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Subtribe Pronophilina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Satyrinae tribe Satyrini → subtribe Pronophilina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 40 (7 illustrated). Species.

Arhuaco Adams & Bernard, 1977 [genus]

Arhuaco dryadina, Arhuaco ica

Dangond Adams & Bernard, 1979 [genus]

Dangond dangondi

Drucina Butler, 1872 [genus]

Drucina championi, Drucina leonata

Druphila Pyrcz, 2004 [genus]

Druphila venerata

Eteona Doubleday, 1848 [genus]

Eteona tisiphone

Foetterleia Viloria, 2004 [genus]

Foetterleia schreineri

Paramo Adams & Bernard, 1977 [genus]

Paramo oculata

Pedaliodes Butler, 1867 [genus]

Pedaliodes albicilia, Pedaliodes albutia, Pedaliodes alusana, Pedaliodes amafania, Pedaliodes anchiphilonis, Pedaliodes antigua, Pedaliodes antulla, Pedaliodes arnotti, Pedaliodes arturi, Pedaliodes asconia, Pedaliodes auraria, Pedaliodes aureola, Pedaliodes auristriga, Pedaliodes baccara, Pedaliodes balnearia, Pedaliodes bernardi, Pedaliodes boettgeri, Pedaliodes caeca, Pedaliodes canela, Pedaliodes cebolleta, Pedaliodes cesarense, Pedaliodes chaconi, Pedaliodes chrysotaenia, Pedaliodes circumducta, Pedaliodes cledonia, Pedaliodes coca, Pedaliodes cocytia, Pedaliodes combeima, Pedaliodes costipunctata, Pedaliodes cremera, Pedaliodes croizatorum, Pedaliodes daulis, Pedaliodes dejecta, Pedaliodes demarmelsi, Pedaliodes demathani, Pedaliodes dracula, Pedaliodes empusa, Pedaliodes ereiba, Pedaliodes erschoffi, Pedaliodes exanima, Pedaliodes fassli, Pedaliodes ferratilis, Pedaliodes fuscata, Pedaliodes guicana, Pedaliodes gustavi, Pedaliodes hardyi, Pedaliodes hebena, Pedaliodes hewitsoni, Pedaliodes hopfferi, Pedaliodes japhleta, Pedaliodes jelskii, Pedaliodes leucocheilus, Pedaliodes leucoheilos, Pedaliodes manis, Pedaliodes manneja, Pedaliodes maruda, Pedaliodes melaleuca, Pedaliodes montagna, Pedaliodes monticola, Pedaliodes morenoi, Pedaliodes napaea, Pedaliodes negreti, Pedaliodes niveonota, Pedaliodes obscura, Pedaliodes obstructa, Pedaliodes occulta, Pedaliodes ornata, Pedaliodes pacifica, Pedaliodes pactyes, Pedaliodes paeonides, Pedaliodes palaepolis, Pedaliodes pallantias, Pedaliodes pallantis, Pedaliodes palpita, Pedaliodes pammenes, Pedaliodes paneis, Pedaliodes panthides, Pedaliodes parma, Pedaliodes parranda, Pedaliodes patizathes, Pedaliodes pausia, Pedaliodes pedacia, Pedaliodes pelinaea, Pedaliodes pelinna, Pedaliodes perisades, Pedaliodes peruda, Pedaliodes peruviana, Pedaliodes petri, Pedaliodes peucestas, Pedaliodes phaea, Pedaliodes phaedra, Pedaliodes phaeina, Pedaliodes phanoclea, Pedaliodes phazania, Pedaliodes pheres, Pedaliodes pheretias, Pedaliodes philonis, Pedaliodes phoenissa, Pedaliodes phoenix, Pedaliodes phrasa, Pedaliodes phrasicla, Pedaliodes phrasiclea, Pedaliodes phrasis, Pedaliodes phthiotis, Pedaliodes piletha, Pedaliodes pimienta, Pedaliodes piscolabis, Pedaliodes pisonia, Pedaliodes plotina, Pedaliodes poema, Pedaliodes poesia, Pedaliodes poetica, Pedaliodes polla, Pedaliodes pollonia, Pedaliodes polusca, Pedaliodes pomponia, Pedaliodes porcia, Pedaliodes porima, Pedaliodes porina, Pedaliodes praxia, Pedaliodes praxithea, Pedaliodes proculeja, Pedaliodes proerna, Pedaliodes prosa, Pedaliodes prytanis, Pedaliodes puracana, Pedaliodes pylas, Pedaliodes ralphi, Pedaliodes roraimae, Pedaliodes rudnyi, Pedaliodes rumba, Pedaliodes scydmaena, Pedaliodes simmias, Pedaliodes simpla, Pedaliodes simplissima, Pedaliodes socorrae, Pedaliodes sonata, Pedaliodes sophismata, Pedaliodes spina, Pedaliodes stuebeli, Pedaliodes suspiro, Pedaliodes syleus, Pedaliodes sztolcmani, Pedaliodes tabaconas, Pedaliodes terramaris, Pedaliodes thiemei, Pedaliodes transmontana, Pedaliodes triaria, Pedaliodes tucca, Pedaliodes tyro, Pedaliodes tyrrheoides, Pedaliodes tyrrheus, Pedaliodes uaniuna, Pedaliodes uniformis, Pedaliodes uniplaga, Pedaliodes vallenata, Pedaliodes wilhelmi, Pedaliodes woytkowskii, Pedaliodes xanthosphenisca, Pedaliodes yutajeana, Pedaliodes zingara, Pedaliodes zuleta

Redonda Adams & Bernard, 1981 [genus]

Redonda bordoni, Redonda empetrus

Thiemeia Weymer, 1912 [genus]

Thiemeia phoronea


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