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Tribe Nudariini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Arctiidae subfamily Lithosiinae → tribe Nudariini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 21 (5 illustrated). Species.

Asura Walker, 1854 [genus]

Asura agraphia, Asura albidorsalis, Asura albigrisea, Asura alikangiae, Asura amabilis, Asura anaemica, Asura andamana, Asura anomala, Asura arcuata, Asura arenaria, Asura aroa, Asura asuroides, Asura atricraspeda, Asura atritermina, Asura aurantiaca, Asura aureata, Asura aureorosea, Asura aurora, Asura avernalis, Asura biagi, Asura bipars, Asura bipartita, Asura biplagiata, Asura brunneofasciata, Asura calamaria, Asura camerunensis, Asura cancellata, Asura carnea, Asura catameces, Asura cervicalis, Asura chrypsilon, Asura chrysomela, Asura chypsilon, Asura citronopuncta, Asura clara, Asura clavula, Asura coccineoflammens, Asura coccinocosma, Asura compsodes, Asura confina, Asura conjunctana, Asura craigi, Asura craigii, Asura crenulata, Asura crocopepla, Asura crocoptera, Asura crocota, Asura cruciata, Asura cylletona, Asura dasara, Asura dentifera, Asura dentiferoides, Asura diluta, Asura dinawa, Asura discisigna, Asura discocellularis, Asura disticha, Asura ecmelaena, Asura effulgens, Asura eichhorni, Asura eldola, Asura elegans, Asura elongata, Asura eos, Asura erythrias, Asura esmia, Asura euprepioides, Asura evora, Asura fasciolata, Asura flavagraphia, Asura flaveola, Asura flavida, Asura flavivenosa, Asura fruhstorferi, Asura fulguritis, Asura fulvia, Asura fulvimarginata, Asura furcata, Asura fuscalis, Asura geminata, Asura griseata, Asura haemachroa, Asura hemixantha, Asura hieroglyphica, Asura homoea, Asura hopkinsi, Asura horishanella, Asura hyporhoda, Asura ichorina, Asura inconspicua, Asura indecisa, Asura insularis, Asura intermedia, Asura irregularis, Asura ktimuna, Asura latimargo, Asura likiangensis, Asura liparidia, Asura lutara, Asura lutarella, Asura lutea, Asura lydia, Asura magica, Asura manusi, Asura marginata, Asura marginatana, Asura mediofascia, Asura megala, Asura melanoleuca, Asura melanopyga, Asura melanoxantha, Asura melitaula, Asura metahyala, Asura metamelas, Asura metascota, Asura miltochristaemorpha, Asura miltochristina, Asura mimetica, Asura modesta, Asura monospila, Asura mylea, Asura neavi, Asura nebulosa, Asura nigriciliata, Asura nigripuncta, Asura nigrivena, Asura nubifascia, Asura nubilalis, Asura numida, Asura obliquilinea, Asura obliterans, Asura obliterata, Asura obscurodiscalis, Asura obsolescens, Asura ochreomaculata, Asura ocnerioides, Asura octiger, Asura orsova, Asura owgarra, Asura pallida, Asura parallelina, Asura parallina, Asura pectinella, Asura peloa, Asura percurrens, Asura perihaemia, Asura peripherica, Asura phaeobasis, Asura phaeoplagia, Asura phaeosticta, Asura phantasma, Asura platyrhabda, Asura polyspila, Asura postbicolor, Asura prionosticha, Asura pseudojosiodes, Asura pudibonda, Asura punctata, Asura punctilineata, Asura pyrauloides, Asura pyropa, Asura pyrostrota, Asura quadrifasciata, Asura reversa, Asura rhabdota, Asura rhodina, Asura rivulosa, Asura rosacea, Asura roseogrisea, Asura rubricosa, Asura rubrimargo, Asura ruenca, Asura russula, Asura sagenaria, Asura sagittaria, Asura semifascia, Asura semivitrea, Asura septemmaculata, Asura serratilinea, Asura sexpuncta, Asura sexualis, Asura simillima, Asura simplifascia, Asura snelleni, Asura solita, Asura spurrelli, Asura striata, Asura strigatula, Asura suavis, Asura submarmorata, Asura temperata, Asura terminodenta, Asura thomensis, Asura toxodes, Asura triangularis, Asura tricolor, Asura trifasciata, Asura tripuncta, Asura trizonata, Asura truncata, Asura umbrifera, Asura umbrosa, Asura undulosa, Asura unicolora, Asura uniformeola, Asura uniformis, Asura unipuncta, Asura variabilis, Asura varians, Asura violacea, Asura vivida, Asura wandammensis, Asura xantherythra, Asura xanthophaea, Asura zebrina

Cyana Walker, 1854 [genus]

Cyana adita, Cyana africana, Cyana alba, Cyana alborosea, Cyana amabilis, Cyana amatura, Cyana arama, Cyana ariadne, Cyana aroa, Cyana asticta, Cyana aurantiorufa, Cyana barisana, Cyana basialba, Cyana basisticta, Cyana bebas, Cyana bellissima, Cyana bianca, Cyana bicolor, Cyana boetonensis, Cyana brunnea, Cyana candida, Cyana carmina, Cyana catorhoda, Cyana charybdis, Cyana coccinea, Cyana conclusa, Cyana costifimbria, Cyana croceizona, Cyana cruentata, Cyana delicata, Cyana determinata, Cyana detrita, Cyana divakara, Cyana dohertyi, Cyana dudgeoni, Cyana effracta, Cyana euryxantha, Cyana fasciola, Cyana flammeostrigata, Cyana flavalba, Cyana flaviplaga, Cyana fulvia, Cyana fumea, Cyana garuda, Cyana gazella, Cyana gelida, Cyana grandis, Cyana guttifera, Cyana hamata, Cyana harerti, Cyana horsfieldi, Cyana impunctata, Cyana inconclusa, Cyana infantula, Cyana interrogationis, Cyana inusitata, Cyana javanica, Cyana khasiana, Cyana libulae, Cyana loloana, Cyana lunulata, Cyana lutipes, Cyana luzonica, Cyana maiae, Cyana malayensis, Cyana marshalli, Cyana melanoplagia, Cyana metamelas, Cyana meyricki, Cyana miles, Cyana mira, Cyana molleri, Cyana nigrilineata, Cyana nigroplagata, Cyana obliquilineata, Cyana obscura, Cyana pellucida, Cyana peregrina, Cyana perornata, Cyana phaedra, Cyana pitana, Cyana plateni, Cyana pratti, Cyana pretoriae, Cyana pudens, Cyana puella, Cyana puer, Cyana punctistrigosa, Cyana quentini, Cyana rejecta, Cyana rubrifasciata, Cyana rubristriga, Cyana saalmuelleri, Cyana sanguinea, Cyana saulia, Cyana securizonis, Cyana selangorica, Cyana signa, Cyana sikkimensis, Cyana subornata, Cyana sumatrensis, Cyana tegyra, Cyana tettigonioides, Cyana thoracica, Cyana torrida, Cyana transfasciata, Cyana tricolora, Cyana trigona, Cyana trigutta, Cyana unipunctata, Cyana vespertata

Diaconisia Hampson, 1914 [genus]

Diaconisia ochraceorufa

Dichrostoptera Hulstaert, 1924 [genus]

Dichrostoptera basilinea

Miltasura Roepke, 1946 [genus]

Miltasura celebensis

Nepita Moore, [1860] [genus]

Nepita conferta

Nudariphleps Holloway, 2001 [genus]

Nudariphleps gauldi

Quadrasura Holloway, 2001 [genus]

Quadrasura ktimuna

Schalodeta Hampson, 1914 [genus]

Schalodeta fasciolata

Nudariini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Nudariini sp. (large size).

Nudariini sp. Nudariini sp. Nudariini sp. Nudariini sp. Nudariini sp. Nudariini sp. Nudariini sp.


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