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Tribe Neptini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Limenitidinae → tribe Neptini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 5 (4 illustrated). Species.

Cymothoe Hübner, 1819 [genus]

Cymothoe adela, Cymothoe adelina, Cymothoe aemilius, Cymothoe alcimeda, Cymothoe alexander, Cymothoe althea, Cymothoe alticola, Cymothoe altisidora, Cymothoe amaniensis, Cymothoe amenides, Cymothoe angulifascia, Cymothoe anitorgis, Cymothoe aramis, Cymothoe aramoides, Cymothoe arcuata, Cymothoe aubergeri, Cymothoe aurivillii, Cymothoe beckeri, Cymothoe bonneyi, Cymothoe caenis, Cymothoe capella, Cymothoe caprina, Cymothoe carsandra, Cymothoe coccinata, Cymothoe collarti, Cymothoe collinsi, Cymothoe colmanti, Cymothoe consanguis, Cymothoe coranus, Cymothoe cottrelli, Cymothoe crocea, Cymothoe crowleyi, Cymothoe cyclades, Cymothoe cyriades, Cymothoe distincta, Cymothoe dropsyi, Cymothoe dujardini, Cymothoe egesta, Cymothoe eris, Cymothoe euthalioides, Cymothoe excelsa, Cymothoe falsathyma, Cymothoe fontainei, Cymothoe frederica, Cymothoe fumana, Cymothoe haimodia, Cymothoe harmilla, Cymothoe hartigi, Cymothoe haynae, Cymothoe hecataea, Cymothoe heliada, Cymothoe herminia, Cymothoe hesiodina, Cymothoe hesiodotus, Cymothoe hesiodus, Cymothoe hirundo, Cymothoe hobarti, Cymothoe hobartia, Cymothoe hora, Cymothoe howarthi, Cymothoe hyarbita, Cymothoe hypatha, Cymothoe indamora, Cymothoe infuscata, Cymothoe intricata, Cymothoe isiro, Cymothoe jodutta, Cymothoe lambertoni, Cymothoe langi, Cymothoe lucasii, Cymothoe lucretia, Cymothoe lurida, Cymothoe mabillei, Cymothoe magambae, Cymothoe magnus, Cymothoe marmorata, Cymothoe megaesta, Cymothoe melanjae, Cymothoe meridionalis, Cymothoe mirifica, Cymothoe ochreata, Cymothoe oemilius, Cymothoe ogova, Cymothoe orphnina, Cymothoe overlaeti, Cymothoe owassae, Cymothoe preussi, Cymothoe radialis, Cymothoe rebeli, Cymothoe reginaeelisabethae, Cymothoe reginaeelizabethae, Cymothoe reinholdi, Cymothoe richelmanni, Cymothoe sangaris, Cymothoe sassiana, Cymothoe semirufa, Cymothoe seneca, Cymothoe serpentina, Cymothoe sessiana, Cymothoe siegfriedi, Cymothoe similis, Cymothoe stetteni, Cymothoe sultani, Cymothoe teita, Cymothoe theobene, Cymothoe usilda, Cymothoe vicina, Cymothoe vumbui, Cymothoe weymeri, Cymothoe zenkeri, Cymothoe zombana

Harma Doubleday, [1848] [genus]

Harma theobene


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