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Tribe Phaegopterini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Arctiinae → tribe Phaegopterini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 150 (29 illustrated). Species.

Amastus Walker, 1855 [genus]

Amastus aconia, Amastus adela, Amastus affinis, Amastus alba, Amastus albipuncta, Amastus aloniae, Amastus ambrosia, Amastus antonio, Amastus aphraates, Amastus argillacea, Amastus aurantiacus, Amastus berhameli, Amastus bertrandi, Amastus bipartitus, Amastus bipartius, Amastus bolivari, Amastus bolivianus, Amastus bombycina, Amastus brunnescens, Amastus camposi, Amastus childi, Amastus cinnamomea, Amastus coccinator, Amastus collaris, Amastus colombiana, Amastus conspicua, Amastus coprophora, Amastus deformis, Amastus deinella, Amastus descimoni, Amastus diaphenes, Amastus diluta, Amastus dognini, Amastus drucei, Amastus dubius, Amastus edaphus, Amastus episcotosia, Amastus erebella, Amastus erebelloides, Amastus ergana, Amastus erganoides, Amastus esamenae, Amastus fallax, Amastus ferreobrunnea, Amastus ferrera, Amastus flavicauda, Amastus flavidus, Amastus formosana, Amastus fusca, Amastus fuscoides, Amastus gaujoni, Amastus genoveva, Amastus gilvus, Amastus hampsoni, Amastus hannemanni, Amastus hyalina, Amastus incertus, Amastus jeritzae, Amastus lehmanni, Amastus leria, Amastus lichyi, Amastus lividus, Amastus maasseni, Amastus maculicincta, Amastus medara, Amastus medica, Amastus medicoides, Amastus melanoproctis, Amastus mesorhoda, Amastus mirificus, Amastus morenoi, Amastus morosus, Amastus muscosa, Amastus nadiae, Amastus nebulosus, Amastus nigrescens, Amastus ninae, Amastus obscurus, Amastus ochraceator, Amastus ockendeni, Amastus palmeri, Amastus paramensis, Amastus parergana, Amastus persimilis, Amastus phaeosoma, Amastus picata, Amastus polioscia, Amastus polystrigata, Amastus porioni, Amastus postflavidus, Amastus prosenii, Amastus pseuderebella, Amastus pseudocollaris, Amastus ramona, Amastus reinona, Amastus reticulatus, Amastus rosenbergi, Amastus rothschildi, Amastus rubridorsata, Amastus rufator, Amastus rufescens, Amastus rufocinnamomea, Amastus rumina, Amastus scriblita, Amastus semifulvus, Amastus simulans, Amastus simulator, Amastus steinbachi, Amastus subtenuimargo, Amastus subterminata, Amastus suffusa, Amastus supersimilis, Amastus tenuimargo, Amastus thalassina, Amastus thermidora, Amastus thierryi, Amastus tolimae, Amastus tolimensis, Amastus tristis, Amastus tumbilla, Amastus umber, Amastus vandregisili, Amastus venedictoffae, Amastus vesta, Amastus vicinus, Amastus vitreata, Amastus vitripennis, Amastus volcancita, Amastus watsoni, Amastus zischkai

Amphelarctia Watson, 1975 [genus]

Amphelarctia priscilla

Aphyarctia Watson, 1975 [genus]

Aphyarctia surinamensis

Apiconoma Butler, 1876 [genus]

Apiconoma opposita

Apocrisias Franclemont, 1966 [genus]

Apocrisias thaumasta

Apyre Walker, 1854 [genus]

Apyre separata

Arctagyrta Hampson, 1901 [genus]

Arctagyrta nana

Castrica Schaus, 1896 [genus]

Castrica phalaenoides

Epicrisias Dyar, 1912 [genus]

Epicrisias eschara

Eucyrta Felder, 1874 [genus]

Eucyrta albicollis

Fasslia Dognin, 1911 [genus]

Fasslia hampsoni

Gonotrephes Hampson, 1909 [genus]

Gonotrephes friga

Hypidota Schaus, 1904 [genus]

Hypidota neurias

Laguerreia Toulgoët, 2000 [genus]

Laguerreia inexpectata

Lalanneia Toulgoët , 1989 [genus]

Lalanneia mirabilis

Lepidojulia Orfila, 1952 [genus]

Lepidojulia arnaui

Lepidolutzia Rego Barros, 1956 [genus]

Lepidolutzia baucis

Lepypiranga Rego Barros, 1966 [genus]

Lepypiranga albiceps

Lerina Walker, 1854 [genus]

Lerina incarnata

Leucanopsis Rego Barros, 1956 [genus]

Leucanopsis acuta, Leucanopsis affinella, Leucanopsis ahysa, Leucanopsis alarica, Leucanopsis angulata, Leucanopsis apicepunctata, Leucanopsis athor, Leucanopsis atrata, Leucanopsis aurantiaca, Leucanopsis aurata, Leucanopsis austina, Leucanopsis azadina, Leucanopsis bactris, Leucanopsis batesi, Leucanopsis biedala, Leucanopsis bipartita, Leucanopsis boliviana, Leucanopsis calvona, Leucanopsis cedon, Leucanopsis chesteria, Leucanopsis cirphis, Leucanopsis cirphoides, Leucanopsis cloisa, Leucanopsis coniota, Leucanopsis contempta, Leucanopsis cuneipuncta, Leucanopsis curta, Leucanopsis dallipa, Leucanopsis daltoni, Leucanopsis democrata, Leucanopsis dinellii, Leucanopsis dissimilis, Leucanopsis dogniniana, Leucanopsis domara, Leucanopsis ephrem, Leucanopsis falacra, Leucanopsis falacroides, Leucanopsis flavorufa, Leucanopsis fuscosa, Leucanopsis goodgeri, Leucanopsis grota, Leucanopsis guascana, Leucanopsis hadenoides, Leucanopsis hoffmannsi, Leucanopsis huacina, Leucanopsis huaco, Leucanopsis ishima, Leucanopsis joasa, Leucanopsis jonesi, Leucanopsis lacteogrisea, Leucanopsis leucanina, Leucanopsis lineata, Leucanopsis liparoides, Leucanopsis loisana, Leucanopsis loisona, Leucanopsis lomara, Leucanopsis longa, Leucanopsis louella, Leucanopsis lua, Leucanopsis lurida, Leucanopsis luridioides, Leucanopsis maccessoya, Leucanopsis mailula, Leucanopsis malodonta, Leucanopsis manada, Leucanopsis manana, Leucanopsis mancina, Leucanopsis mandus, Leucanopsis marimba, Leucanopsis martona, Leucanopsis misona, Leucanopsis moeschleri, Leucanopsis nayapana, Leucanopsis nebulosa, Leucanopsis nimbiscripta, Leucanopsis nonagrioides, Leucanopsis notodontina, Leucanopsis nubilosus, Leucanopsis oblonga, Leucanopsis obvia, Leucanopsis ochracea, Leucanopsis orooca, Leucanopsis oruba, Leucanopsis oruboides, Leucanopsis oryboides, Leucanopsis perdentata, Leucanopsis perdita, Leucanopsis perirrorata, Leucanopsis pohli, Leucanopsis polyodonta, Leucanopsis potamia, Leucanopsis pseudoconiata, Leucanopsis pseudofalacra, Leucanopsis pseudomanda, Leucanopsis pterostomoides, Leucanopsis pulverea, Leucanopsis pulverulenta, Leucanopsis quadrata, Leucanopsis quanta, Leucanopsis racema, Leucanopsis rhomboidea, Leucanopsis rosetta, Leucanopsis rufoochracea, Leucanopsis sablona, Leucanopsis setosa, Leucanopsis siegruna, Leucanopsis similis, Leucanopsis soldina, Leucanopsis sporina, Leucanopsis squalida, Leucanopsis sthenia, Leucanopsis stipulata, Leucanopsis stipulatoides, Leucanopsis strigulosa, Leucanopsis stuarti, Leucanopsis suavina, Leucanopsis subnebulosa, Leucanopsis subterranea, Leucanopsis suffusa, Leucanopsis tabernilla, Leucanopsis tanamo, Leucanopsis taperana, Leucanopsis terola, Leucanopsis terranea, Leucanopsis toledana, Leucanopsis truncata, Leucanopsis turrialba, Leucanopsis umbrina, Leucanopsis umbrosa, Leucanopsis valentina, Leucanopsis vangetta, Leucanopsis velivolans, Leucanopsis venezuelensis, Leucanopsis violascens, Leucanopsis zacualpana, Leucanopsis zozinna

Lophocampa Harris, 1841 [genus]

Lophocampa aenone, Lophocampa affinis, Lophocampa albescens, Lophocampa albipennis, Lophocampa alsus, Lophocampa alternata, Lophocampa amaxiaeformis, Lophocampa andensis, Lophocampa annulosa, Lophocampa argentata, Lophocampa arpi, Lophocampa atomosa, Lophocampa atriceps, Lophocampa atrimaculata, Lophocampa baorucoensis, Lophocampa bicolor, Lophocampa caryae, Lophocampa catenulata, Lophocampa citrina, Lophocampa citrinula, Lophocampa debilis, Lophocampa dinora, Lophocampa distincta, Lophocampa dognini, Lophocampa donahuei, Lophocampa duarteiensis, Lophocampa endolobata, Lophocampa endrolepia, Lophocampa fasciata, Lophocampa grotei, Lophocampa hyalinipuncta, Lophocampa indistincta, Lophocampa ingens, Lophocampa labaca, Lophocampa laroipa, Lophocampa latepunctata, Lophocampa lesieuri, Lophocampa longipennis, Lophocampa luxa, Lophocampa maculata, Lophocampa margona, Lophocampa maroniensis, Lophocampa mixta, Lophocampa modesta, Lophocampa montana, Lophocampa neibaensis, Lophocampa nimbifacta, Lophocampa niveigutta, Lophocampa pectina, Lophocampa petulans, Lophocampa problematica, Lophocampa propinqua, Lophocampa pseudomaculata, Lophocampa pura, Lophocampa romoloa, Lophocampa ronda, Lophocampa roseata, Lophocampa russus, Lophocampa scripta, Lophocampa seruba, Lophocampa sesia, Lophocampa siginificans, Lophocampa sobrina, Lophocampa sobrinoides, Lophocampa subannula, Lophocampa subfasciata, Lophocampa subvitreata, Lophocampa teffeana, Lophocampa testacea, Lophocampa texta, Lophocampa thyophora, Lophocampa tucumana, Lophocampa uniformis, Lophocampa variegata

Machadoia Rego Barros, 1956 [genus]

Machadoia xanthosticta

Mellamastus Rego Barros, 1959 [genus]

Mellamastus nero

Munona Schaus, 1894 [genus]

Munona haxairei, Munona iridescens

Nannodota Hampson, 1911 [genus]

Nannodota minuta

Nezula Schaus, 1896 [genus]

Nezula grisea

Pitane Walker, 1854 [genus]

Pitane fervens, Pitane napravniki

Pithea Walker, 1856 [genus]

Pithea ferruginea

Pseudamastus Toulgoët, 1985 [genus]

Pseudamastus alsa

Psychophasma Butler, 1878 [genus]

Psychophasma erosa

Pydnaodes Hampson, 1911 [genus]

Pydnaodes distincta

Schalotomis Hampson, 1920 [genus]

Schalotomis roseothorax

Senecauxia Toulgoët, 1989 [genus]

Senecauxia coraliae

Soritena Schaus, 1924 [genus]

Soritena habanera

Tesselarctia Hampson, 1901 [genus]

Tesselarctia semivaria

Thyromolis Hampson, 1901 [genus]

Thyromolis pythia

Wanderbiltia Rego Barros, 1958 [genus]

Wanderbiltia wanderbilti

Xanthoarctia Travassos, 1951 [genus]

Xanthoarctia pseudameoides

Xanthophaeina Hampson, 1901 [genus]

Xanthophaeina levis

Zaevius Dyar, 1910 [genus]

Zaevius calocore


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