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Genus Diaethria

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Biblidinae tribe Biblidini subtribe Callicorina → genus Diaethria Billberg, 1820


Daughter taxa

Diaethria anna (Guerin-Meneville, [1844]) [species]

D. a. anna, D. a. mixteca, D. a. salvadorensis

Diaethria artemis Röber 1915 [species]

Diaethria astala (Guérin-Méneville, [1844]) [species]

D. a. astala, D. a. asteria, D. a. asteroide, D. a. marginata

Diaethria aurelia Guenée 1872 [species]

Diaethria bacchis (Doubleday, 1849) [species]

Diaethria beleses Godman & Salvin 1889 [species]

Diaethria bifasciata Weymer 1907 [species]

Diaethria bourcieri Guenée 1872 [species]

Diaethria branickii Oberthür 1883 [species]

Diaethria brevipalpis Guenée 1872 [species]

Diaethria caelinula Guenée 1872 [species]

Diaethria candrena (Godart, [1824]) [species]

D. c. candrena, D. c. longfieldae, D. c. maldonadoi

Diaethria carmen Guenée 1872 [species]

Diaethria ceryx (Hewitson, 1864) [species]

Diaethria clymena (Cramer, [1775]) [species]

D. c. aurelia, D. c. beleses, D. c. bisosto, D. c. bourcieri, D. c. clymena, D. c. colombiana, D. c. consobrina, D. c. dodone, D. c. heinrichi, D. c. janeira, D. c. juani, D. c. marchalii, D. c. meridionalis, D. c. peruviana, D. c. seropina

Diaethria consobrina Guérin-Méneville, 1844 [species]

Diaethria difascia D'Almeida 1931 [species]

Diaethria donckieri Oberthür 1916 [species]

Diaethria ducei Schaus & Cockerell 1923 [species]

Diaethria elinda Guenée 1872 [species]

Diaethria eluina (Hewitson, 1855) [species]

D. e. eluina, D. e. lidwina, D. e. splendidus

Diaethria euclides (Latreille, [1809]) [species]

D. e. artemis, D. e. euclides, D. e. gueneei, D. e. metiscus, D. e. phlogea, D. e. phlogeides

Diaethria extrema Vogeler 1935 [species]

Diaethria flava Vogeler 1935 [species]

Diaethria gabaza (Hewitson, 1855) [species]

D. g. eupepla, D. g. gabaza, D. g. gabazina, D. g. intermedia

Diaethria gabazina Oberthür 1923 [species]

Diaethria gueneei Röber 1915 [species]

Diaethria kohleri Giacomelli 1926 [species]

Diaethria lyde D'Almeida 1934 [species]

Diaethria merida Honrath 1884 [species]

Diaethria mixteca De la Maza 1977 [species]

Diaethria neglecta (Salvin, 1869) [species]

D. n. granatensis, D. n. merida, D. n. neglecta

Diaethria nystographa (Guenée, 1872) [species]

D. n. aliciae, D. n. charis, D. n. nystographa, D. n. panthalis, D. n. perezi

Diaethria pandama (Doubleday, [1848]) [species]

Diaethria phlogea Salvin & Godman 1868 [species]

D. p. boliviana, D. p. phlogeides

Diaethria platytaenia Röber 1921 [species]

Diaethria serofa Guenée 1872 [species]

Diaethria sinamara Hewitson 1854 [species]

Diaethria thalassina Boisduval 1870 [species]

Diaethria wernickei Niepelt 1918 [species]


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