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Ochlodes venatus (Bremer & Grey, 1853)

Самка  Ochlodes venatus


class Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Hesperiidae subfamily Hesperiinae tribe Hesperiini genus Ochlodes → species Ochlodes venatus

Species name(s)

Ochlodes venatus (Bremer & Grey, 1853) = venata (Bremer & Grey, 1853) = Ochlodes venata Bremer & Grey, 1853.


Zoogeographical regions


Russia regions

#36. Sredne-Amursky; #37. Nizhne-Amursky; #38. Sakhalin; #39. Yuzhno-Kurilsky*; #40. Primorsky.

* An asterisk denotes a region for which the species is listed as an migrant or information that requires additional checking.

Primary colors

Orange, Yellow, Brown/Gray/Black.

Имаго  Ochlodes venatus

Detailed information with references

Synonyms and combinations

  • Augiades selas Kurentzov, 1970 = Augiades sylvanus amurensis Mab. Personal communication. Alexandr Zhakov.


  • Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sicily, Slovakia, the Soviet Union - the European part of Turkey - European part, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Yugoslavia. [1]. Peter Khramov.
  • Regions of the Russian Federation: the Lower Amur, Primorye, Sakhalin, Mid-Amur, South Kuril (?). [3]. Peter Khramov.

Subspecies Ochlodes venatus


Photos: Dina Rogatnykh, Irina Nikulina.

Text data: Peter Khramov, Alexandr Zhakov.

Main characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov.

Color characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov.



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10.11.2013 0:42, Dmitry Borisyuk

Yes, O. venatus only in the Far East, Europe - sylvanus. By Reference not buggy, just before, as I understand it, and sylvanus venatus considered synonymous, respectively, in the books in Europe could venatus drives.

09.11.2013 14:30, Peter Khramov

Thank you, remove the extra page. Do I understand that the reference to O. Karsholt, J. Razowski (eds.), 1996. buggy and do not have any venatusov in Europe?

07.11.2013 23:36, Dmitry Borisyuk

@Ornithoptera titanoides Sumiyoshi, 1989, Phalaena pavonia Linnaeus, 1758, minor Linnaeus, 1758@ удалены из синонимов

08.02.2011 23:10, Peter Khramov

Note to the form Ochlodes venata (removed from the base of 09.11.2013 14:26): are transferred to Sylvanus, 3457 to be inaccurate.

08.02.2011 22:53, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Note to the form Ochlodes venata (removed from the base of 09.11.2013 14:26): on all but Photo # 3457 - there Thymelicus sp.

08.02.2011 22:42, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Note to the form Ochlodes venata (removed from the base of 09.11.2013 14:26): Absolutely !!! On all photo Ochlodes sylvanus (Esper, [1778]) have to endure

08.02.2011 22:36, Eugene Karolinskiy

Note to the form Ochlodes venata (removed from the base of 09.11.2013 14:26): Dear moderators, once again urge you not to be confused with O. venatus O. sylvanus. O. venatus lives in the Far East. Accordingly, it is necessary to transfer pictures to O. sylvanus.

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