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Subtribe Hadenina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae tribe Hadenini → subtribe Hadenina Guenée, 1852


Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 7 (3 illustrated). Species.

Hadena (Schrank, 1802) [genus]

Anepia, Hadena, Klappericola, Maschukia, Pinkericola, Pronotestra, Sinotibetana,
Hadena abikonis, Hadena abnormis, Hadena acanthus, Hadena acca, Hadena adustaeoides, Hadena alba, Hadena albertii, Hadena albifluviata, Hadena albimixta, Hadena albipuncta, Hadena albirena, Hadena albistellata, Hadena albistriga, Hadena albitela, Hadena albomixta, Hadena albostriata, Hadena amabilis, Hadena ardelio, Hadena atrax, Hadena atrivena, Hadena aya, Hadena basivirida, Hadena behouneki, Hadena boursini, Hadena bruchi, Hadena bulgeri, Hadena caelestis, Hadena calographa, Hadena caloscotina, Hadena camerunicola, Hadena caneosparsata, Hadena canosticta, Hadena capsularis, Hadena centrochlora, Hadena chalcia, Hadena chrysochlora, Hadena chrysolepia, Hadena ciniva, Hadena circumvadis, Hadena cleptoschema, Hadena confucii, Hadena confusa, Hadena congener, Hadena costigera, Hadena costirufa, Hadena cuprescens, Hadena datis, Hadena delecta, Hadena desquamata, Hadena dictyota, Hadena dilatata, Hadena dileucescens, Hadena dilusceus, Hadena dima, Hadena dissentanea, Hadena ectrapela, Hadena ectypa, Hadena ectypaa, Hadena egregia, Hadena erythurus, Hadena esopis, Hadena eucyria, Hadena fasciata, Hadena fdograna, Hadena femina, Hadena ferrisparsa, Hadena figurata, Hadena filigrama, Hadena fusifasciata, Hadena gabrieli, Hadena gasiva, Hadena gavisa, Hadena glaciata, Hadena goniophora, Hadena goodelli, Hadena griseifusa, Hadena gumia, Hadena hieroglyphera, Hadena hodeva, Hadena ignepectus, Hadena illoba, Hadena imitata, Hadena incerta, Hadena intonsa, Hadena jocosa, Hadena jola, Hadena juvenilis, Hadena knyvetti, Hadena kurajica, Hadena labecula, Hadena laeta, Hadena lafontainei, Hadena lasiestrina, Hadena lebruni, Hadena lithaphania, Hadena lubens, Hadena maccabei, Hadena magellana, Hadena mamestroides, Hadena mandarina, Hadena marea, Hadena mareoides, Hadena marmica, Hadena mediana, Hadena melanochrea, Hadena melanochroa, Hadena melanoleuca, Hadena mimula, Hadena minorata, Hadena miserabilis, Hadena mista, Hadena moerens, Hadena mohosa, Hadena monotona, Hadena montara, Hadena mulleri, Hadena nagaensis, Hadena naida, Hadena natalensis, Hadena nervina, Hadena nipana, Hadena noverca, Hadena obscura, Hadena olivochroa, Hadena olivocincta, Hadena oriza, Hadena orizabena, Hadena ornatissima, Hadena paranica, Hadena paulula, Hadena pennitarsis, Hadena phaulocyria, Hadena plumasata, Hadena plumipes, Hadena poliastis, Hadena povera, Hadena praedita, Hadena pseudodealbata, Hadena pseudohyrcana, Hadena psittacus, Hadena ptochica, Hadena pyrosoma, Hadena rhodocharis, Hadena roberti, Hadena rodora, Hadena romieuxi, Hadena rosina, Hadena rubens, Hadena rufilinea, Hadena ruptilinea, Hadena sadales, Hadena satanella, Hadena scurrilis, Hadena secedens, Hadena secreta, Hadena segregata, Hadena seminaria, Hadena siskiyou, Hadena softa, Hadena soligena, Hadena speyeri, Hadena suavina, Hadena subjecta, Hadena subpicta, Hadena syrrudis, Hadena tolimae, Hadena transvitta, Hadena trasca, Hadena trisagittata, Hadena tuana, Hadena umbrata, Hadena v-album, Hadena vauorbicularis, Hadena verruca, Hadena vidua, Hadena xanthocosma, Hadena zerfii, Hadena zernyi

Hadumorpha Hacker, 1998 [genus]

Hadumorpha picteti


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