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Subfamily Hemiceratinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Notodontidae → subfamily Hemiceratinae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Hemiceras Guenée, 1852 [genus]

Hemiceras aena, Hemiceras affinis, Hemiceras alba, Hemiceras albisignata, Hemiceras albulana, Hemiceras amanda, Hemiceras angulinea, Hemiceras arbogasta, Hemiceras aroensis, Hemiceras avangareza, Hemiceras barina, Hemiceras beata, Hemiceras benica, Hemiceras bilinea, Hemiceras brunnea, Hemiceras bucklei, Hemiceras buscki, Hemiceras cabnala, Hemiceras cadmia, Hemiceras cadmioides, Hemiceras calaonis, Hemiceras casiaclara, Hemiceras castanea, Hemiceras castaneoides, Hemiceras cayaba, Hemiceras cayennensis, Hemiceras ceiba, Hemiceras celia, Hemiceras chabila, Hemiceras chavin, Hemiceras chromona, Hemiceras cinescens, Hemiceras cinnoma, Hemiceras clarki, Hemiceras climaca, Hemiceras coatina, Hemiceras colombia, Hemiceras colorata, Hemiceras commentica, Hemiceras congrua, Hemiceras consobrina, Hemiceras conspirata, Hemiceras constellata, Hemiceras corema, Hemiceras cotto, Hemiceras crassa, Hemiceras daguana, Hemiceras daguensis, Hemiceras dentata, Hemiceras deornata, Hemiceras domingonis, Hemiceras draudti, Hemiceras dyari, Hemiceras echo, Hemiceras egregia, Hemiceras elphega, Hemiceras emerillonarum, Hemiceras eustalhia, Hemiceras evanescens, Hemiceras flava, Hemiceras flavescens, Hemiceras flavorufa, Hemiceras francina, Hemiceras gemina, Hemiceras geraesa, Hemiceras gigas, Hemiceras gortynoides, Hemiceras guera, Hemiceras hidulpha, Hemiceras imitans, Hemiceras indigna, Hemiceras indistans, Hemiceras jacksoni, Hemiceras jejuna, Hemiceras joinvillia, Hemiceras jophona, Hemiceras jovita, Hemiceras kartabena, Hemiceras kearfotti, Hemiceras latior, Hemiceras laurentina, Hemiceras leucospila, Hemiceras levana, Hemiceras liboria, Hemiceras lilacina, Hemiceras linea, Hemiceras lissa, Hemiceras lissana, Hemiceras lissanella, Hemiceras lissaura, Hemiceras lissaurella, Hemiceras longipennis, Hemiceras losa, Hemiceras lotula, Hemiceras manora, Hemiceras maronita, Hemiceras meona, Hemiceras metallescens, Hemiceras metastigma, Hemiceras mezata, Hemiceras micans, Hemiceras modesta, Hemiceras monegonda, Hemiceras mora, Hemiceras moresca, Hemiceras muscosa, Hemiceras mutoca, Hemiceras nebulosa, Hemiceras nigrescens, Hemiceras nigricosta, Hemiceras nigrigutta, Hemiceras nigriplaga, Hemiceras noctifer, Hemiceras nubilata, Hemiceras nupera, Hemiceras obliquicola, Hemiceras ochrospila, Hemiceras oleagina, Hemiceras oleaginea, Hemiceras olivenca, Hemiceras ovalis, Hemiceras pagana, Hemiceras pallidula, Hemiceras perbrunnea, Hemiceras pernubila, Hemiceras phocas, Hemiceras piccolata, Hemiceras plana, Hemiceras plusiata, Hemiceras pohli, Hemiceras postica, Hemiceras poulsoni, Hemiceras praxides, Hemiceras princeps, Hemiceras proximata, Hemiceras pulverula, Hemiceras punctata, Hemiceras punctilla, Hemiceras quebra, Hemiceras rava, Hemiceras ravula, Hemiceras refuga, Hemiceras reyburni, Hemiceras romani, Hemiceras rosteria, Hemiceras rufescens, Hemiceras rufula, Hemiceras ruizi, Hemiceras sabis, Hemiceras saron, Hemiceras satelles, Hemiceras scalata, Hemiceras semililacea, Hemiceras serana, Hemiceras sericilinea, Hemiceras sericita, Hemiceras serrata, Hemiceras siderea, Hemiceras sigula, Hemiceras singula, Hemiceras soso, Hemiceras sparsipennis, Hemiceras stigmata, Hemiceras stigmatica, Hemiceras striata, Hemiceras striolata, Hemiceras stupida, Hemiceras subdigna, Hemiceras subochraceum, Hemiceras tabona, Hemiceras taperinha, Hemiceras teffea, Hemiceras timea, Hemiceras torva, Hemiceras tranducta, Hemiceras transducta, Hemiceras trapezina, Hemiceras tricolora, Hemiceras trinubila, Hemiceras triopas, Hemiceras tristana, Hemiceras truncata, Hemiceras tulola, Hemiceras turiafa, Hemiceras turnina, Hemiceras undilinea, Hemiceras unimacula, Hemiceras ursara, Hemiceras variegata, Hemiceras vecina, Hemiceras velva, Hemiceras vinicosta, Hemiceras vinvala, Hemiceras violascens, Hemiceras walkeri, Hemiceras zula


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