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Genus Ambates

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Curculionoidea family Curculionidae → genus Ambates

Daughter taxa

Ambates albiventris Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates albovittatus Casey, T.L., 1922 [species]

Ambates ambitiosus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates apicalis Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates apricans Boheman, C.H. in Schönherr, C.J., 1843 [species]

Ambates arcuatus Hustache 1939 [species]

Ambates belti Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates benoisti Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates bicircinatus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates biguttatus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates bimaculatus Kirsch, T., 1874 [species]

Ambates bipartitus Faust, J., 1892 [species]

Ambates bisignatus Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates boliviensis Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates buqueti Faust, J., 1892 [species]

Ambates caecus Chevrolat, 1833 [species]

Ambates caesus Schoenherr, 1843 [species]

Ambates callinodus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates chaetopus Champion, G.C., 1909 [species]

Ambates championi Casey, T.L., 1922 [species]

Ambates cholidiformis Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1879 [species]

Ambates circumcinctus Casey, T.L., 1922 [species]

Ambates circumdatus Gyllenhal, 1835 [species]

Ambates circumductus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates claveri Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates cleroides Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates clitellatus Boheman, 1843 [species]

Ambates coecus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates cretifer Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates cristulifer Günther, K., 1936 [species]

Ambates decemnotatus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates delicatulus Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates divisus Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates duplicatus Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates elegans Pascoe, F.P., 1880 [species]

Ambates elongatus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates ephippium Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates eumerus Erichson, 1847 [species]

Ambates exclamationis Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates fasciolatus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates foveifrons Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates griseolus Erichson, W., 1847 [species]

Ambates hilipoides Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates immaculatus Hustache , 1939 [species]

Ambates immundus Erichson, 1847 [species]

Ambates isthmicola Champion, G.C., 1909 [species]

Ambates justini Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates lateralis Champion, G.C., 1909 [species]

Ambates latevittatus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates leucopleura Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates litura Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates maerkeli Germar, E.F. in Schönherr, C.J., 1843 [species]

Ambates maerkelii Germar, 1843 [species]

Ambates melanops Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates modestus Kirsch, T., 1874 [species]

Ambates nigronotatus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates nobilis Faust, J., 1892 [species]

Ambates obliquatus Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates obliquevittatus Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates obliquus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates ocellatus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates ornativentris Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates palliatus Kirsch, T., 1874 [species]

Ambates perspicillum Kirsch, T., 1868 [species]

Ambates pictipennis Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates pictus Schoenherr, 1833 [species]

Ambates polymorphus Hustache, A., 1938 [species]

Ambates posticus Kirsch, T., 1868 [species]

Ambates pusillus Kirsch, T., 1874 [species]

Ambates pusio Boheman, C.H. in Schönherr, C.J., 1843 [species]

Ambates putzeysi Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates quadrilineatus Schoenherr, 1843 [species]

Ambates quadrinotatus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates rhombifer Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates rufipes Kirsch, T., 1874 [species]

Ambates rufitarsis Kirsch, T., 1874 [species]

Ambates rufulus Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates rugosus Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates salamandra Kirsch, T., 1868 [species]

Ambates schaumi Boheman, 1843 [species]

Ambates scutellatus Hustache , 1939 [species]

Ambates scutiger Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates sexpunctatus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates simulans Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates sinuatus Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates solani Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates sulphureus Hustache , 1950 [species]

Ambates tergo-signatus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates tetrastigma Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates thoracicus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates triangularis Champion, G.C., 1907 [species]

Ambates vanus Hustache , 1939 [species]

Ambates vellatus Hustache , 1939 [species]

Ambates vestitus Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1877 [species]

Ambates vitticollis Chevrolat, L.A.A., 1879 [species]


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