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Genus Enarmonia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae subfamily Olethreutinae tribe Enarmoniini → genus Enarmonia (Hubner, 1826)


Daughter taxa

Enarmonia acrocausta Turner 1925 [species]

Enarmonia aechmobola Meyrick 1935 [species]

Enarmonia aeologramma Meyrick 1916 [species]

Enarmonia aeolornis Meyrick 1930 [species]

Enarmonia aetheria Turner 1946 [species]

Enarmonia albicana Motschulsky 1866 [species]

Enarmonia alternans Diakonoff 1953 [species]

Enarmonia amphilecta Meyrick 1925 [species]

Enarmonia amphitorna Turner 1916 [species]

Enarmonia anamnestis Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia ancoloba Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia angleseana Kearfott 1907 [species]

Enarmonia anthracotis Meyrick 1913 [species]

Enarmonia anticipans Meyrick 1927 [species]

Enarmonia antitheta Meyrick 1911 [species]

Enarmonia aphrospila Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia araucariae Pastrana 1950 [species]

Enarmonia areata Meyrick 1918 [species]

Enarmonia argyrocyrta Turner 1938 [species]

Enarmonia argyroela Turner 1946 [species]

Enarmonia atrana Mabille 1900 [species]

Enarmonia atrochalybaeana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia atrorufana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia aulacodes Lower 1902 [species]

Enarmonia bagdadiana Amsel 1949 [species]

Enarmonia borbana Felder 1875 [species]

Enarmonia boulderana McDunnough 1942 [species]

Enarmonia caeruleana Walsingham 1879 [species]

Enarmonia calliglypta Meyrick 1932 [species]

Enarmonia callizona Meyrick 1911 [species]

Enarmonia campestris Meyrick 1914 [species]

Enarmonia carana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia cassiana Da Costa Lima 1952 [species]

Enarmonia catabanana Rebel 1931 [species]

Enarmonia chalybdica Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia chlamydata Meyrick 1924 [species]

Enarmonia chlorostola Meyrick 1932 [species]

Enarmonia choleropa Meyrick 1913 [species]

Enarmonia chromataspis Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia chrysocosma Meyrick 1920 [species]

Enarmonia cinnabaritis Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia colorana Kearfott 1907 [species]

Enarmonia coluteana Amsel 1959 [species]

Enarmonia compensata Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia comptana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia conclusana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia confertana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia conficitana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia conversana Walsingham 1879 [species]

Enarmonia crassicornis Walsingham 1907 [species]

Enarmonia cupressana Kearfott 1907 [species]

Enarmonia cyanocephala Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia cyanograpta Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia cyanosticha Turner 1946 [species]

Enarmonia cynicopis Meyrick 1938 [species]

Enarmonia daedolota Meyrick 1916 [species]

Enarmonia decor Kawabe, 1978 [species]

Enarmonia decretana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia dehaisiana Lucas [species]

Enarmonia delomilta Turner 1946 [species]

Enarmonia deloxantha Turner 1946 [species]

Enarmonia dentatana Walker 1864 [species]

Enarmonia detrita Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia dimidiata Walsingham 1891 [species]

Enarmonia diremptana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia disperma Meyrick 1931 [species]

Enarmonia dissias Meyrick 1907 [species]

Enarmonia dohrniana Zeller 1863 [species]

Enarmonia duodecemstriata Walsingham 1884 [species]

Enarmonia dyserasta Turner 1916 [species]

Enarmonia eclipsana Zeller 1875 [species]

Enarmonia edwardsiana Kearfott 1907 [species]

Enarmonia egregiana Felder 1875 [species]

Enarmonia elevata Meyrick 1916 [species]

Enarmonia ethelinda Meyrick 1934 [species]

Enarmonia euclera Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia eucyanea Walsingham 1914 [species]

Enarmonia eudesma Walsingham 1914 [species]

Enarmonia euryteles Meyrick 1936 [species]

Enarmonia euthenopa Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia examplaris Meyrick 1911 [species]

Enarmonia excoriata Meyrick 1918 [species]

Enarmonia exocentra Meyrick 1939 [species]

Enarmonia exsurgens Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia ferraria Turner 1916 [species]

Enarmonia flammeata Kuznetsov 1971 [species]

Enarmonia floricolana Meyrick 1881 [species]

Enarmonia formosana (Scopoli, 1763) [species]

Листовертка подкоровая

Enarmonia furiosa Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia guttifera Meyrick 1913 [species]

Enarmonia gypsothicta Meyrick 1938 [species]

Enarmonia haemograpta Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia halmyris Meyrick 1909 [species]

Enarmonia hemicosma Lower 1908 [species]

Enarmonia hemisphaerana Walsingham 1897 [species]

Enarmonia heptacopa Meyrick 1916 [species]

Enarmonia heringiana Jackh. 1951 [species]

Enarmonia hilaris Turner 1916 [species]

Enarmonia hornigiana Lederer 1855 [species]

Enarmonia ichthyura Meyrick 1926 [species]

Enarmonia imitativa Heinrich 1926 [species]

Enarmonia improbana Snellen 1872 [species]

Enarmonia incultana Walker 1866 [species]

Enarmonia infausta Walsingham 1900 [species]

Enarmonia inflata Meyrick 1916 [species]

Enarmonia influxana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia interstinctana Clemens 1860 [species]

Enarmonia iridescens Meyrick 1881 [species]

Enarmonia jaculatrix Meyrick 1910 [species]

Enarmonia jamaicana Walsingham 1897 [species]

Enarmonia kurokoi Amsel 1960 [species]

Enarmonia laricicolana Kuznetsov 1960 [species]

Enarmonia lathraeopa Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia latiferana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia leptogramma Meyrick 1913 [species]

Enarmonia leucatma Meyrick 1925 [species]

Enarmonia leucostoma Meyrick 1912 [species]

Enarmonia libertina Heinrich 1926 [species]

Enarmonia lornacula Lower 1899 [species]

Enarmonia lotana Chrétien 1915 [species]

Enarmonia lucobasis Busck 1917 [species]

Enarmonia luminosa Heinrich 1926 [species]

Enarmonia lunatana Walsingham 1879 [species]

Enarmonia magnetica Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia major Walsingham 1900 [species]

Enarmonia malesana Meyrick 1920 [species]

Enarmonia mamertina Meyrick 1920 [species]

Enarmonia martia Meyrick 1911 [species]

Enarmonia menoides Walsingham 1914 [species]

Enarmonia metallcozma Lower 1902 [species]

Enarmonia minuscula Kuznetzov, 1981 [species]

Enarmonia mixographa Meyrick 1939 [species]

Enarmonia modica Meyrick 1913 [species]

Enarmonia monstratana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia motrix Berg 1891 [species]

Enarmonia multistrigana Chrétien [species]

Enarmonia nicomacha Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia ninana Riley 1891 [species]

Enarmonia novarana Felder 1874 [species]

Enarmonia nucleana Felder 1874 [species]

Enarmonia obliqua Walsingham 1907 [species]

Enarmonia obnixa Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia obtecta Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia obtusana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia ocnogramma Meyrick 1910 [species]

Enarmonia orbitana Berg 1875 [species]

Enarmonia orthopyrga Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia oxytropidis Martin 1912 [species]

Enarmonia packardi Zeller 1875 [species]

Enarmonia paludiphila Toll 1957 [species]

Enarmonia parichnota Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia parvisignana Meyrick 1881 [species]

Enarmonia pentasticta Meyrick 1916 [species]

Enarmonia perfricta Meyrick 1920 [species]

Enarmonia periculosa Meyrick 1913 [species]

Enarmonia perlaeta Walsingham 1914 [species]

Enarmonia perrupta Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia pessota Meyrick 1911 [species]

Enarmonia pinguisana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia piperana Kearfott 1907 [species]

Enarmonia platydryas Meyrick 1932 [species]

Enarmonia plectana Felder 1875 [species]

Enarmonia plectocosma Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia plenana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia plerota Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia polymetalla Turner 1916 [species]

Enarmonia primigena Meyrick 1912 [species]

Enarmonia prunivora Walsh 1868 [species]

Enarmonia prunivorana Ragonot 1880 [species]

Enarmonia psamminitis Meyrick 1913 [species]

Enarmonia pulchella Walsingham 1914 [species]

Enarmonia pycnochra Meyrick 1920 [species]

Enarmonia pycnota Meyrick 1914 [species]

Enarmonia pyraspis Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia pyrozona Meyrick 1916 [species]

Enarmonia quadrangulana Rebel 1917 [species]

Enarmonia quinquestrigana Walker 1866 [species]

Enarmonia reflectrix Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia remyana Kollar 1832 [species]

Enarmonia renselariana Cramer 1781 [species]

Enarmonia responsana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia rhodaspis Meyrick 1928 [species]

Enarmonia rubiginosana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia selectana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia serratula Diakonoff 1948 [species]

Enarmonia signifer Walsingham 1914 [species]

Enarmonia sinapichroa Turner 1926 [species]

Enarmonia spumans Meyrick 1930 [species]

Enarmonia staphiditis Meyrick 1930 [species]

Enarmonia stelocosma Meyrick 1925 [species]

Enarmonia stelosema Meyrick 1931 [species]

Enarmonia stictobathra Meyrick 1916 [species]

Enarmonia stirpicola Meyrick 1926 [species]

Enarmonia strigulana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia subtilana Felder 1875 [species]

Enarmonia taocosma Meyrick 1914 [species]

Enarmonia tephraea Meyrick 1911 [species]

Enarmonia terminana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia tetramita Turner 1925 [species]

Enarmonia tetrasticta Meyrick 1909 [species]

Enarmonia tetrazancla Turner 1925 [species]

Enarmonia thoenarcha Meyrick 1911 [species]

Enarmonia tonosticha Meyrick 1922 [species]

Enarmonia tonsana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia tornosticha Turner 1946 [species]

Enarmonia transcatulana Zeller 1877 [species]

Enarmonia transductana Walker 1863 [species]

Enarmonia trigonoptila Meyrick 1921 [species]

Enarmonia tristrigana Clemens 1865 [species]

Enarmonia victrix Meyrick 1918 [species]

Enarmonia violescens Meyrick 1918 [species]

Enarmonia vitrana Walsingham 1879 [species]

Enarmonia walsinghamii Butler 1882 [species]

Enarmonia xylocrossa Meyrick 1939 [species]

Enarmonia zapyrana Meyrick 1881 [species]


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