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Subfamily Eriopinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae → subfamily Eriopinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (2 illustrated). Species.

Callopistria (Hubner, 1821) [genus]

Callopistria aethiops, Callopistria aetiohiops, Callopistria aetnea, Callopistria albipunctalis, Callopistria albistella, Callopistria albistriga, Callopistria albistrigoides, Callopistria albivitta, Callopistria albolineola, Callopistria albomacula, Callopistria alfredi, Callopistria altigutta, Callopistria aluensis, Callopistria antithetica, Callopistria apicalis, Callopistria apicescripta, Callopistria argyrosema, Callopistria argyrosemastis, Callopistria argyrosticta, Callopistria batanga, Callopistria benguellae, Callopistria bergeri, Callopistria bernei, Callopistria cariei, Callopistria carmioli, Callopistria centrimacula, Callopistria chera, Callopistria chloriza, Callopistria chlorocroa, Callopistria clava, Callopistria coelisigna, Callopistria complicata, Callopistria concinna, Callopistria cordata, Callopistria cornucopiae, Callopistria cristata, Callopistria cyanopera, Callopistria cyclopis, Callopistria dapsilis, Callopistria dascia, Callopistria deflexusa, Callopistria delicata, Callopistria dimorpha, Callopistria duplicans, Callopistria elaeastis, Callopistria emiliusalis, Callopistria equatorialis, Callopistria exotica, Callopistria falcata, Callopistria ferruginea, Callopistria fimbripes, Callopistria flabellum, Callopistria flavitincta, Callopistria floridensis, Callopistria fusimacula, Callopistria ganga, Callopistria gilvithorax, Callopistria granitosa, Callopistria grassei, Callopistria guttulalis, Callopistria imparata, Callopistria indica, Callopistria jamaicensis, Callopistria japonibia, Callopistria javentina, Callopistria juventina, Callopistria latreillei, Callopistria leucobasis, Callopistria leucotoma, Callopistria ludovici, Callopistria maillardi, Callopistria malagasy, Callopistria matilei, Callopistria mexicana, Callopistria microptera, Callopistria minor, Callopistria minuata, Callopistria minuta, Callopistria miracula, Callopistria miranda, Callopistria mollissima, Callopistria montana, Callopistria nana, Callopistria natalensis, Callopistria nephrosticta, Callopistria nephrostictoides, Callopistria nervurata, Callopistria nigeriensis, Callopistria nigrescens, Callopistria nigrosticta, Callopistria niveigutta, Callopistria nivetacta, Callopistria orses, Callopistria ouria, Callopistria pauliani, Callopistria phaeogona, Callopistria pheogona, Callopistria placodoides, Callopistria plinthobaps, Callopistria pryeri, Callopistria pulchrilinea, Callopistria pyrocauta, Callopistria quadralba, Callopistria quadrinotata, Callopistria randimbyi, Callopistria rectilinea, Callopistria renivitta, Callopistria repleta, Callopistria rivularis, Callopistria rufulus, Callopistria scriptiplena, Callopistria semicircularis, Callopistria sogai, Callopistria strigilineata, Callopistria subroseata, Callopistria tarsipilosa, Callopistria thermochroa, Callopistria trilineata, Callopistria trinitensis, Callopistria tytha, Callopistria unica, Callopistria venata, Callopistria ventralis, Callopistria violascens, Callopistria wallacei, Callopistria xanthopera, Callopistria xerysta, Callopistria yerburii


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