctulipennis Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis remaudierei Villiers, 1967 [species]

Blepisanis repetekensis Semenov, 1935 [species]

Blepisanis rufa Breuning, 1950 [species]

Blepisanis ruficollis Aurivillius, 1914 [species]

Blepisanis rufulescens Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis samai Özdikmen & Turgut, 2008 [species]

Blepisanis seminigripennis Breuning, 1956 [species]

Blepisanis sericea Aurivillius, 1913 [species]

Blepisanis subcallosa Breuning, 1950 [species]

Blepisanis subcoerulata Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis subdorsata Breuning, 1961 [species]

Blepisanis sublateralis Breuning, 1950 [species]

Blepisanis subrufulescens Breuning, 1981 [species]

Blepisanis suturaloides Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis suturevittata Breuning, 1951 [species]

Blepisanis tatyanae Skrylnik, 2010 [species]

Blepisanis tekensis Semenov, 1897 [species]

Blepisanis tessmanni Breuning, 1961 [species]

Blepisanis transversicollis Breuning, 1950 [species]

Blepisanis uniformis Breuning, 1950 [species]

Blepisanis vittata Péringuey, 1888 [species]

Blepisanis vittipennis Reiche, 1877 [species]

B. v. inhumeralis, B. v. pravei


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17.10.2015 14:12, Vasiliy Feoktistov Parent taxon has been changed.

Lamiinae → Phytoeciini.

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