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Genus Macrobathra

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Cosmopterigidae subfamily Antequerinae → genus Macrobathra Meyrick, 1883


Daughter taxa

Macrobathra allocrana Turner 1916 [species]

Macrobathra alternatella Walker 1864 [species]

Macrobathra anacampta Meyrick 1914 [species]

Macrobathra anemarcha Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra anemodes Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra aneurae Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra anisodora Meyrick 1924 [species]

Macrobathra antimeloda Meyrick 1924 [species]

Macrobathra aphristis Meyrick 1888 [species]

Macrobathra argonota Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra arneutis Meyrick 1914 [species]

Macrobathra arrectella Walker 1864 [species]

Macrobathra asemanta Lower 1904 [species]

Macrobathra astrota Meyrick 1914 [species]

Macrobathra auratella Viette 1958 [species]

Macrobathra baliomitra Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra bigerella Walker 1864 [species]

Macrobathra brontodes Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra callipetala Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra callispila Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra centrophena Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra ceraunobola Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra chlorosoma Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra chryseostola Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra chrysospila Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra chrysotoxa Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra cineralella Viette 1957 [species]

Macrobathra constrictella Walker 1864 [species]

Macrobathra crococephala Meyrick 1936 [species]

Macrobathra crococosma Meyrick 1922 [species]

Macrobathra dasyplaca Lower 1904 [species]

Macrobathra decataea Meyrick 1914 [species]

Macrobathra definitiva Lucas 1901 [species]

Macrobathra deltozona Meyrick 1932 [species]

Macrobathra desmotoma Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra diplochrysa Lower 1894 [species]

Macrobathra dispila Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra distincta Walsingham 1891 [species]

Macrobathra drosera Lower 1901 [species]

Macrobathra embroneta Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra epimela Lower 1894 [species]

Macrobathra equestris Meyrick 1910 [species]

Macrobathra euryleuca Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra euryxantha Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra euspila Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra exaeta Turner 1916 [species]

Macrobathra fasciata Walsingham 1891 [species]

Macrobathra galenaea Meyrick 1902 [species]

Macrobathra gastroleuca Lower 1905 [species]

Macrobathra genitrix Meyrick 1927 [species]

Macrobathra gentilis Meyrick 1918 [species]

Macrobathra gonoloma Lower 1894 [species]

Macrobathra hamata Meyrick 1931 [species]

Macrobathra hamaxitodes Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra harmostis Meyrick 1888 [species]

Macrobathra hedrastis Meyrick 1915 [species]

Macrobathra heminephela Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra hemitropa Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra heterozona Meyrick 1888 [species]

Macrobathra hexadyas Meyrick 1906 [species]

Macrobathra homocosma Meyrick 1902 [species]

Macrobathra honoratella Walker 1864 [species]

Macrobathra hyalistis Meyrick 1888 [species]

Macrobathra isoscelana Lower 1893 [species]

Macrobathra lamprotypa Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra leucopeda Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra leucozancla Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra lunacrescens Lucas 1901 [species]

Macrobathra lychnophora Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra melanargyra Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra melanomitra Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra melanota Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra mesopora Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra metallica Lower 1899 [species]

Macrobathra micropis Lower 1894 [species]

Macrobathra microspora Lower 1900 [species]

Macrobathra monoclina Meyrick 1915 [species]

Macrobathra monostadia Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra monoxantha Meyrick 1922 [species]

Macrobathra myriophthalma Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra myrocoma Meyrick 1914 [species]

Macrobathra nephelomorpha Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra neurocoma Meyrick 1930 [species]

Macrobathra nimbifera Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra niphadobola Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra nomaea Meyrick, 1914 [species]

Macrobathra notomitra Meyrick 1924 [species]

Macrobathra notozyga Meyrick 1914 [species]

Macrobathra obliquata Lower 1901 [species]

Macrobathra ochanota Meyrick 1915 [species]

Macrobathra opposita Meyrick 1920 [species]

Macrobathra paracentra Lower 1893 [species]

Macrobathra parthenistis Meyrick 1888 [species]

Macrobathra peraeota Meyrick 1921 [species]

Macrobathra petalitis Meyrick 1915 [species]

Macrobathra phernaea Lower 1899 [species]

Macrobathra philopsamma Lower 1900 [species]

Macrobathra phryganina Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra platychroa Lower 1897 [species]

Macrobathra platyzona Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra polypasta Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra pompholyctis Meyrick 1888 [species]

Macrobathra porphyrea Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra proxena Meyrick 1914 [species]

Macrobathra psatyrodes Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra puncticulata Turner 1896 [species]

Macrobathra pyrodoxa Meyrick 1926 [species]

Macrobathra quercea Moriuti 1973 [species]

Macrobathra recrepans Meyrick 1926 [species]

Macrobathra rhodospila Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra rubicundella Walker 1864 [species]

Macrobathra sarcoleuca Meyrick 1915 [species]

Macrobathra stenosema Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra synacta Meyrick 1920 [species]

Macrobathra synastra Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra syncoma Lower 1899 [species]

Macrobathra tetraleuca Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra trimorpha Meyrick 1888 [species]

Macrobathra trithyra Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra unguinosa Turner 1932 [species]

Macrobathra vexillariata Lucas 1901 [species]

Macrobathra vividella Felder 1875 [species]

Macrobathra xanthoplaca Meyrick 1902 [species]

Macrobathra xuthocoma Meyrick 1886 [species]

Macrobathra zonodesma Lower 1900 [species]


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