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Family Lymantriidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea → family Lymantriidae Hampson, 1893


Daughter taxa

Genera: 160 (2 illustrated). Species.

Abakabaka Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Abakabaka fuliginosa

Adetoneura Collenette, 1933 [genus]

Adetoneura lentiginosa

Alina Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Alina ochroderoea

Allotoma Roepke, 1944 [genus]

Allotoma cornifrons

Amphekes Collenette, 1936 [genus]

Amphekes gymna

Anexotamos Hering, 1926 [genus]

Anexotamos flavibasis

Ankova Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Ankova lignea

Aphomoeoma Collenette, 1959 [genus]

Aphomoeoma mesembrinum

Aruta Swinhoe, 1922 [genus]

Aruta flavipes, Aruta puncticilia

Barobata Karsch, 1895 [genus]

Barobata trocta

Batella Dall'Asta, 1981 [genus]

Batella muscosa

Bifurca Joannis, 1929 [genus]

Bifurca longinasus

Birnara Butler, 1879 [genus]

Birnara bicolor

Blazia Schaus in Seitz, 1927 [genus]

Blazia lixivia

Cadorela Griveaud, 1973 [genus]

Cadorela translucida

Caelicola Dognin, 1923 [genus]

Caelicola rostrata

Cimola Walker, 1855 [genus]

Cimola opalina

Creagra Wallengren, 1865 [genus]

Creagra comorensis, Creagra liturata

Croperoides Berio, 1940 [genus]

Croperoides negrottoi

Croremopsis Hering, 1926 [genus]

Croremopsis argenna

Daplasa Moore, 1879 [genus]

Daplasa irrorata

Dyasma Collenette, 1961 [genus]

Dyasma thaumatopoeides

Eala Collenette, 1937 [genus]

Eala hemiluta, Eala lasia

Erika Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Erika analava

Euzora Turner, 1915 [genus]

Euzora collucens, Euzora costalis

Fanala Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Fanala abbreviata

Gallienica Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Gallienica maligna

Gissarus Nye, 1980 [genus]

Gissarus relictus

Grammoa Aurivillius, 1904 [genus]

Grammoa nigrolineata, Grammoa striata

Griveaudyria Viette, 1984 [genus]

Griveaudyria mascarena

Heracula Moore, [1866] [genus]

Heracula discivitta

Himala Moore, 1879 [genus]

Himala argentea

Icta Walker, 1855 [genus]

Icta fulviceps, Icta tanaopis

Iropoca Turner, 1904 [genus]

Iropoca rotundata

Jabaina Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Jabaina ania

Jacksoniana Nye, 1980 [genus]

Jacksoniana striata

Kintana Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Kintana ocellatula

Kunusara Nye, 1980 [genus]

Kunusara fontainei

Labordea Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Labordea prasina

Lachana Moore, 1888 [genus]

Lachana ladakensis

Lanitra Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Lanitra hexamitoballia

Lepidolacipa Hering, 1926 [genus]

Lepidolacipa venosata

Lepidopalpus Janse, 1915 [genus]

Lepidopalpus hyalina

Masoandro Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Masoandro peculiaris

Melgona Nye, 1980 [genus]

Melgona conia

Microrgyia Felder, 1874 [genus]

Microrgyia amazonum

Mpanjaka Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Mpanjaka viola

Neoliparina Schultze, 1934 [genus]

Neoliparina paradoxa

Neorgyia Bethune-Baker, 1908 [genus]

Neorgyia javensis, Neorgyia ochracea

Noliproctis Hering, 1926 [genus]

Noliproctis milupa

Nolosia Hampson, 1900 [genus]

Nolosia marmorata

Numenoides Butler, 1879 [genus]

Numenoides grandis

Ocnerogyia Staudinger, [1892] [genus]

Ocnerogyia amanda

Oligeria Turner, 1921 [genus]

Oligeria hemicalla

Orana Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Orana grammodes

Orithrepta Collenette, 1939 [genus]

Orithrepta edwardsi

Papuaroa Collenette, 1955 [genus]

Papuaroa miccyla

Parapirga Bethune-Baker, 1911 [genus]

Parapirga neurabrunnea

Paraporthesia Gupta, Farooqi & Chaudhary, 1986 [genus]

Paraporthesia indica

Paraxena Bethune-Baker, 1911 [genus]

Paraxena angola, Paraxena esquamata

Pseudarctia Bethune-Baker, 1911 [genus]

Pseudarctia nivea

Pyrrhopteryx Hering, 1941 [genus]

Pyrrhopteryx amabilis

Radamaria Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Radamaria miselioides

Rahona Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Rahona albilunula

Rivotra Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Rivotra viridipicta

Salvatgea Griveaud, 1977 [genus]

Salvatgea bipuncta

Sevastopuloa Collenette, 1960 [genus]

Sevastopuloa celaenocera

Sirana Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Sirana lygropis

Somatoxena Aurivillius, 1904 [genus]

Somatoxena lasea

Soreutoneura Collenette, 1930 [genus]

Soreutoneura daedala

Sychnacedes Collenette, 1953 [genus]

Sychnacedes idiopis

Takashachia Matsumura, 1929 [genus]

Takashachia maculosa

Tamsita Kiriakoff, 1954 [genus]

Tamsita habrotima, Tamsita ochthoeba

Thambeta Collenette, 1953 [genus]

Thambeta haigi

Theriophila Hering, 1932 [genus]

Theriophila miara

Topomesoides Strand in Seitz, 1910 [genus]

Topomesoides jonasii

Turlina Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Turlina punctata

Varatra Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Varatra acosmeta

Varmina Moore, 1888 [genus]

Varmina indica

Vietteria Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Vietteria ampliata

Vohitra Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Vohitra melissograpta

Volana Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Volana cyclota

Zavana Griveaud, 1976 [genus]

Zavana acroleuca


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24.09.2014 23:11, Alexandr Zhakov

Basil, I wrote about it in the system area, the site of many of these inaccuracies, Peter knows, someday we will all be corrected.

24.09.2014 23:07, Vasiliy Feoktistov

In my opinion there is something wrong with the family. I understand Lymantriidae now Erebidae as a subfamily of the Lymantriinae : necessary to understand. Or I do not understand? :)

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