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Genus Udea

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae subfamily Spilomelinae → genus Udea (Guenee, 1845)


Daughter taxa

Udea abstrusa Munroe, 1966 [species]

U. a. cordilleralis, U. a. pullmanensis, U. a. subarctica

Udea accolalis (Zeller, 1867) [species]

Udea adversa Philpott 1917 [species]

Udea aenigmatica Heinrich 1931 [species]

Udea affinialis (Zerny, 1914) [species]

Udea afghanalis Amsel 1970 [species]

Udea alaskalis (Gibson, 1920) [species]

Udea alpinalis (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

Udea angustalis Dognin 1905 [species]

Udea annectans Munroe 1974 [species]

Udea ardekanalis Amsel 1961 [species]

Udea argoscelis Meyrick 1888 [species]

Udea aurora Butler 1881 [species]

Udea austriacalis (Herrich-Schaffer, 1851) [species]

Udea azorensis (Meyer, Nuss & Speidel 1997) [species]

Udea berberalis (Barnes & McDunnough, 1918) [species]

Udea beringialis Munroe, 1966 [species]

Udea bipunctalis (Herrich-Schaffer, 1851) [species]

Udea bourgognealis (Leraut, 1996) [species]

Udea brevipalpis Munroe, 1966 [species]

Udea brontias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea bryochloris Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea cacuminicola Munroe, 1966 [species]

Udea caliginosalis (Ragonot, 1894) [species]

Udea calliastra Meyrick 1899 [species]

U. c. hyacinthias

Udea caminopis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea capsifera Meyrick 1933 [species]

Udea carniolica (Huemer & Tarmann, 1989) [species]

U. c. albarracina, U. c. amanda, U. c. amistosa, U. c. apennina, U. c. berolinensis, U. c. carniolica, U. c. cruenta, U. c. descimonti, U. c. diniensis, U. c. flaveola, U. c. graeca, U. c. hedysari, U. c. leonhardi, U. c. magdalenae, U. c. modesta, U. c. moraulti, U. c. rhaeticola, U. c. roccii, U. c. siciliana, U. c. virginea, U. c. wiedemannii

Udea cataphaea Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea chalcophanes Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea chloropis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea chytropa Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea confinalis (Lederer, 1858) [species]

Udea conisalias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea conquisitalis (Guenee, 1848) [species]

Udea constricta Butler 1882 [species]

Udea conubialis Yamanaka 1972 [species]

Udea coranialis Munroe 1967 [species]

Udea costalis (Eversmann, 1852) [species]

Udea cretacea (Filipjev, 1925) [species]

Udea cyanalis (La Harpe, 1855) [species]

Udea daiclesalis Walker 1859 [species]

Udea decoripennis Munroe 1967 [species]

Udea decrepitalis (Herrich-Schaffer, 1848) [species]

Udea derasa Munroe, 1966 [species]

Udea despecta Butler 1877 [species]

Udea dracontias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea dryadopa Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea elutalis (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

Udea endopyra Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea ennychioides Butler 1881 [species]

Udea ephippias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea epicoena Meyrick 1937 [species]

Udea eucrena Meyrick 1888 [species]

Udea exigualis (Wileman, 1911) [species]

Udea ferrugalis (Hubner, 1796) [species]

Udea fimbriatralis (Duponchel, 1834) [species]

Udea flavidalis Doubleday 1843 [species]

Udea fulvalis (Hubner, 1809) [species]

U. f. orientalis

Udea hageni Viette 1952 [species]

Udea hamalis (Thunberg, 1788) [species]

Udea helioxantha Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea heterodoxa Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea hilaralis Christoph [species]

Udea hyalistis (Lower, 1902) [species]

Udea indistinctalis Warren, 1892 [species]

U. i. johnstoni

Udea inquinatalis (Lienig & Zeller, 1846) [species]

Udea institalis (Hubner, 1819) [species]

Udea itysalis Walker, 1859 [species]

U. i. albimontanalis, U. i. clarkensis, U. i. durango, U. i. kodiakensis, U. i. marinensis, U. i. mertensialis, U. i. rindgeorum, U. i. tillialis, U. i. wasatchensis

Udea kusnezovi Sinev, 2008 [species]

Udea lampadias Meyrick 1904 [species]

Udea languidalis (Eversmann, 1842) [species]

Udea latipennalis (Caradja, 1928) [species]

Udea lenta Meyrick 1936 [species]

Udea liopis Meyrick 1899 [species]

U. l. rhodias

Udea litorea Butler 1883 [species]

Udea livida Munroe, 1966 [species]

Udea lugubralis Leech, 1889 [species]

Udea lutealis (Hubner, 1809) [species]

Udea maderensis (Bethune-Baker, 1894) [species]

Udea marmarina Meyrick 1884 [species]

Udea maurinalis W. Curtis, 1934 [species]

Udea melanopis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea metasema Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea micacea Butler 1881 [species]

Udea monticolens Butler 1882 [species]

Udea murinalis (Fischer v. Roslerstamm, 1842) [species]

Udea nebulalis (Hubner, 1796) [species]

Udea nigrescens Butler 1881 [species]

Udea nordeggensis (McDunnough, 1930) [species]

Udea nordmanni (Rebel, 1935) [species]

Udea notata Butler [species]

Udea numeralis (Hubner, 1796) [species]

Udea ochreocapitalis (Ragonot, 1894) [species]

Udea octosignalis (Hulst, 1886) [species]

Udea olivalis (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

Udea ommatias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea orbicentralis (Christoph, 1881) [species]

Udea pachygramma Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea paghmanalis Amsel 1970 [species]

Udea pantheropa Meyrick 1902 [species]

Udea phaethontia Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea phyllostegia Swezey 1946 [species]

Udea platyleuca Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea praefulvalis Amsel 1970 [species]

Udea profundalis (Packard, 1873) [species]

Udea prunalis (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

Udea psychropa Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea punoalis Munroe 1967 [species]

Udea pyranthes Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea quadralis (Doubleday, 1843) [species]

Udea radiosalis (Möschler, 1883) [species]

Udea ragonoti Butler 1883 [species]

Udea rhabdalis Hampson, 1900 [species]

Udea rhododendronalis (Duponchel, 1834) [species]

Udea rubigalis (Guenee, 1854) [species]

Udea ructicalis Barnes & McDunnough 1914 [species]

Udea rusticalis (Barnes & McDunnough, 1914) [species]

Udea saxifragae (McDunnough, 1935) [species]

Udea scorialis (Zeller, 1847) [species]

Udea sheppardi (McDunnough, 1930) [species]

Udea soratalis Munroe 1967 [species]

Udea stationalis Yamanaka, 1988 [species]

Udea stellata Butler 1883 [species]

Udea stigmatalis (Wileman, 1911) [species]

Udea sviridovi (Bolshakov, 2002) [species]

Udea swezeyi Zimmerman 1951 [species]

Udea tenoalis Munroe 1974 [species]

Udea testacealis Zeller 1847 [species]

Udea tetragramma Clarke 1965 [species]

Udea thermantis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Udea thermantoidis Swezey 1913 [species]

Udea torvalis Moschler, 1864 [species]

Udea tritalis (Christoph, 1881) [species]

Udea turmalis (Grote, 1881) [species]

U. t. catronalis, U. t. griseor, U. t. tularensis

Udea uliginosalis (Stephens, 1834) [species]

Udea vacunalis (Grote, 1881) [species]

Udea violae Swezey 1933 [species]

Udea washingtonalis Grote, 1881 [species]

U. w. hollandi, U. w. nomensis, U. w. pribilofensis

Udea zernyi (Klima, 1939) [species]

Udea photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Udea sp. (large size).

Udea sp. Udea sp.


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