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Apocheima cinerarius (Erschoff, 1874)

Самец  Apocheima cinerarius


class Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Ennominae tribe Bistonini genus Apocheima → species Apocheima cinerarius

Species name(s)

Apocheima cinerarius (Erschoff, 1874) = Biston cinerarius Erschoff, 1874 = isfacana Wehrli, 1940 = Apocheima cinerarium (Erschoff, 1874).


Russia regions

#11. Volgo-Donsky; #40. Primorsky.

Самец  Apocheima cinerarius

Detailed information with references


  • Regions of the Russian Federation: the Volga-Don, Seaside. [3]. Peter Khramov.

Subspecies Apocheima cinerarius


Photos: Alexander Belousov.

Text data: Peter Khramov.

Main characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov.



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15.11.2019 13:46, Alexandr Zhakov The taxons were merged.

Apocheima cinerarius and Apocheima cinerarium were merged.

05.04.2015 12:59, Irina Nikulina

It is clear now that Sasha, I think you mean, where it appeared on the website 11 reg :) As for the moths, I read about it in the article Belyaev EA "Fauna chorology moths (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) of the Far East Russia "(2011) This is supplemented. Volume Keys to insects of the DDA. There are about Europe any words- "arealogical unique ... for the Far East is Apocheima cinerarius Ersch., Which is common in Central Asia, West and North China and penetrates to the Far East only in the extreme south-west Primorckogo edge. Perhaps this newly discovered we have a serious pest of garden and parkland is an example of the modern invasion in line with the current trend of global warming (Beljaev, Ponomarenko, 2005) "

05.04.2015 11:52, Alexandr Zhakov

:))) Blue, nothing to do with the authors section of moths (VG Mironov, EA Belyaev SV Vasilenko), they worked on the literature data and collection, that's interesting, direct data on this region. What would the Europeans improve if there is this kind of fact finding in European Russia.

05.04.2015 11:04, Irina Nikulina

Sasha from Sinev and grow) in the book in the spread of these two regions - 11 and 40

05.04.2015 8:50, Alexandr Zhakov

It is now only Peter can do. Strange specify the Volga-Don region, to Europe this kind where there is none. Where feet grow? :)

04.04.2015 23:02, Irina Nikulina

This double, need to be combined. (In Sinev - cinerari us )

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