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Subfamily Oecophorinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Oecophoridae → subfamily Oecophorinae


Daughter taxa

Tribes: 4 (2 illustrated). Genera: 45 (19 illustrated). Subgenera: 8 (4 illustrated). Species.

Cryptolechia Zeller, 1852 [genus]

Cryptolechia achlyphanes, Cryptolechia aeraria, Cryptolechia aganopis, Cryptolechia aliena, Cryptolechia alphitias, Cryptolechia amaurophanes, Cryptolechia ammopleura, Cryptolechia amphigramma, Cryptolechia anomarcha, Cryptolechia anthracias, Cryptolechia anticentra, Cryptolechia anticrossa, Cryptolechia apocrypta, Cryptolechia argillea, Cryptolechia argometra, Cryptolechia argyropasta, Cryptolechia asemanta, Cryptolechia bibundella, Cryptolechia brachymita, Cryptolechia callisarca, Cryptolechia callixyla, Cryptolechia centroleuca, Cryptolechia ceramora, Cryptolechia chlorozyga, Cryptolechia chrysocoma, Cryptolechia citrodeta, Cryptolechia coelocrossa, Cryptolechia compsotypa, Cryptolechia conata, Cryptolechia coriaria, Cryptolechia coriata, Cryptolechia cosmopoda, Cryptolechia diplosticha, Cryptolechia dochaea, Cryptolechia dubitatella, Cryptolechia empalacta, Cryptolechia eoa, Cryptolechia epidesma, Cryptolechia epinephela, Cryptolechia epistemon, Cryptolechia eucharistis, Cryptolechia facunda, Cryptolechia fatua, Cryptolechia fenerata, Cryptolechia glischrodes, Cryptolechia gypsochra, Cryptolechia hadromacha, Cryptolechia haemorrhanta, Cryptolechia hecate, Cryptolechia hemiarthra, Cryptolechia holopyrrha, Cryptolechia hoplostola, Cryptolechia humerana, Cryptolechia hydara, Cryptolechia hypoxantha, Cryptolechia ichnitis, Cryptolechia increta, Cryptolechia indalma, Cryptolechia inquinata, Cryptolechia iridias, Cryptolechia irobela, Cryptolechia isomichla, Cryptolechia isotyra, Cryptolechia laica, Cryptolechia languidula, Cryptolechia leptopa, Cryptolechia leptosticta, Cryptolechia lewinella, Cryptolechia lindsayae, Cryptolechia liochroa, Cryptolechia lutea, Cryptolechia madagascariensis, Cryptolechia malacobyrsa, Cryptolechia malaisei, Cryptolechia mataea, Cryptolechia melicoma, Cryptolechia mellispersa, Cryptolechia metacentra, Cryptolechia micracma, Cryptolechia microglyptis, Cryptolechia mitis, Cryptolechia modularis, Cryptolechia municipalis, Cryptolechia murcidella, Cryptolechia ochracella, Cryptolechia ochroxyla, Cryptolechia orthotoma, Cryptolechia orthrarcha, Cryptolechia pachnias, Cryptolechia pachystoma, Cryptolechia pateropa, Cryptolechia pelophaea, Cryptolechia pentathlopa, Cryptolechia percnocoma, Cryptolechia perversa, Cryptolechia phaeocausta, Cryptolechia phoebas, Cryptolechia picrocentra, Cryptolechia praevecta, Cryptolechia propriella, Cryptolechia prothyropa, Cryptolechia purpurascens, Cryptolechia pytinaea, Cryptolechia quadripunctella, Cryptolechia radiosella, Cryptolechia remotella, Cryptolechia rhaphidias, Cryptolechia rhodobapta, Cryptolechia rhodomita, Cryptolechia rigidellum, Cryptolechia roseocostella, Cryptolechia roseoflavida, Cryptolechia sarcinodes, Cryptolechia scariphista, Cryptolechia schistopa, Cryptolechia sciodeta, Cryptolechia scolia, Cryptolechia semibrunnea, Cryptolechia sperans, Cryptolechia stadaea, Cryptolechia stramineella, Cryptolechia straminella, Cryptolechia striata, Cryptolechia taphrocopa, Cryptolechia taurina, Cryptolechia temperata, Cryptolechia tetraspila, Cryptolechia tetrasticta, Cryptolechia thesmophila, Cryptolechia torophanes, Cryptolechia tortricella, Cryptolechia toulgoetianum, Cryptolechia tranquilla, Cryptolechia transfossa, Cryptolechia transfuga, Cryptolechia tripunctella, Cryptolechia tyrochyta, Cryptolechia veniflua, Cryptolechia vespertina, Cryptolechia viridisignata, Cryptolechia xanthosarca, Cryptolechia zeloxantha

Pseudoecophora Staudinger, 1899 [genus]

Pseudoecophora vitellinella

Oecophorinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Oecophorinae sp. (large size).

Oecophorinae sp.


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