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Genus Celaenorrhinus

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Hesperiidae subfamily Pyrginae tribe Eudamini → genus Celaenorrhinus Hübner, [1819]


Daughter taxa

Celaenorrhinus aegiochus (Hewitson, 1876) [species]

Celaenorrhinus ambareesa (Moore, [1866]) [species]

Celaenorrhinus ambra Evans, 1937 [species]

Celaenorrhinus anchialus (Mabille, 1878) [species]

Celaenorrhinus andamanicus (Wood-Mason & de Nicéville, 1881) [species]

C. a. hanna

Celaenorrhinus ankasa Larsen & Miller, 2005 [species]

Celaenorrhinus approximatus Williams & Bell, 1940 [species]

Celaenorrhinus asmara (Butler, 1879) [species]

C. a. asmara, C. a. consertus, C. a. palajava

Celaenorrhinus aspersa Leech, 1891 [species]

C. a. aspersa, C. a. pinratanai

Celaenorrhinus astrigera (Butler, 1877) [species]

Celaenorrhinus aureus Collins & Larsen, 2005 [species]

Celaenorrhinus aurivittata (Moore, [1879]) [species]

C. a. aurivittata, C. a. cameroni, C. a. mahaca, C. a. van, C. a. vimana

Celaenorrhinus autochton Steinhauser & Austin, 1996 [species]

Celaenorrhinus badia (Hewitson, 1877) [species]

Celaenorrhinus bakolo Miller, 1964 [species]

Celaenorrhinus bazilanus (Fruhstorfer, 1909) [species]

C. b. paradoxus

Celaenorrhinus beni Bethune-Baker, 1908 [species]

C. b. beni, C. b. jacquelinae

Celaenorrhinus bettoni Butler, 1902 [species]

Celaenorrhinus bifurcus Bell, 1934 [species]

Celaenorrhinus bitjena Evans, 1937 [species]

Celaenorrhinus boadicea (Hewitson, 1877) [species]

C. b. boadicea, C. b. howarthi

Celaenorrhinus cameroni (Distant, 1882) [species]

Celaenorrhinus choui Gu, 1994 [species]

Celaenorrhinus chrysoglossa (Mabille, 1891) [species]

Celaenorrhinus consanguinea Leech, 1891 [species]

C. c. chihhsiaoi, C. c. consanguinea

Celaenorrhinus cordeironis Kielland, 1992 [species]

Celaenorrhinus cynapes (Hewitson, 1870) [species]

C. c. cynapes, C. c. darius

Celaenorrhinus dargei Berger, 1976 [species]

Celaenorrhinus dhanada Moore, [1866] [species]

C. d. affinis, C. d. andamanica, C. d. dentatus, C. d. dhanada, C. d. hanna, C. d. hersa, C. d. lativittus, C. d. sema, C. d. snelleni

Celaenorrhinus disjunctus Bell, 1940 [species]

Celaenorrhinus eligius (Stoll, [1781]) [species]

C. e. eligius, C. e. punctiger

Celaenorrhinus entellus (Hewitson, 1867) [species]

Celaenorrhinus ficulnea (Hewitson, 1868) [species]

C. f. crona, C. f. niasica, C. f. queda, C. f. queda, C. f. tola, C. f. tola, C. f. zawi

Celaenorrhinus flavocincta (de Nicéville, 1887) [species]

Celaenorrhinus fritzgaertneri (Bailey, 1880) [species]

C. f. fritzgaertneri, C. f. variegatus

Celaenorrhinus galenus (Fabricius, 1793) [species]

C. g. biseriata, C. g. galenus, C. g. opalinus

Celaenorrhinus halconis de Jong & Treadaway, 1993 [species]

Celaenorrhinus handmani Collins & Congdon, 1998 [species]

Celaenorrhinus hecqui Berger, 1976 [species]

Celaenorrhinus homeyeri (Plötz, 1880) [species]

Celaenorrhinus horishanus Shirôzu, 1963 [species]

Celaenorrhinus humbloti (Mabille, 1884) [species]

Celaenorrhinus illustris (Mabille, 1891) [species]

C. i. daroa, C. i. illustris

Celaenorrhinus illustroides Miller, 1971 [species]

Celaenorrhinus inaequalis Elwes & Edwards, 1897 [species]

C. i. irene

Celaenorrhinus incestus Devyatkin, 2000 [species]

Celaenorrhinus inexspectus Devyatkin, 2000 [species]

Celaenorrhinus intermixtus Aurivillius, 1896 [species]

C. i. evansi, C. i. intermixtus

Celaenorrhinus jao (Mabille, 1889) [species]

Celaenorrhinus kasai Evans, 1956 [species]

C. k. kapangana, C. k. kasai

Celaenorrhinus kiku Hering, 1918 [species]

Celaenorrhinus kimboza Evans, 1949 [species]

Celaenorrhinus kivuensis Joicey & Talbot, 1921 [species]

Celaenorrhinus kurosawai Shirôzu, 1963 [species]

Celaenorrhinus kuznetsovi Devyatkin, 2000 [species]

Celaenorrhinus ladana (Butler, 1870) [species]

Celaenorrhinus leona Berger, 1975 [species]

Celaenorrhinus leucocera (Kollar, [1844]) [species]

Celaenorrhinus lourentis de Jong, 1976 [species]

Celaenorrhinus macrostictus Holland, 1893 [species]

Celaenorrhinus maculosa (C. & R. Felder, [1867]) [species]

C. m. maculosa, C. m. taiwanus

Celaenorrhinus major Hsu, 1990 [species]

Celaenorrhinus medetrina (Hewitson, 1877) [species]

C. m. ovalis

Celaenorrhinus milleri Collins & Larsen, 2003 [species]

Celaenorrhinus mokeezi (Wallengren, 1857) [species]

C. m. mokeezi, C. m. separata

Celaenorrhinus monartus (Plötz, 1884) [species]

Celaenorrhinus morena Evans, 1949 [species]

Celaenorrhinus munda (Moore, 1884) [species]

C. m. joka, C. m. maculicornis

Celaenorrhinus nigricans (de Nicéville, 1885) [species]

C. n. balukinus, C. n. nigricans, C. n. orbiferus

Celaenorrhinus nigropunctata Bethune-Baker, 1908 [species]

C. n. netta, C. n. nigropunctata

Celaenorrhinus nimba Collins & Larsen, 2000 [species]

Celaenorrhinus orneates Austin, 1996 [species]

Celaenorrhinus oscula Evans, 1949 [species]

Celaenorrhinus ovalis Evans, 1937 [species]

Celaenorrhinus pahangensis Naylor, 1962 [species]

Celaenorrhinus par Steinhauser & Austin, 1996 [species]

Celaenorrhinus patula de Nicéville, 1889 [species]

Celaenorrhinus patuloides de Jong, 1981 [species]

Celaenorrhinus perlustris Rebel, 1914 [species]

C. p. katangensis, C. p. mona, C. p. perlustris

Celaenorrhinus pero de Nicéville, 1889 [species]

C. p. lucifera

Celaenorrhinus phuongi Devyatkin, 2001 [species]

Celaenorrhinus plagiatus Berger, 1976 [species]

Celaenorrhinus plagifera de Nicéville, 1889 [species]

Celaenorrhinus pooanus Aurivillius, 1910 [species]

Celaenorrhinus proxima (Mabille, 1877) [species]

C. p. maesseni, C. p. proxima, C. p. toro

Celaenorrhinus pulomaya (Moore, [1866]) [species]

C. p. formosanus

Celaenorrhinus putra (Moore, [1866]) [species]

C. p. brahmaputra, C. p. piepersi, C. p. questa, C. p. sanda

Celaenorrhinus pyrrha de Nicéville, 1889 [species]

Celaenorrhinus ratna Fruhstorfer, 1908 [species]

C. r. daphne, C. r. nujiangensis, C. r. ratna, C. r. tytleri

Celaenorrhinus rubeho Kielland, 1990 [species]

Celaenorrhinus ruficornis (Mabille, 1878) [species]

C. r. area, C. r. fusca

Celaenorrhinus rutilans (Mabille, 1877) [species]

Celaenorrhinus sagamase Collins & Larsen, 2005 [species]

Celaenorrhinus sanjeensis Kielland, 1990 [species]

Celaenorrhinus saroma Evans 1952 [species]

C. s. timor, C. s. tonio

Celaenorrhinus saturatus Elwes & Edwards, 1897 [species]

Celaenorrhinus savia (Evans, 1952) [species]

Celaenorrhinus selysi Berger, 1955 [species]

Celaenorrhinus shema (Hewitson, 1877) [species]

C. s. disjunctus, C. s. mercedensis, C. s. ochra, C. s. shema, C. s. songoensis, C. s. vox

Celaenorrhinus similis Hayward, 1933 [species]

C. s. approximatus, C. s. bifurcus, C. s. stola

Celaenorrhinus songoensis Draudt, 1922 [species]

C. s. saroma, C. s. songoensis, C. s. tonio

Celaenorrhinus spilothyrus (Felder, 1868) [species]

Celaenorrhinus stallingsi Freeman, 1946 [species]

Celaenorrhinus stola Evans, 1952 [species]

Celaenorrhinus sumitra (Moore, [1866]) [species]

Celaenorrhinus suthina (Hewitson, 1877) [species]

Celaenorrhinus suzannae Berger, 1976 [species]

Celaenorrhinus syllius (C. & R. Felder, 1862) [species]

Celaenorrhinus tibetana (Mabille, 1876) [species]

Celaenorrhinus toro Evans, 1937 [species]

Celaenorrhinus toxopei de Jong, 1981 [species]

Celaenorrhinus treadawayi de Jong, 1981 [species]

C. t. samarensis, C. t. treadawayi

Celaenorrhinus tritonae (Weeks, 1901) [species]

Celaenorrhinus uluguru Kielland, 1990 [species]

Celaenorrhinus vagra Evans, 1952 [species]

Celaenorrhinus vietnamicus Devyatkin, 1998 [species]

Celaenorrhinus yaojiani Huang & Wu, 2003 [species]

Celaenorrhinus zanqua Evans, 1937 [species]

Celaenorrhinus zea Swinhoe, 1909 [species]

Celaenorrhinus photos with superspecies identification

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Celaenorrhinus sp.


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