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Pyrgus maculatus (Bremer & Grey, 1853)

Имаго  (Pyrgus maculatus)


class Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Hesperiidae subfamily Pyrginae tribe Pyrgini genus Pyrgus → species Pyrgus maculatus

Species name(s)

Pyrgus maculatus (Bremer & Grey, 1853) = maculatus (Bremer & Grey, 1853) = zona Mabille, 1875 = albistriga Mabille, 1876 = Pyrgus sinicus Butler, 1877 = Pyrgys maculata = Scelothrix albistriga Mabille, 1876 = Scelothrix amurensis Staudinger, 1892 = Pyrgus sinicus Butler 1877 = Hesperia tokachiana Matsumura, 1930 = Scelothrix zona Mabille, 1875.


Zoogeographical regions


Russia regions

#22. Krasnoyarsky; #25. Tuvinsky; #27. Pribaikalsky; #28. Zabaikalsky; #36. Sredne-Amursky; #37. Nizhne-Amursky; #40. Primorsky.

Flight time

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Over-wintering stage


Имаго  (Pyrgus maculatus)

Detailed information with references


  • Regions of the Russian Federation: the Trans-Baikal, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny-Amur, Pribaikalskiy, Seaside, Mid-Amur, Tuva. [3]. Peter Khramov.
  • Outside the Russian Federation: Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan
    It dwells on the meadows of river valleys, on the hills among the woodlands, dry zakustarennyh slopes. [2]. Irina Nikulina.


  • 2 generation. Flight of the first - in Primorye from late April to early June, in the mountains of South. Sibiri- from mid-May to early July, the second - July-August [2]. Irina Nikulina.

Additional info about Imago

  • Often found on the flowers of plants of the genus Taraxacum (Dandelion) [2]. Irina Nikulina.

Larva food plants

  • Plants of the family Rosaceae (Rosaceae) in Primorye - plants of the genus Spiraea (Spiro) - S. ussuriensis (Spiraea Ussuri), S. media (Spiraea average) in Japan- Potentilla freyniana (Potentilla Frayn) [79]. Irina Nikulina.
  • + B Amur and Japan - Rubus idaeus (raspberry) [2]. Irina Nikulina.

Additional info about Larva

  • The adult caterpillar light green, in single short white hairs. The second segment and the first pair of thoracic legs reddish brown, the other 4 thoracic legs light green with black claws. Spherical head, velvety black. The body dark green stripes along the back and one on each side. [2]. Irina Nikulina.


  • Pupa brown in sizom, bluish-white powdery coating.
    Pupation in the cradle of the faded, a web of intertwined leaves [2]. Irina Nikulina.


  • The female lays one egg from the bottom sheet KR [2]. Irina Nikulina.

Overwintering stage

  • Chrysalis [2]. Irina Nikulina.

Subspecies Pyrgus maculatus


Photos: Irina Nikulina, Vladimir Bobow.

Text data: Peter Khramov, Irina Nikulina.

Main characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov, Sergei Kotov.



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30.01.2014 0:52, Sergei Kotov Corrected data.

Zoogeographical regions: No formalized data → Palaearctic. Flight time: No formalized data → April, May, June, July, August. Over-wintering stage: No formalized data → Pupa.

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