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Genus Cupido

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Polyommatinae tribe Polyommatini → genus Cupido (Schrank, 1801)


Daughter taxa

Cupido (Schrank, 1801) [subgenus]

Cupido lorquinii, Cupido minimus, Cupido osiris

Cupido absulus Herrich-Schäffer [species]

Cupido aegonides Bremer 1864 [species]

Cupido aelianus Fabricius 1793 [species]

Cupido aenus Tepper 1882 [species]

Cupido alaina (Staudinger, 1887) [species]

Cupido albicosta Gaede 1918 [species]

Cupido amyntula (Boisduval, 1852) [species]

C. a. albrighti, C. a. herrii, C. a. nesiotes, C. a. valeriae

Cupido antiochena Lederer 1861 [species]

Cupido archias Cramer 1779 [species]

Cupido ariana Moore 1865 [species]

Cupido arruana Felder & Felder 1865 [species]

Cupido aruensis Swinhoe 1916 [species]

Cupido astiocha Prittwitz 1865 [species]

Cupido athena Felder & Felder 1865 [species]

Cupido atys Hübner 1798/803 [species]

Cupido biton Bremen 1861 [species]

Cupido bohemani Wallengren 1860 [species]

Cupido boopis Fruhstorfer 1897 [species]

Cupido bornemanni Pagenstecher 1894 [species]

Cupido buddhista (Alphéraky, 1881) [species]

C. b. garmica, C. b. shandura

Cupido carswelli Stempffer, 1927 [species]

Cupido celinde Boisduval 1832 [species]

Cupido cepheis Druce 1891 [species]

Cupido chandala Moore 1865 [species]

Cupido chromia Druce 1891 [species]

Cupido cilla Behr 1867 [species]

Cupido cissus Godart 1823 [species]

C. c. albiradiatus, C. c. immaculatus

Cupido clyton Cramer 1779 [species]

Cupido coelestis Miskin 1891 [species]

Cupido communis Herrich-Schäffer 1869 [species]

Cupido comyntas (Godart, [1824]) [species]

C. c. sissona, C. c. texana

Cupido crawshayinus Aurivillius 1925 [species]

Cupido damaeus Godart 1823 [species]

Cupido damoetes Fabricius 1775 [species]

Cupido dampierensis Rothschild 1915 [species]

Cupido decolor (Staudinger, 1886) [species]

Cupido diodorus Bremen 1861 [species]

Cupido diogenes Blanchard 1853 [species]

Cupido diomedes Rottemburg 1776 [species]

Cupido dion Godart 1823 [species]

Cupido draesekei Schawerda 1926 [species]

Cupido drucei Bethune-Baker 1906 [species]

Cupido dryina Chapman 1909 [species]

Cupido elorea Fabricius 1793 [species]

Cupido emelina De L'Orza 1869 [species]

Cupido endymion Schiffermüller 1776 [species]

C. e. stevenii

Cupido erschoffi Felder 1869 [species]

Cupido eudocia Druce & Baker 1893 [species]

Cupido eumedes Meisner 1818 [species]

Cupido fasciola Tepper 1882 [species]

Cupido gabinus Godart 1823 [species]

Cupido galba Lederer 1855 [species]

Cupido gambius Boisduval 1847 [species]

Cupido gamra Lederer 1855 [species]

Cupido gisela (Püngeler, 1901) [species]

Cupido hellotia Ménétriès, 1857 [species]

Cupido hypoleuca Kollar 1850 [species]

Cupido ida Gr.-Gr. [species]

Cupido ignita Leach 1814 [species]

Cupido ishigakiana Matsumura 1929 [species]

Cupido japonica Murray 1874 [species]

Cupido kalawarus Ribbe 1926 [species]

Cupido kandura Moore 1865 [species]

Cupido kindermanni Lederer 1852 [species]

C. k. iphigenides, C. k. juldusa, C. k. melania

Cupido kinkurka Felder 1862 [species]

Cupido korion Druce & Baker 1893 [species]

Cupido lacturnus (Godart, [1824]) [species]

C. l. assamica, C. l. australis, C. l. kawaii, C. l. ottobonis, C. l. rileyi

Cupido latrunculata Grünberg 1911 [species]

Cupido lefebvrii Godart 1823 [species]

Cupido lucina Trimen [species]

Cupido lunulatus Gmelin 1788/91 [species]

Cupido lybas Godart 1823 [species]

Cupido martinii Allard 1868 [species]

Cupido mauluena Felder 1862 [species]

Cupido menalcas Freyer 1837 [species]

Cupido minereus Fabricius 1787 [species]

Cupido minuta Esper [species]

Cupido misenes Cramer 1779 [species]

Cupido monica Reakirt 1866 [species]

Cupido mora Swinhoe 1884 [species]

Cupido myrrha Herrich-Schäffer 1851 [species]

Cupido nazira Moore 1865 [species]

Cupido nestos Boisduval 1869 [species]

Cupido nigrescens Dubois 1867 [species]

Cupido nisa Wallengren 1866 [species]

Cupido nubifer Trimen, 1895 [species]

C. n. distinctesignatus

Cupido numerius Stoll 1790 [species]

Cupido nycula Moore 1865 [species]

Cupido ochsenheimeri Godart 1823 [species]

Cupido oculatus Gmelin 1788/91 [species]

Cupido orcus Edwards 1869 [species]

Cupido oriens Butler 1883 [species]

Cupido oxleyi Felder & Felder 1865 [species]

Cupido pandia Kollar 1848 [species]

Cupido pardalis Behr 1867 [species]

Cupido patala Kollar 1848 [species]

Cupido pembina Edwards 1862 [species]

Cupido peri Zhdanko, 2000 [species]

Cupido perpheres Druce & Baker 1893 [species]

Cupido phiala Grum-Grshimailo [species]

Cupido philiasus Linnaeus 1767 [species]

Cupido philostratus Felder & Felder 1865 [species]

Cupido pindus Felder & Felder 1865 [species]

Cupido plato Fabricius 1793 [species]

Cupido podarce Felder & Felder 1865 [species]

Cupido polonus Zeller 1845 [species]

Cupido poseidon Lederer 1852 [species]

C. p. poseidonides

Cupido prosecusa (Erschoff, 1874) [species]

C. p. duplex, C. p. korlana

Cupido pseudeuchylas Strand 1911 [species]

Cupido publia Hulstaert 1924 [species]

Cupido pygmaea Snellen 1870 [species]

Cupido regina Kirby 1889 [species]

Cupido salamandri MacLeay 1866 [species]

Cupido sangra Moore 1865 [species]

Cupido serapis Miskin 1891 [species]

Cupido sericina Felder & Felder 1865 [species]

Cupido similis Moore 1878 [species]

Cupido smaragdus Druce & Baker 1893 [species]

Cupido sperchius Felder & Felder 1860 [species]

Cupido staudingeri (Christoph, 1873) [species]

Cupido strongyle Felder 1860 [species]

C. s. aenigma, C. s. caudata

Cupido syrius Miskin 1890 [species]

Cupido taiwana Sonan 1938 [species]

Cupido talliola? Mz. [species]

Cupido taygetus Felder & Felder 1865 [species]

Cupido tejua Reakirt 1866 [species]

Cupido tintinga Boisduval 1833 [species]

Cupido triton Fabricius 1787 [species]

Cupido tsiphana Boisduval 1833 [species]

Cupido tusovi Lukhtanov, 1994 [species]

Cupido vanessoides Prittwitz 1865 [species]

Cupido wosnesenskii Ménétriès, 1855 [species]

Cupido zena Moore 1865 [species]

Cupido photos with superspecies identification

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Cupido sp. Cupido sp.


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