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Tribe Arhopalini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Theclinae → tribe Arhopalini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (5 illustrated). Species.

Apporasa Moore, 1884 [genus]

Apporasa atkinsoni

Arhopala Boisduval, 1832 [genus]

Arhopala aberrans, Arhopala abseus, Arhopala ace, Arhopala acetes, Arhopala achelous, Arhopala acron, Arhopala acta, Arhopala adherbal, Arhopala admete, Arhopala aedias, Arhopala aeeta, Arhopala aenigma, Arhopala aexone, Arhopala agaba, Arhopala agelastus, Arhopala agesias, Arhopala agesilaus, Arhopala agrata, Arhopala aida, Arhopala alaconia, Arhopala alax, Arhopala alea, Arhopala alesia, Arhopala alexandrae, Arhopala alica, Arhopala alitaeus, Arhopala alkisthenes, Arhopala allata, Arhopala amantes, Arhopala ammon, Arhopala ammonides, Arhopala amphimuta, Arhopala anamuta, Arhopala anarte, Arhopala anella, Arhopala annulata, Arhopala antharita, Arhopala anthelus, Arhopala antimuta, Arhopala arata, Arhopala araxes, Arhopala argentea, Arhopala ariana, Arhopala arianaga, Arhopala ariel, Arhopala aroa, Arhopala aronya, Arhopala arsenius, Arhopala arta, Arhopala arvina, Arhopala asinarus, Arhopala asma, Arhopala asoka, Arhopala asopia, Arhopala ate, Arhopala athada, Arhopala atosia, Arhopala atra, Arhopala atrax, Arhopala aurea, Arhopala aurelia, Arhopala auxesia, Arhopala avatha, Arhopala avathina, Arhopala axina, Arhopala axiothea, Arhopala azinis, Arhopala baluensis, Arhopala barami, Arhopala bazaloides, Arhopala bazalus, Arhopala bella, Arhopala belphoebe, Arhopala birmana, Arhopala borneensis, Arhopala brooki, Arhopala brooksiana, Arhopala buddha, Arhopala caeca, Arhopala camdana, Arhopala camdeo, Arhopala canulia, Arhopala cardoni, Arhopala centaurus, Arhopala chamaeleona, Arhopala cleander, Arhopala comica, Arhopala cooperi, Arhopala corinda, Arhopala critala, Arhopala curiosa, Arhopala dajagaka, Arhopala davaona, Arhopala davisoni, Arhopala delta, Arhopala democritus, Arhopala denta, Arhopala detrita, Arhopala dispar, Arhopala disparilis, Arhopala dodonaea, Arhopala dohertyi, Arhopala doreena, Arhopala elizabethae, Arhopala elopura, Arhopala epimete, Arhopala epimuta, Arhopala eridanus, Arhopala etena, Arhopala eumolphus, Arhopala evansi, Arhopala florinda, Arhopala fulla, Arhopala ganesa, Arhopala grandimuta, Arhopala halma, Arhopala halmaheira, Arhopala havilandi, Arhopala helianthes, Arhopala hellada, Arhopala hellenore, Arhopala hellenoroides, Arhopala hercules, Arhopala hesba, Arhopala hinigugma, Arhopala horsfieldi, Arhopala hylander, Arhopala hypomuta, Arhopala ijanensis, Arhopala ijauensis, Arhopala ilocana, Arhopala incerta, Arhopala inornata, Arhopala irma, Arhopala irregularis, Arhopala japonica, Arhopala johoreana, Arhopala khamti, Arhopala kinabala, Arhopala kiriwinii, Arhopala kurzi, Arhopala labuana, Arhopala lata, Arhopala lurida, Arhopala luzonensis, Arhopala madytus, Arhopala major, Arhopala malayika, Arhopala matsutaroi, Arhopala meander, Arhopala metamuta, Arhopala micale, Arhopala milleri, Arhopala moolaiana, Arhopala moolaina, Arhopala moorei, Arhopala muta, Arhopala myrtha, Arhopala myrzala, Arhopala myrzalina, Arhopala nicevillei, Arhopala nobilis, Arhopala norda, Arhopala normani, Arhopala ocrida, Arhopala oenea, Arhopala opalina, Arhopala ormistoni, Arhopala overdijkinki, Arhopala pagaiensis, Arhopala pambihira, Arhopala paraganesa, Arhopala paralea, Arhopala paramuta, Arhopala penaga, Arhopala perimuta, Arhopala phaenops, Arhopala phanda, Arhopala philander, Arhopala pseudocentaurus, Arhopala pseudomuta, Arhopala pseudovihara, Arhopala qiongdaoensis, Arhopala quercoides, Arhopala ralanda, Arhopala rama, Arhopala rudepoema, Arhopala sakaguchii, Arhopala sangira, Arhopala sarawaca, Arhopala sceva, Arhopala selta, Arhopala semperi, Arhopala shelfordi, Arhopala siabra, Arhopala silhetensis, Arhopala similis, Arhopala simoni, Arhopala singla, Arhopala sintanga, Arhopala sophrosyne, Arhopala staudingeri, Arhopala stinga, Arhopala straatmani, Arhopala straatmanni, Arhopala stubbsi, Arhopala styx, Arhopala sublustris, Arhopala tameanga, Arhopala temerion, Arhopala tephlis, Arhopala thamyras, Arhopala theba, Arhopala tindongani, Arhopala trionaea, Arhopala trogon, Arhopala tropaea, Arhopala varro, Arhopala vihara, Arhopala wanda, Arhopala weelii, Arhopala wildei, Arhopala wildeyana, Arhopala woodii, Arhopala zambra, Arhopala zeta, Arhopala zylda

Mota de Nicéville, 1890 [genus]

Mota massyla

Semanga Distant, 1884 [genus]

Semanga helena, Semanga superba

Thaduka Moore, [1879] [genus]

Thaduka multicaudata

Arhopalini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Arhopalini sp. (large size).

Arhopalini sp. Arhopalini sp.


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