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Genus Anthene

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Polyommatinae tribe Lycaenesthini → genus Anthene Doubleday, 1847

Daughter taxa

Anthene Doubleday, 1847 [subgenus]

Anthene abruptus, Anthene afra, Anthene alberta, Anthene amarah, Anthene arnoldi, Anthene arora, Anthene atewa, Anthene aureobrunnea, Anthene aurobrunnea, Anthene bakeri, Anthene barnesi, Anthene bipuncta, Anthene bjoernstadi, Anthene buchholzi, Anthene butleri, Anthene chirinda, Anthene contrastata, Anthene crawshayi, Anthene definita, Anthene discimacula, Anthene emkopoti, Anthene emolus, Anthene erythropoecilus, Anthene flavomaculatus, Anthene helpsi, Anthene hobleyi, Anthene hodsoni, Anthene indefinita, Anthene irumu, Anthene ituria, Anthene janna, Anthene juanitae, Anthene juba, Anthene kampala, Anthene katera, Anthene kersteni, Anthene kikuyu, Anthene lachares, Anthene larydas, Anthene lasti, Anthene lemnos, Anthene leptala, Anthene leptines, Anthene levis, Anthene licates, Anthene ligures, Anthene lindae, Anthene liodes, Anthene locuples, Anthene lunulata, Anthene lycaenina, Anthene lycaenoides, Anthene lycaenolus, Anthene lychnaptes, Anthene lychnides, Anthene lysicles, Anthene madibirensis, Anthene mahota, Anthene makala, Anthene melambrotus, Anthene millari, Anthene minima, Anthene montana, Anthene mpanda, Anthene ngoko, Anthene nigropunctata, Anthene onias, Anthene opalina, Anthene otacilia, Anthene paraffinis, Anthene philo, Anthene pitmani, Anthene princeps, Anthene pyroptera, Anthene radiata, Anthene rhodesiana, Anthene rothschildi, Anthene rubricinctus, Anthene rubrimaculata, Anthene rufomarginata, Anthene ruwenzoricus, Anthene saddacus, Anthene schoutedeni, Anthene scintillula, Anthene seltuttus, Anthene sheppardi, Anthene starki, Anthene suquala, Anthene sylvanus, Anthene talboti, Anthene ukerewensis, Anthene uzungwae, Anthene versatilis, Anthene villosa, Anthene wilsoni, Anthene xanthopoecilus, Anthene zenkeri

Anthene aethiopica Bethune-Baker [species]

Anthene collinsi D'Abrera 1980 [species]

Anthene dulcis Pagenstecher 1902 [species]

Anthene hewitsoni Aurivillius 1899 [species]

Anthene holcias Westw. 1889 [species]

Anthene livida Trimen 1881 [species]

A. l. galla

Anthene locra Plötz 1880 [species]

Anthene ramnika D'Abrera 1980 [species]

Anthene silvanus Herbst, 1804 [species]


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