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Tribe Cuculliini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Cuculliinae → tribe Cuculliini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 3 (2 illustrated). Species.

Cucullia (Schrank, 1802) [genus]

Calocucullia, Cucullia, Shargacucullia,
Cucullia aksuana, Cucullia albida, Cucullia albifuscata, Cucullia albilineata, Cucullia albipennis, Cucullia alfarata, Cucullia amoena, Cucullia andraei, Cucullia anthocharis, Cucullia antipoda, Cucullia aplana, Cucullia apo, Cucullia argentilinea, Cucullia argentivitta, Cucullia argyrina, Cucullia aribac, Cucullia armena, Cucullia asteroides, Cucullia astigma, Cucullia atrimacula, Cucullia basipuncta, Cucullia behouneki, Cucullia bensi, Cucullia biradiata, Cucullia brunnea, Cucullia buddhae, Cucullia capazi, Cucullia cellulata, Cucullia charon, Cucullia chrysota, Cucullia citella, Cucullia clauda, Cucullia comstocki, Cucullia consimilis, Cucullia convexipennis, Cucullia costaricensis, Cucullia cucullioides, Cucullia daedalis, Cucullia dallolmoi, Cucullia dammersi, Cucullia dentilinea, Cucullia differens, Cucullia dimorpha, Cucullia distinguenda, Cucullia draudti, Cucullia duplicata, Cucullia eccissica, Cucullia efflatouni, Cucullia elongata, Cucullia embolima, Cucullia ennatae, Cucullia eucaena, Cucullia eulepis, Cucullia eumorpha, Cucullia eurekae, Cucullia extricata, Cucullia falcata, Cucullia flammifera, Cucullia florea, Cucullia fuchsii, Cucullia fuschsiana, Cucullia galleti, Cucullia generosa, Cucullia glogeri, Cucullia graeseri, Cucullia grisescens, Cucullia hannemanni, Cucullia heinickei, Cucullia heinrichi, Cucullia hemidiaphana, Cucullia hoenei, Cucullia hostilis, Cucullia humilis, Cucullia hutchinsoni, Cucullia ikondae, Cucullia implicata, Cucullia inaequalis, Cucullia incresa, Cucullia infernalis, Cucullia intermedia, Cucullia jakesi, Cucullia jankowskii, Cucullia katangae, Cucullia khorassana, Cucullia kurilullia, Cucullia laetifica, Cucullia ledereri, Cucullia lethe, Cucullia leucopis, Cucullia lilacina, Cucullia luna, Cucullia macara, Cucullia maculosa, Cucullia magdalenae, Cucullia magnifwa, Cucullia malagassa, Cucullia mandschuriae, Cucullia maracandica, Cucullia marci, Cucullia marmorea, Cucullia mcdunnoughi, Cucullia melanoglossa, Cucullia melli, Cucullia minuta, Cucullia montanae, Cucullia negrifascia, Cucullia nigrifascia, Cucullia nigrilinea, Cucullia nocturnalis, Cucullia nokra, Cucullia nubipicta, Cucullia obscurior, Cucullia ochribasis, Cucullia omissa, Cucullia opacographa, Cucullia oribac, Cucullia pallidicolor, Cucullia pallidistria, Cucullia papoka, Cucullia perforata, Cucullia perstriata, Cucullia peruensis, Cucullia petrophila, Cucullia pittawayi, Cucullia platinea, Cucullia platti, Cucullia postera, Cucullia prolai, Cucullia pseudumbratica, Cucullia pulla, Cucullia pullata, Cucullia pyrostrota, Cucullia rectilinea, Cucullia retecta, Cucullia retectina, Cucullia rufescens, Cucullia ruficeps, Cucullia ruptifascia, Cucullia sachalinensis, Cucullia scoparioides, Cucullia scophulariphaga, Cucullia serraticornis, Cucullia similaris, Cucullia simoneaui, Cucullia simoneuai, Cucullia spectabilis, Cucullia speyeri, Cucullia strigata, Cucullia strigicosta, Cucullia styx, Cucullia subgrisea, Cucullia sublutea, Cucullia taiwana, Cucullia tecca, Cucullia tedjicolora, Cucullia terensis, Cucullia tescorum, Cucullia thapsiphaga, Cucullia thiacourti, Cucullia thiaucourti, Cucullia timberia, Cucullia tosca, Cucullia tristis, Cucullia tucumani, Cucullia turkestana, Cucullia umbristiga, Cucullia umbristriga, Cucullia vicina, Cucullia xerophila

Emariannia Benjamin, 1933 [genus]

Emariannia cucullidea

Cuculliini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Cuculliini sp. (large size).

Cuculliini sp. Cuculliini sp. Cuculliini sp.


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