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Genus Danis

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Polyommatinae tribe Polyommatini → genus Danis Fabricius, 1807


Daughter taxa

Danis albomarginata Rothschild 1915 [species]

Danis albostrigata Bethune-Baker 1908 [species]

Danis aryanus Grose-Smith 1895 [species]

Danis beata (Röber, 1926) [species]

Danis caelinus Grose-Smith [species]

Danis caesius Grose-Smith 1894 [species]

Danis carissima Grose-Smith & Kirby 1895 [species]

Danis coelinus Grose-Smith 1898 [species]

Danis concolor (Rothschild, 1915) [species]

Danis coroneia Fruhstorfer 1915 [species]

Danis danis (Cramer, [1775]) [species]

D. d. anaximenes, D. d. anaximens, D. d. apollonius, D. d. danis, D. d. dispar, D. d. hermes, D. d. herophilus, D. d. karpaia, D. d. lampros, D. d. latifascia, D. d. occidentalis, D. d. panatius, D. d. philocrates, D. d. philostratus, D. d. phoibides, D. d. proedrus, D. d. regina, D. d. reverdini, D. d. serapis, D. d. sophron, D. d. supous, D. d. syrius, D. d. thinophilus, D. d. triopus, D. d. zuleika

Danis dispar Grose-Smith & Kirby 1895 [species]

Danis dissimilis (Joicey & Talbot, 1916) [species]

Danis drucei (Grose-Smith & Kirby, 1895) [species]

D. d. drucei, D. d. hengis

Danis eikeikei (Bethune-Baker, 1908) [species]

Danis ekeikei Bethune-Baker 1908 [species]

Danis esme Grose-Smith 1894 [species]

Danis glaucopis (Grose-Smith, 1894) [species]

Danis hamilcar Grose-Smith 1894 [species]

D. h. intermedius, D. h. pseudochromia

Danis hanno Grose-Smith 1894 [species]

D. h. moutoni

Danis helga (Grose-Smith, 1898) [species]

Danis hermes Grose-Smith 1894 [species]

Danis horsa (Grose-Smith, 1898) [species]

Danis intermedius Rober [species]

Danis irregularis Ribbe 1899 [species]

Danis karpaia Druce [species]

Danis lampros Druce 1897 [species]

Danis lamprosides Grose-Smith 1898 [species]

Danis lona (Röber, 1927) [species]

Danis lygia Grose-Smith 1897 [species]

Danis mamberana Joicey & Talbot 1916 [species]

Danis mamberano (Joicey & Talbot, 1916) [species]

Danis manto Grose-Smith & Kirby 1896 [species]

Danis melimnos (Druce & Bethune-Baker, 1893) [species]

D. m. athanetus, D. m. scarpheia

Danis metrophanes (Fruhstorfer, 1915) [species]

Danis moutoni Rober [species]

Danis olga Grose-Smith 1808 [species]

Danis peri Grose-Smith 1894 [species]

D. p. oribasius, D. p. valestinax

Danis perpheres (Druce & Bethune-Baker, 1893) [species]

D. p. peri, D. p. perpheres, D. p. valestinax

Danis phroso (Grose-Smith, 1897) [species]

D. p. concolor

Danis piepersi Snellen 1878 [species]

D. p. sakitatus

Danis plateni Grose-Smith & Kirby 1896 [species]

Danis plotinus Grose-Smith & Kirby 1896 [species]

Danis pseudochrania Rober [species]

Danis regalis (Grose-Smith & Kirby, 1895) [species]

Danis reverdini Fruhstorfer 1915 [species]

Danis rosselana Bethune-Baker 1908 [species]

Danis schaeffera Erschoff 1821 [species]

D. s. annamensis, D. s. baladensis, D. s. soranus

Danis smaragdus Grose-Smith [species]

Danis stephani Grose-Smith & Kirby 1896 [species]

Danis suleima Grose-Smith 1898 [species]

Danis supous Druce & Bethune-Baker 1893 [species]

Danis triopus De Nicéville 1898 [species]

Danis vidua Grose-Smith & Kirby 1895 [species]

Danis wallacei (C. & R. Felder, [1865]) [species]

D. w. hermogenes, D. w. metrophanes, D. w. zainis

Danis wollastoni (Rothschild, 1916) [species]

Danis zuleika Grose-Smith 1898 [species]


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