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Subfamily Agdistinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pterophoroidea family Pterophoridae → subfamily Agdistinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (1 illustrated). Species.

Agdistis (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Agdistis aberdareana, Agdistis adactyla, Agdistis adenensis, Agdistis americana, Agdistis arabica, Agdistis asthenes, Agdistis balchashensis, Agdistis bellissima, Agdistis bennetii, Agdistis betica, Agdistis bifurcatus, Agdistis bigoti, Agdistis caradjai, Agdistis cathae, Agdistis chardzhouna, Agdistis clara, Agdistis cretifera, Agdistis criocephala, Agdistis cypriota, Agdistis dagestanica, Agdistis dahurica, Agdistis delicatulella, Agdistis dentalis, Agdistis desertorum, Agdistis detruncatum, Agdistis dimetra, Agdistis espunae, Agdistis facetus, Agdistis falkovitshi, Agdistis flavissima, Agdistis frankeniae, Agdistis gerasimovi, Agdistis gittia, Agdistis glaseri, Agdistis hakimah, Agdistis halodelta, Agdistis hartigi, Agdistis heydeni, Agdistis heydenii, Agdistis hulli, Agdistis infumata, Agdistis ingens, Agdistis insidiatrix, Agdistis intermedia, Agdistis karabachica, Agdistis karakalensis, Agdistis kenyana, Agdistis korana, Agdistis kulunda, Agdistis lomholdti, Agdistis maghrebi, Agdistis malitiosa, Agdistis malleana, Agdistis manicata, Agdistis melitensis, Agdistis meridionalis, Agdistis mevlaniella, Agdistis minima, Agdistis morini, Agdistis mugabica, Agdistis namibiana, Agdistis nanodes, Agdistis neglecta, Agdistis nigra, Agdistis obstinata, Agdistis olei, Agdistis pala, Agdistis paralia, Agdistis parvella, Agdistis picardi, Agdistis piccolo, Agdistis protai, Agdistis protecta, Agdistis pseudocanariensis, Agdistis pustulalis, Agdistis reciprocans, Agdistis rjabovi, Agdistis rubasiensis, Agdistis salsolae, Agdistis sanctaehelenae, Agdistis satanas, Agdistis sissia, Agdistis sphinx, Agdistis spinosa, Agdistis symmetrica, Agdistis takamukui, Agdistis tamaricis, Agdistis tenera, Agdistis tihamae, Agdistis turkestanica, Agdistis unguica, Agdistis yemenica


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