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Genus Leucoptera

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Yponomeutoidea family Lyonetiidae subfamily Cemiostominae → genus Leucoptera (Hubner, 1825)


Daughter taxa

Leucoptera aceris (Fuchs, 1903) [species]

Leucoptera acropta Meyrick 1914 [species]

Leucoptera adenocarpella (Staudinger, 1871) [species]

Leucoptera albella Chambers 1871 [species]

Leucoptera aldabrana Legrand 1965 [species]

Leucoptera andalusica (Mey, 1994) [species]

Leucoptera aprutiella Parenti 1958 [species]

Leucoptera arethusa Meyrick 1915 [species]

Leucoptera argodes Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera argyroptera Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera asbolopasta Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera astragali (Mey & Corley, 1999) [species]

Leucoptera auronivea Walker 1875 [species]

Leucoptera autograpta Meyrick 1918 [species]

Leucoptera brachyscia Meyrick 1934 [species]

Leucoptera caffeina Washburn 1940 [species]

Leucoptera calycotomella (Amsel, 1939) [species]

Leucoptera chalcocycla Meyrick 1882 [species]

Leucoptera chalcopleura Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera chrysoxantha Meyrick 1920 [species]

Leucoptera clerodendrella Vári 1955 [species]

Leucoptera coma Ghesquière 1940 [species]

Leucoptera coronillae (M. Hering, 1933) [species]

Leucoptera crobylistis Meyrick 1926 [species]

Leucoptera cytisiphagella (Klimesch, 1938) [species]

Leucoptera deltidias Meyrick 1906 [species]

Leucoptera diasticha Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera entemopa Walsingham 1914 [species]

Leucoptera erebastra Meyrick 1934 [species]

Leucoptera ermolaevi Seksjaeva, 1990 [species]

Leucoptera erythrinella Busck 1900 [species]

Leucoptera euryphaea Turner 1926 [species]

Leucoptera exantlia Meyrick 1915 [species]

Leucoptera genistae (M. Hering, 1933) [species]

Leucoptera guettardella Busck 1900 [species]

Leucoptera heinrichi Jones 1948 [species]

Leucoptera hemizona Meyrick 1906 [species]

Leucoptera heringiella (Toll, 1938) [species]

Leucoptera hexatoma Meyrick 1915 [species]

Leucoptera hyperophrys Meyrick 1939 [species]

Leucoptera iolithg Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera laburnella (Stainton, 1851) [species]

L. l. cytisella

Leucoptera lathyrifoliella (Stainton, 1866) [species]

Leucoptera lotella (Stainton, 1859) [species]

Leucoptera loxaula Meyrick 1928 [species]

Leucoptera loxoclista Meyrick 1934 [species]

Leucoptera lustratella (Herrich-Schaffer, 1855) [species]

Leucoptera malifoliella (O. Costa, 1836) [species]

Leucoptera melanolitha Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera meyricki Ghesquière 1940 [species]

Leucoptera monostigma Gerasimov 1930 [species]

Leucoptera nieukerkeni (Mey, 1994) [species]

Leucoptera obelacma Meyrick 1918 [species]

Leucoptera onobrychidella (Klimesch, 1937) [species]

Leucoptera orobi (Stainton, 1869) [species]

Leucoptera pachystimella Busck 1904 [species]

Leucoptera panduris Meyrick 1915 [species]

Leucoptera parinaricola Vári 1955 [species]

Leucoptera periphracta Meyrick 1915 [species]

Leucoptera phyllocytisi Hering 1935 [species]

Leucoptera picrocosma Meyrick 1915 [species]

Leucoptera plagiomitra Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera psophocarpella Bradley & Carter 1982 [species]

Leucoptera puerariella Kuroko 1964 [species]

Leucoptera pulchricola Vári 1955 [species]

Leucoptera robiniella Braun 1925 [species]

Leucoptera salicis Walsingham 1914 [species]

Leucoptera scammatias Meyrick 1909 [species]

Leucoptera scitella Zeller 1839 [species]

Leucoptera selenocycla Meyrick 1930 [species]

Leucoptera sinuella (Reutti, 1853) [species]

Leucoptera sortita Meyrick 1915 [species]

Leucoptera spartifoliella (Hubner, 1813) [species]

L. s. cytisanthi

Leucoptera sphenograpta Meyrick 1911 [species]

Leucoptera strophidota Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera substrigata Meyrick 1928 [species]

Leucoptera thessalica (Mey, 1994) [species]

Leucoptera toxeres Turner 1923 [species]

Leucoptera ussuriella Seksjaeva, 1988 [species]

Leucoptera wailesella Stainton 1858 [species]

Leucoptera zanclaeella (Zeller, 1848) [species]


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