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Genus Stemmatophora

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Pyralidae subfamily Pyralinae tribe Pyralini → genus Stemmatophora (Guenee, 1854)


Daughter taxa

Stemmatophora aglossalis Caradja 1937 [species]

Stemmatophora albiceps Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora albifimbrialis Hampson 1906 [species]

Stemmatophora angusta Ghesquière 1942 [species]

Stemmatophora austautalis (Oberthür, 1881) [species]

Stemmatophora becqueti Ghesquière 1942 [species]

Stemmatophora beryllata Ghesquière 1942 [species]

Stemmatophora bicincta Joannis 1927 [species]

Stemmatophora bicoloralis (Leech, 1889) [species]

Stemmatophora bilinealis South 1901 [species]

Stemmatophora borgialis (Duponchel, 1832) [species]

Stemmatophora brunnealis (Treitschke, 1829) [species]

S. b. ocellata

Stemmatophora byzacaenicalis (Ragonot, 1887) [species]

Stemmatophora capnosalis Caradja 1925 [species]

Stemmatophora carnealis Hampson 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora centralis Shibuya 1928 [species]

Stemmatophora chloe Meyrick 1936 [species]

Stemmatophora chloralis Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora claquini Ghesquière 1942 [species]

Stemmatophora combustalis (Fischer v. Roslerstamm, 1842) [species]

Stemmatophora costinotalis Hampson 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora cupricolor Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora depressalis Walker 1862 [species]

Stemmatophora erebalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora excurvalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora flammans Bethune-Baker 1909 [species]

Stemmatophora flavicaput Shibuya 1928 [species]

Stemmatophora fuliginalis Hampson 1906 [species]

Stemmatophora fuliginosalis Zerny 1927 [species]

Stemmatophora fuscibasalis Snellen 1880 [species]

Stemmatophora fusilinealis Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora gadesalis (Ragonot, 1882) [species]

Stemmatophora gigantalis Caradja 1937 [species]

Stemmatophora glaucalis Hampson 1906 [species]

Stemmatophora gredalis (Zerny, 1935) [species]

Stemmatophora herculialis Hampson 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora honestalis (Treitschke, 1829) [species]

S. h. marrakechensis

Stemmatophora joiceyi Caradja 1927 [species]

Stemmatophora kaszabi Whalley, 1966 [species]

Stemmatophora laticincta Hampson 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora minimalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora minoralis Hampson 1903 [species]

Stemmatophora monostoechalis Warren 1891 [species]

Stemmatophora mushana Shibuya 1928 [species]

Stemmatophora oleoalbalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora olivalis Hampson 1906 [species]

Stemmatophora olivotincta Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora oranalis Zerny 1914 [species]

Stemmatophora pallidella Hampson 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora parallelalis Caradja 1937 [species]

Stemmatophora patagialis Karsch 1900 [species]

Stemmatophora peltastis Meyrick 1933 [species]

Stemmatophora perrubralis Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora postaurantia Hampson 1917 [species]

Stemmatophora pseudaglossa Hampson 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora punctimarginalis Hampson 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora rectisectalis Warren 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora rubicundalis Hampson 1906 [species]

Stemmatophora rubricostalis Hampson 1906 [species]

Stemmatophora rungsi (Leraut, 2000) [species]

Stemmatophora sanguifusa Hampson 1896 [species]

Stemmatophora schwingenschussi Zerny 1939 [species]

Stemmatophora scotalis Hampson 1906 [species]

Stemmatophora syriacalis (Ragonot, 1895) [species]

S. s. oranalis

Stemmatophora tyriocrossa Meyrick 1934 [species]

Stemmatophora ugandalis Le Cerf 1922 [species]

Stemmatophora valida Butler 1879 [species]

S. v. subvalida

Stemmatophora vulpecalis (Ragonot, 1891) [species]

Stemmatophora xanthozonalis Hampson 1906 [species]

Stemmatophora yuennanensis Caradja 1937 [species]


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