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Subtribe Melitaeina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Melitaeinae tribe Melitaeini → subtribe Melitaeina Newman, 1870


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (2 illustrated). Species.

Melitaea (Fabricius, 1807) [genus]

Melitaea, Mellicta,
Melitaea abyssinica, Melitaea acraeina, Melitaea aetherie, Melitaea agar, Melitaea ala, Melitaea alraschid, Melitaea ambrisia, Melitaea amitabha, Melitaea amoenula, Melitaea arduinna, Melitaea asteria, Melitaea asteroida, Melitaea athalia, Melitaea athene, Melitaea aurelia, Melitaea avinovi, Melitaea balba, Melitaea balbita, Melitaea bellona, Melitaea bellonides, Melitaea britomartis, Melitaea casta, Melitaea caucasogenita, Melitaea chitralensis, Melitaea cinxia, Melitaea clancha, Melitaea collina, Melitaea consulis, Melitaea deione, Melitaea delerei, Melitaea deserticola, Melitaea diamina, Melitaea didyma, Melitaea elisabethae, Melitaea enarea, Melitaea fergana, Melitaea gina, Melitaea hafiz, Melitaea infernalis, Melitaea interrupta, Melitaea jeholana, Melitaea jezabel, Melitaea jitka, Melitaea kotshubeji, Melitaea kuchi, Melitaea leucippe, Melitaea ludmilla, Melitaea lunulata, Melitaea lutko, Melitaea magniplaga, Melitaea meherparvari, Melitaea melicerta, Melitaea mimetica, Melitaea minerva, Melitaea mixta, Melitaea nekkana, Melitaea ninae, Melitaea pallas, Melitaea paludani, Melitaea parthenie, Melitaea parthenoides, Melitaea pavlitzkajana, Melitaea pekinensis, Melitaea phoebe, Melitaea pseudoala, Melitaea punica, Melitaea robertsi, Melitaea sabina, Melitaea sarvistana, Melitaea saxatilis, Melitaea septentriorientis, Melitaea shandura, Melitaea sibina, Melitaea sindura, Melitaea snyderi, Melitaea solona, Melitaea sultanensis, Melitaea tangigharuensis, Melitaea telona, Melitaea trivia, Melitaea tsonkapa, Melitaea turanica, Melitaea turkmanica, Melitaea varia, Melitaea wiltshirei, Melitaea yuenty

Melitaeina photos with superspecies identification

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Melitaeina sp. Melitaeina sp. Melitaeina sp. Melitaeina sp. Melitaeina sp. Melitaeina sp. Melitaeina sp. Melitaeina sp. Melitaeina sp.


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