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Tribe Nemoriini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Geometrinae → tribe Nemoriini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (1 illustrated). Species.

Nemoria Hübner, 1818 [genus]

Nemoria acora, Nemoria acutularia, Nemoria adaluzae, Nemoria adjunctaria, Nemoria agenoria, Nemoria albaria, Nemoria albilineata, Nemoria anae, Nemoria anchistropha, Nemoria antipala, Nemoria arizonaria, Nemoria astraea, Nemoria aturia, Nemoria bifilata, Nemoria bistriaria, Nemoria caerulescens, Nemoria callirrhoe, Nemoria capys, Nemoria capysoides, Nemoria cara, Nemoria carbina, Nemoria carolinae, Nemoria catachloa, Nemoria characta, Nemoria conflua, Nemoria consimilis, Nemoria conspersa, Nemoria coruscula, Nemoria cosmeta, Nemoria daedalea, Nemoria darwiniata, Nemoria defectiva, Nemoria delicataria, Nemoria dentilinea, Nemoria diamesa, Nemoria dorsilinea, Nemoria duniae, Nemoria elbae, Nemoria elfa, Nemoria epaphras, Nemoria erina, Nemoria eugeniae, Nemoria extremaria, Nemoria festaria, Nemoria florae, Nemoria fontalis, Nemoria franciscae, Nemoria gerardinae, Nemoria gladysae, Nemoria glaucomarginaria, Nemoria gortaria, Nemoria haematospila, Nemoria hazelae, Nemoria hypotiches, Nemoria imitans, Nemoria inaequalis, Nemoria incognita, Nemoria integra, Nemoria intensaria, Nemoria interlucens, Nemoria isabelae, Nemoria karlae, Nemoria latimarginaria, Nemoria latirosaria, Nemoria leptalea, Nemoria lixaria, Nemoria lorenae, Nemoria marianellae, Nemoria marielosae, Nemoria mimosaria, Nemoria modesta, Nemoria morbilliata, Nemoria mustela, Nemoria mutaticolor, Nemoria nigricincta, Nemoria nigrisquama, Nemoria nympharia, Nemoria obliqua, Nemoria oppleta, Nemoria outina, Nemoria ozalea, Nemoria pacificaria, Nemoria parcipuncta, Nemoria parvipuncta, Nemoria penthica, Nemoria peruviana, Nemoria pescadora, Nemoria pistacearia, Nemoria pistaciaria, Nemoria prava, Nemoria priscillae, Nemoria pulcherrima, Nemoria pulveraria, Nemoria pulverata, Nemoria punctilinea, Nemoria rectilinea, Nemoria remota, Nemoria rindgei, Nemoria rosae, Nemoria roseilinearia, Nemoria rubrifrontaria, Nemoria sarukhani, Nemoria saryae, Nemoria saturiba, Nemoria scriptaria, Nemoria sellata, Nemoria sigillaria, Nemoria sordifrons, Nemoria spatha, Nemoria splendidaria, Nemoria spurca, Nemoria strigaria, Nemoria strigataria, Nemoria subsequens, Nemoria tarachodes, Nemoria thelys, Nemoria tickelli, Nemoria torsilinea, Nemoria toxeres, Nemoria tuscarora, Nemoria tutala, Nemoria unipunctata, Nemoria unitaria, Nemoria venezuelae, Nemoria vermiculata, Nemoria vinocincta, Nemoria viridicaria, Nemoria viridicincta, Nemoria virididiscata, Nemoria winniae, Nemoria xaliria, Nemoria zelotes, Nemoria zernyi, Nemoria zygotaria

Nemoriini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Nemoriini sp. (large size).

Nemoriini sp.


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