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Subfamily Oncocnemidinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae → subfamily Oncocnemidinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 26 (10 illustrated). Subgenera: 9 (1 illustrated). Species.

Amephana (Hampson, 1906) [genus]

Amephana, Trigonephra

Behounekia (Hacker, 1990) [genus]

Behounekia freyeri

Caltiergis Htibner, [1821] [genus]

Caltiergis ramosula

Epimecia (Guenee, 1839) [genus]

Epimecia nelvai, Epimecia ustula

Harpagophana (Hampson, 1906) [genus]

Harpagophana hilaris

Lamprosticta (Hubner, 1820) [genus]

Lamprosticta culta

Oncocnemis (Lederer, 1853) [genus]

Oncocnemis albifasciata, Oncocnemis aqualis, Oncocnemis arenbergeri, Oncocnemis arenbergi, Oncocnemis arizonensis, Oncocnemis asema, Oncocnemis astrigata, Oncocnemis atricollaris, Oncocnemis augustus, Oncocnemis bakeri, Oncocnemis balteata, Oncocnemis barnesii, Oncocnemis basifugens, Oncocnemis benjamini, Oncocnemis campicola, Oncocnemis chandleri, Oncocnemis chorda, Oncocnemis cibalis, Oncocnemis ciliata, Oncocnemis colorado, Oncocnemis columbia, Oncocnemis confusa, Oncocnemis conjugata, Oncocnemis corusca, Oncocnemis cottami, Oncocnemis curvicollis, Oncocnemis dayi, Oncocnemis deceptiva, Oncocnemis definita, Oncocnemis deserta, Oncocnemis dunbari, Oncocnemis erythropsis, Oncocnemis euta, Oncocnemis exacta, Oncocnemis extranea, Oncocnemis fasciata, Oncocnemis figurata, Oncocnemis flagrantis, Oncocnemis fuscopicta, Oncocnemis glennyi, Oncocnemis griseicollis, Oncocnemis hayesi, Oncocnemis heterogena, Oncocnemis homogena, Oncocnemis ibapahensis, Oncocnemis idioglypha, Oncocnemis intruda, Oncocnemis iricolor, Oncocnemis kaszabi, Oncocnemis kelloggii, Oncocnemis lacticollis, Oncocnemis laticosta, Oncocnemis lepipoloides, Oncocnemis levis, Oncocnemis linda, Oncocnemis mackiei, Oncocnemis major, Oncocnemis meadiana, Oncocnemis media, Oncocnemis melalutea, Oncocnemis melantho, Oncocnemis michaelorum, Oncocnemis minor, Oncocnemis mirificalis, Oncocnemis mixtazona, Oncocnemis modesta, Oncocnemis mongolica, Oncocnemis nigricula, Oncocnemis nigrocaput, Oncocnemis nita, Oncocnemis obscurata, Oncocnemis occata, Oncocnemis orbicularis, Oncocnemis parvanigra, Oncocnemis penthina, Oncocnemis pernotata, Oncocnemis phairi, Oncocnemis piffardi, Oncocnemis poliafascies, Oncocnemis polingii, Oncocnemis potanini, Oncocnemis primula, Oncocnemis pudorata, Oncocnemis punctilinea, Oncocnemis ragani, Oncocnemis regina, Oncocnemis rhodophaea, Oncocnemis riparia, Oncocnemis rosea, Oncocnemis rufescens, Oncocnemis sagittata, Oncocnemis sandaraca, Oncocnemis sanina, Oncocnemis saundersiana, Oncocnemis sectilis, Oncocnemis sectiloides, Oncocnemis semicollaris, Oncocnemis senica, Oncocnemis simplex, Oncocnemis simplicia, Oncocnemis singularis, Oncocnemis strioligera, Oncocnemis tenuifascia, Oncocnemis terminalis, Oncocnemis tetrops, Oncocnemis thomasi, Oncocnemis toddi, Oncocnemis tricircula, Oncocnemis umbrifascia, Oncocnemis utahensis, Oncocnemis viriditincta, Oncocnemis wilsonensis, Oncocnemis x-scripta, Oncocnemis youngi

Praestilbia (Staudinger, 1892) [genus]

Praestilbia armeniaca

Stenoecia (Warren, 1911) [genus]


Sympistis (Hubner, 1823) [genus]

Sympistis acheron, Sympistis albicilia, Sympistis albifasciata, Sympistis amenthes, Sympistis amun, Sympistis anubis, Sympistis anweileri, Sympistis apep, Sympistis apis, Sympistis apposita, Sympistis aqualis, Sympistis arizonensis, Sympistis astrigata, Sympistis aterrima, Sympistis atricollaris, Sympistis augustus, Sympistis babi, Sympistis badistriga, Sympistis bakeri, Sympistis baloghi, Sympistis balteata, Sympistis barnesii, Sympistis basifugens, Sympistis behrensi, Sympistis benjamini, Sympistis bes, Sympistis besla, Sympistis buchis, Sympistis buto, Sympistis californiae, Sympistis chalybdis, Sympistis chandleri, Sympistis cherti, Sympistis chionanthi, Sympistis chons, Sympistis chorda, Sympistis cibalis, Sympistis ciliata, Sympistis cleopatra, Sympistis cocklei, Sympistis cocytus, Sympistis collaris, Sympistis columbia, Sympistis coprocolor, Sympistis corusca, Sympistis cottami, Sympistis curvicollis, Sympistis daishi, Sympistis dayi, Sympistis deceptiva, Sympistis definita, Sympistis dentata, Sympistis deserta, Sympistis dinalda, Sympistis dischorda, Sympistis disfigurata, Sympistis doris, Sympistis dunbari, Sympistis duplex, Sympistis euta, Sympistis extranea, Sympistis extremis, Sympistis fasciata, Sympistis fifia, Sympistis figurata, Sympistis fortis, Sympistis franclemonti, Sympistis funebris, Sympistis glennyi, Sympistis goedeni, Sympistis greyi, Sympistis griseicollis, Sympistis grumi, Sympistis hapi, Sympistis hathor, Sympistis hayesi, Sympistis helena, Sympistis heliophila, Sympistis heterogena, Sympistis homogena, Sympistis horus, Sympistis ibapahensis, Sympistis incomitata, Sympistis inconstans, Sympistis incubus, Sympistis induta, Sympistis infixa, Sympistis insanina, Sympistis intruda, Sympistis iota, Sympistis iricolor, Sympistis isis, Sympistis jenniferae, Sympistis jocelynae, Sympistis kappa, Sympistis kelloggii, Sympistis kelsoensis, Sympistis khem, Sympistis khepri, Sympistis knudsoni, Sympistis lachrymosa, Sympistis lacticollis, Sympistis lapponica, Sympistis laticosta, Sympistis lepipoloides, Sympistis levis, Sympistis linda, Sympistis mackiei, Sympistis major, Sympistis meadiana, Sympistis melalutea, Sympistis melantho, Sympistis min, Sympistis minor, Sympistis mirificalis, Sympistis modesta, Sympistis mut, Sympistis nenun, Sympistis nigrita, Sympistis nigrocaput, Sympistis nita, Sympistis obscurata, Sympistis occata, Sympistis opleri, Sympistis orbicularis, Sympistis osiris, Sympistis pachet, Sympistis pallida, Sympistis pallidior, Sympistis parvacana, Sympistis parvanigra, Sympistis pernotata, Sympistis perscripta, Sympistis pessota, Sympistis picina, Sympistis piffardi, Sympistis poliafascies, Sympistis polingii, Sympistis poliochroa, Sympistis ptah, Sympistis pudorata, Sympistis punctilinea, Sympistis ra, Sympistis ragani, Sympistis rayata, Sympistis regina, Sympistis richersi, Sympistis riparia, Sympistis rosea, Sympistis rustica, Sympistis sagittata, Sympistis sakhmet, Sympistis sandaraca, Sympistis sanina, Sympistis satanella, Sympistis saundersiana, Sympistis saxatilis, Sympistis sectilis, Sympistis sectiloides, Sympistis semicollaris, Sympistis septu, Sympistis sesmu, Sympistis seth, Sympistis shait, Sympistis shirleyae, Sympistis simplex, Sympistis singularis, Sympistis sobek, Sympistis sokar, Sympistis sorapis, Sympistis stabilis, Sympistis subsimplex, Sympistis tartarea, Sympistis tenuifascia, Sympistis terminalis, Sympistis tetrops, Sympistis toddi, Sympistis umbrifascia, Sympistis utahensis, Sympistis viriditincta, Sympistis wilsonensis, Sympistis wilsoni, Sympistis youngi

Oncocnemidinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Oncocnemidinae sp. (large size).

Oncocnemidinae sp. Oncocnemidinae sp.


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