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Tribe Margarodini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae subfamily Pyraustinae → tribe Margarodini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (2 illustrated). Species.

Amaurophanes Lederer, 1863 [genus]

Glyphodes Guenée, 1854 [genus]

Glyphodes actorionalis, Glyphodes agathalis, Glyphodes amicalis, Glyphodes amphipeda, Glyphodes aniferalis, Glyphodes anomala, Glyphodes apiospila, Glyphodes argyraspides, Glyphodes aurantivittalis, Glyphodes badialis, Glyphodes bakerialis, Glyphodes basifascialis, Glyphodes bicolor, Glyphodes bicoloralis, Glyphodes bilunalis, Glyphodes bipunctalis, Glyphodes bitriangulalis, Glyphodes bivitralis, Glyphodes bocchorialis, Glyphodes borbonensis, Glyphodes boseae, Glyphodes bradleyi, Glyphodes cadeti, Glyphodes caesalis, Glyphodes callipona, Glyphodes callizona, Glyphodes canthusalis, Glyphodes conclusalis, Glyphodes confiniodes, Glyphodes conjunctalis, Glyphodes cosmarcha, Glyphodes crithealis, Glyphodes cyanomichla, Glyphodes cymocraspeda, Glyphodes delicatalis, Glyphodes desmialis, Glyphodes difficilalis, Glyphodes diplocyma, Glyphodes doleschalii, Glyphodes duplicalis, Glyphodes duponti, Glyphodes dysallactalis, Glyphodes ectargyralis, Glyphodes ernalis, Glyphodes eudoxia, Glyphodes eurygania, Glyphodes expansialis, Glyphodes fenestrata, Glyphodes flavizonalis, Glyphodes floridalis, Glyphodes formosana, Glyphodes grandisalis, Glyphodes heliconialis, Glyphodes horaria, Glyphodes inclusalis, Glyphodes incomposita, Glyphodes kunupialis, Glyphodes lachesis, Glyphodes loloalis, Glyphodes lupinalis, Glyphodes malgassalis, Glyphodes margaritaria, Glyphodes meridialis, Glyphodes metastictalis, Glyphodes microta, Glyphodes mijamo, Glyphodes militaris, Glyphodes minimalis, Glyphodes multilinealis, Glyphodes nigribasalis, Glyphodes obscura, Glyphodes ochripictalis, Glyphodes onychinalis, Glyphodes orbiferalis, Glyphodes oriolalis, Glyphodes pandectalis, Glyphodes parallelalis, Glyphodes paramicalis, Glyphodes paucilinealis, Glyphodes pentaphragma, Glyphodes perfecta, Glyphodes perspicualis, Glyphodes phormingopa, Glyphodes phytonalis, Glyphodes polystrigalis, Glyphodes principalis, Glyphodes prothymalis, Glyphodes proximalis, Glyphodes pryeri, Glyphodes psammocyma, Glyphodes pseudocaesalis, Glyphodes pulverulentalis, Glyphodes pyloalis, Glyphodes quadrifascialis, Glyphodes quadrimaculalis, Glyphodes rhombalis, Glyphodes rioalis, Glyphodes royalis, Glyphodes rubrocinctalis, Glyphodes scheffleri, Glyphodes serenalis, Glyphodes shafferorum, Glyphodes sibillalis, Glyphodes speculifera, Glyphodes stolalis, Glyphodes streptostigma, Glyphodes strialis, Glyphodes subamicalis, Glyphodes subcrameralis, Glyphodes sycina, Glyphodes tienmushana, Glyphodes tolimalis, Glyphodes toulgoetalis, Glyphodes umbria, Glyphodes uranoptris, Glyphodes viettealis, Glyphodes xanthomelas, Glyphodes xanthonota, Glyphodes xanthostola, Glyphodes zenkeralis


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